Do Guys Like Being Called Cute? Truth Revealed   

Do guys like being called cute? The answer is yes. Yet, you don’t want to use the word “cute” and have a guy take it in the wrong way.

Here are the most popular reasons why a guy likes being called cute, and some examples of how to tell him.

Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

Yes, guys like being called cute. It is a compliment that is not just about looks and appearance. Cute can describe his mannerisms, personality, way of speaking, general attitude, or anything else.

He has some small quirks that make you melt inside. He knows how to make you fall quietly in love with him, and slowly press your buttons until he’s being so cute you want to shake him.

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Reasons Guys Like Being Called Cute

1. It’s Flirtatious

Calling someone cute is very flirty, and guys like when girls flirt with them.

2. It Means She Likes You

When a girl calls you cute it is clear that she likes you and is probably attracted to you.

3. It’s a Nice Compliment

Being called cute is a compliment and makes a guy feel important.

4. It’s a Sign of Affection

Calling someone cute is a clear sign of affection. It is a nice thing to say and an easy way to get your point across.

5. It Shows You Are Comfortable

When someone can freely compliment and say nice things, it means they feel very comfortable being with you.

6. It Feels Familiar

From a young age, boys are referred to as “cute.” It feels familiar and good when hearing it from someone you like.

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Cute Guy Traits

  • He smiles/laughs a lot
  • He is mature yet playful and silly at times
  • He has good manners
  • He is willing to try new things
  • He’s funny
  • He treats you in a special way
  • He is confident yet has imperfections
  • He has great style
  • He’s sensitive & vulnerable
  • He is shy
  • He has boyish charm
  • He’s lovable & endearing

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How to Tell a Guy He’s Cute

  • You are so cute!
  • Stop being such a cutie.
  • Why are you so adorable?
  • Your smile is really cute.
  • You’re such a cutie pie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Being Called Cute a Compliment?

Being called cute is definitely a compliment. It can refer to many things about a person, all being positive.

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What does cute mean to a guy?

“Cute” is a compliment and means the other person likes you, they are being flirtatious, and they are attracted to you. It is a sign of affection and a confirmation of interest.

What do men like being called?

Men like being called babe, honey, sweetheart, sexy, and by their first name.

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Do guys like being called cute? The short answer is yes, all guys like compliments. The one exception is when “cute” is said in a condescending way that makes a guy feel small or less masculine.

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