11 Reasons Why Women Like Flowers (#8 Shocked Us)

There is little doubt that women like flowers but have you ever wondered why? If you have then you have come to the right place for an answer.

In this article, we look at the top 11 reasons women like flowers and answer a few of the most commonly asked questions on the subject.

Why Women Like Flowers

If you can truly understand the mind of a woman then you hold the keys to Fort Knox. So, rather than stumble around in the dark, we went to the source itself. Here are the 11 reasons women like flowers as explained by women themselves.

1. Signifies Love

happy couple gives her flowers

Flowers say “I love you” when words fall short. Women know men sometimes have trouble expressing their feelings. This makes them appreciate a gift of flowers all the more. To them, it is a way you show how much you care without having to put it into words. 

That’s why flowers are always welcomed on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions but most appreciated when given for no reason at all.

2. It’s Thoughtful

Almost every flower you can imagine has a special symbolism behind it and even their color can affect the message they send. The fact that you took the time to choose the perfect bouquet to say what words could never express, tells a lady how much you care and pay attention to how they feel.

Every lady wants to first in her man’s thoughts.

3. Grabs Attention

happy woman loves the smell of flowers

Flowers are one of the few gifts that can grab a lady’s attention without even being seen. Don’t believe it, surprise your special someone with a bouquet of flowers and place them in an inconspicuous spot. Watch your girl’s expressions when they enter the house and the scent greets them.  

Even better, when your lady’s friends see them proudly displayed they will turn green with envy.

4. Sparks Memories

Beyond flowers’ obvious beauty to the eye, they can have a heavenly scent. Science tells us nothing triggers memories stronger than our sense of smell. Touch a lady’s heart with a gift of flowers and every time she smells the scent she will relive that moment when you showed how much you care.

5. Flowers Resemble Women

How often have you heard a woman compared to a flower? The reason for this is very simple. Women and flowers share much in common. They both brighten up our days. Both are tough and delicate at the same time. Flowers definitely have a feminine side.

happy woman excited man having flowers

When giving flowers it is also important to remember that women see the flowers you give as a reflection of how you view them. Give cheap flowers to your delicate rose and you may not get the reaction you were hoping for. Remember women place a lot of stock in symbolism.

6. Reflects on How You feel

Speaking of symbolism, we have already touched on how different flowers represent different sentiments. Red roses represent love, daisies purity, lilies innocence, and yellow roses friendship. Women consider two messages in a bouquet of flowers, how you view them and how you feel about them.

Want to make her feel truly special, be sure to find the right mix of flowers to speak to her heart.

7. Provides Lasting Joy

happy feeling hugging and holding flowers

A flower’s beauty is fleeting but its memory can last a lifetime. Flowers reach women on a primal level and leave a lasting memory in their hearts. Beyond that, properly cared for they can become a lasting memento of a special time or event.

You would probably be shocked at how many women still have their prom corsage or the buttoneer their husbands wore at their wedding pressed between the pages of a book. 

8. They’re Frivolous 

It may no sense to the male mind, but women say they like the idea that their man will waste money on something just to make them smile. Women know as well as anyone that fresh flowers will only be fresh for a few days and then wither and die. To women that is part of the beauty of the flowers. 

Women may dream of a forever love but a gift that serves no purpose but to make them happy for a moment is priceless.

9. Flowers are Beautiful

This is kind of a no-brainer. Women love flowers because they are beautiful. They brighten any room they are placed in, including a drab office, and their scent makes taking a breath pure pleasure. 

variety of flower arrangement

Flowers come in such a variety of shapes and colors that they can be arranged to match any decor and just being in the presence of flowers is enough to brighten anyone’s mood. male or female it is hard not to appreciate the beauty of flowers.

10. They Brighten a Room

Artwork and bric-à-brac may help create a certain look in a room but nothing brings one to life like flowers. The natural beauty of flowers and the heavenly scents touch something deep inside that nothing made by man can match.

Despite all our cunning and creativity, there is still no engineer or artist that can match what mother nature creates for our enjoyment. 

11. Women Deserve Them

This one will come as no surprise to most men but women love receiving flowers because they feel they deserve them. To the lady’s way of thinking, they feel they play so many roles in a man’s life and bring so much joy to the world that it is only right they get a little something in return.

happy woman with bouquet of flowers

Women don’t care that flowers will die. They don’t care that some cost more than a dinner at a good restaurant. They like flowers and deserve to get them once in a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to give a woman flowers?

It is important to give your special lady flowers because it makes them feel special and shows how much you care about the way they feel. It doesn’t take that much time if you have a knowledgeable florist to work with, but the fact you took the time is priceless to a woman’s self-esteem. 

Why do women feel special when they receive flowers?

Women feel special when they receive flowers for several reasons. at the top of the list. It shows their man loves them enough to spend hard-earned money on something frivolous just to make them happy. It tells them that they are important enough for a man to go out of his way to get them flowers. Most of all, flowers show that someone cares enough to want them to know how special they are.

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