8 Reasons Why Girls Like Flowers & Why They Make Women Happy

My boyfriend recently asked me “why do girls like flowers so much?” I had to laugh, because to me it is so obvious. Guys don’t always understand how women feel about things that touch a girl’s heart.

Here you will learn all the reasons why flowers make women extremely happy.

Why Do Girls like Flowers

Girls like flowers because they represent love and make a woman feel special, valued, and important. Giving a girl flowers is extremely thoughtful. They create wonderful memories, they are a sign of affection, they are pretty to look at, they are feminine, and they smell nice.

Why Do Women like Flowers

1. They Represent Love

Giving a woman flowers is a gesture of “love.” It is the perfect way to show your affection without having to say anything. The underlying message when you give a girl flowers is one of romance. Though it can also represent love for a family member or friend.

Flowers are the perfect gift to give your loved ones. This is why a florist’s biggest days of the year are on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

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2. They’re Thoughtful

Girls love receiving flowers because it shows that you went out of your way to think of them. It is a great way to show you care. Since all flowers are unique, each time you give flowers it is a new experience for a woman.

3. They Get Attention

Flowers are bright and colorful and stand out. They are eye catching and immediately grab your attention, which is part of the allure. It is very noticeable when a woman is walking around holding flowers and usually becomes a conversation piece.

Girls proudly display their flowers on their desk at work or somewhere in their home. People will always ask her where she got them.

4. They Create Memories

When a woman receives flowers it creates an indelible memory in her heart and mind. She will remember the beauty and surprise of getting the gift. The flowers might only last a few days, yet her memory of the moment may last a lifetime.

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5. They’re Feminine

Women are often compared to flowers. Both are delicate, beautiful, lovely, and gentle. Flowers are very girly and when a woman receives them, it brings out their feminine energy. You can see a woman smile and glow when she is holding flowers.

6. They’re a Sign of Affection

When a woman receives flowers it is a statement. You are telling her that you like her, you love her, you value her, and she is important to you. It shows you took the time and made the effort to let her know she is special to you.

7. They Are Pretty

Flowers are naturally beautiful and amazing to look at. They look good everywhere and brighten any room. The uniqueness and brilliance of flowers make them stand out. Their beauty creates happiness.

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8. They Smell Nice

Flowers have heavenly scents that touch something deep inside a woman. The act of bringing the flowers to your nose and smelling them is part of the whole experience. The aroma flowers give off can be intoxicating and always generates smiles.

Women Are like Flowers

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Why do girls like flowers quote
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Why do girls like flowers quote 1

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The reason why women love flowers so much is because of the feelings of love and happiness they bring. It doesn’t really matter the type of flowers a girl receives, it is the thought that counts.

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