When A Guy Says You’re the Best – What It Means & How to Respond

When a guy says you’re the best, it can be one of the nicest compliments of your day. Here are 10 things it can mean when a guy says you’re the best.

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What Does it Mean When a Guy Says You’re the Best?

1. He Sees You As A Priority

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When a guy says you’re the best, it usually means that you are important to him. He wants to make sure he prioritizes your time together and is looking for ways to do this.

He might be thinking about how much time he can spend with you before other responsibilities like work or family come up. Being able to talk about the times you can spend with each other is a good sign that he sees you as an important part of his life.

2. He Is Thankful for Your Help

A guy may tell you that you’re the best after you’ve done a favor for him. He’s letting you know that he’s appreciative and knows that you went out of your way to make him happy.

If he’s saying it because of a small favor, then he may appreciate your help more than you realize. If it’s because of something major that you’ve done, it means even more to him than usual.

3. He Wants to Give You a Compliment

Sometimes, when a guy says you’re the best, he is doing it because of his personal values. He may make a regular habit of letting his friends and loved ones know how much they matter to him.

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If you notice him using this kind of language with others, you will know that this is a common way he expresses care for everyone. While it may not make you unique to him, it means that he authentically sees you as one of the best people in his life.

4. He’s Cheering You Up

If you’re having a hard day or let this guy know that you’re feeling down, he might say it to cheer you up. He’s letting you know that you’re more valuable than you see yourself currently.

It’s likely that he is being genuine because he is spending time with you and supporting you when you’re not feeling your best. While it doesn’t have the same significance as if he says this on a regular basis, you can still take comfort in knowing that his opinion of you is high when you’re not feeling great about yourself.

5. He’s Attracted To You

If a guy is starting to have romantic feelings, he may start telling you that you’re the best. He’s taking a step into letting you know how he feels and wants to see if your feelings are mutual.

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If his compliments start to turn into flirting, you will know for sure that he has developed a crush on you. Not only does he think you’re the best, but he may think you’re the best potential partner.

6. He Can Depend On You

This guy may tell you that you’re the best because you have a track record of being there for him. When we support each other over long periods of time, we rise to the top and become some of our friend’s best resources.

If he tells you that you’re the best, it means that your relationship is long-term and has a strong foundation to build on. It also shows how much he trusts in your abilities to help him when needed. You’ve earned this position and he appreciates you for this.

7. You’re One of His Best Friends

When a guy lets you know you’re the best, he probably considers you to be one of his closest friends. It’s apparent in the wording. Being the best for someone means that you’re a high priority and have earned his genuine support.

If he tells you that you’re the best, then it means that he values your friendship highly. He wants to spend time with you because of how much fun or comfort they bring him. If this is true, consider yourself lucky!

8. He Wants to Show You He Appreciates You

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If you’ve been dating for a while, he may tell you that you’re the best because he wants to let you know how much he appreciates your presence in his life. He’s trying to communicate romantically without coming on too strong or scaring you off by saying something like “I love you.”

When this guy says it, he’s letting you know that he cares and wants to show it. He may not say the exact words, but he means them in his own way. You’ve become very important to him and any time spent with you is worthwhile to him.

9. He Is Encouraging And Supporting You

When a guy lets you know that he thinks you’re the best, he may be encouraging you to achieve the things that you want to. He probably values your goals and dreams, so he wants to be there for you when needed.

You’ve gained someone who is willing to support all of your ambitions even if they are different from his own desires. This type of person doesn’t come around very often and is worth holding on to.

10. He Is About To Ask You Out

A guy may let you know you’re the best as an indirect way of telling you that he likes you. He may be testing the waters to see what you will say and how you will act before he is more direct about his personal feelings.

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When a guy tells you this, it’s his way of saying “I like you” without actually using those words. If he says this, then now would be the perfect time to be direct and let him know how you feel about him.

How to Respond to You’re the Best from a Guy

When a guy tells you that you’re the best, he is letting you know that he thinks you’re a high-quality person in his life, whether or not he means it romantically or in terms of friendship. Here are some responses you can try out when you hear this compliment.

1. “Thank you”: A simple thank you is a perfect response to show that you are appreciative of his sentiments and are not taking them lightly. This gives him the opportunity to elaborate if he wants but doesn’t pressure him into disclosing more information than what he’s comfortable with sharing at that time.

2. “I feel the same way”: If you feel the same way about him, then this is a great response. It lets him know that his feelings are mutual and he doesn’t have to worry about messing anything up by admitting how he feels.

3. “I’m glad you feel that way”: This is another good option as it shows your interest in keeping things going strong in your relationship. It doesn’t want to push him into saying too much, but it also lets you know that he feels the same way about you in return.

4. “It’s funny that you say that. I have been thinking that you’re the best, and wondering if it’s best for us to get together.”: This is a direct way of saying that you feel the same way about him and want to start dating exclusively. Of course, it also lets him know that he’s not alone in his feelings!

5. “I appreciate you believing in me.”: This is a nice way to accept his compliments and feelings without being too forward about your own. You can still let him know that you’re interested in developing this relationship further while also letting him have the space he needs if he’s not ready for something more serious.

How Do You Know If You Mean a Lot to Him?

There are many ways that a guy will act to show you how much you mean to him. Here are 5 signs that you mean a lot to him:

He Values Your Opinions:

If he asks for your input, values what you have to say, and truly listens to it, then this is a great sign that you mean a lot to him. He may ask for your advice or run an idea by you before making a decision. This means that he trusts you!

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He Always Wants To Spend Time With You

If you’re regularly getting texts from this guy or he takes initiative when it comes to making plans, then you’re probably one of the most important people in his life. Eventually, this may lead to an exclusive relationship.

He Gives You Gifts Regularly

If he gives you a gift on a random day just because, then this is his way of saying that you mean more to him than anyone else. Even though it may seem like something small, these gifts will eventually add up and show how much effort he’s willing to put into the relationship.

He Shares His Personal Life

When he’s going through a tough time, he comes to you before anyone else because of how much you mean to him. He’s not afraid to show you how he really feels. If he likes someone, this means they are very important or special to him too.

He Always Asks How You’re Doing

If he is always asking about how you’re doing, then that means a lot. It may not be as obvious as it seems, because some people think they are showing concern by bringing up the topic of their friend’s life and if everything is going well or not.

He may ask you about more intimate topics such as the health of your family, or your plans for the future. These questions imply that this guy cares about you on a deeper level and wants to be in your life for the long term.

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