How to Use Reverse Psychology on a Man – 8 Proven Ways

If you are trying to get your ex back, you need to learn how to use reverse psychology on a man. Reverse psychology is a proven method for getting your ex back. I know because I have used it. 

Reverse psychology is a method of manipulating a person into doing something you desire, by telling them the opposite of what you want. This causes them to disagree with you, and want to prove you wrong.

Here you will learn 8 different tactics you can use, exactly what to say, and actual texts to send. All of them work. Good luck!

How to Use Reverse Psychology on a Man

  1. Tell him he deserves better
  2. Mention how the relationship was never good
  3. Say it was not meant to be – we both tried
  4. Agree and add to what he says
  5. Tell him not to contact you
  6. Tell him you’ll miss the good times
  7. Tell him how happy you are
  8. Start dating other guys

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1. Tell Him He Deserves Better

By saying this to your ex, you are showing that you don’t care. He will start to realize that he will not find anyone better. This will trigger his desire to prove you wrong, and motivate him to step up his game to show that he is worthy of you.

When my boyfriend and I broke up, I remember telling him that he deserves better and he should go find that person who will be perfect for him. To be honest, I wasn’t saying this with the intention of wanting to get him back. I truly believed it. 

The crazy part is it worked. He told me how amazing I was, and that he wasn’t looking for someone better. This was when I first saw the true power of using reverse psychology.

  • Listen, you deserve better.
  • You should find someone who is prettier.
  • You should be with someone who you have more in common with.
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2. Mention How the Relationship Was Never Good

By mentioning all the negative things about your relationship, you are showing how dissatisfied you were and how your needs weren’t fulfilled. This will cause your ex to feel like he wasn’t enough and want to try again and do better. Essentially you are questioning his manliness, which will always get a reaction.

When my ex and I broke up, I told him that he doesn’t know how to communicate, I told him that every time we fought he was irrational and unreasonable, I mentioned that we never went out, and I told him that there was never any real excitement in the relationship.

When he heard this, he disagreed with me and wanted to show me I was wrong. He begged for another chance to prove to me that our relationship was good and that he can make me happy.

  • You know you are a poor communicator.
  • We don’t even laugh together.
  • We both felt frustrated when there were disagreements.
  • Let’s be honest there wasn’t any real excitement.
  • The sex hasn’t been that good in a while.

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3. Say It Was Not Meant to Be

When you say it wasn’t meant to be you are showing your acceptance that it is over, implying that you are fine with it. Basically, you are telling him that everything you had together, the entire relationship, was a waste of time. 

You are saying that we both tried, he is not the one, and there is someone else out there for you. This will affect his ego and stir up his emotions.

When I said this to my ex he immediately got defensive and told me this isn’t true.

  • We weren’t meant for each other.
  • I think we can agree we aren’t a good couple.
  • I’m meant for someone else, so are you.
How to use reverse psychology on a man 3

4. Agree and Add to What He Says

If you want to catch your guy off guard, instead of being defensive and fighting everything he says, agree with him. In fact, add to his points. This will show that you don’t care and you are unaffected. 

When my boyfriend called me to discuss our breakup, I wanted to argue and tell him he is wrong. Instead, I agreed with everything he said and actually added to his points. You should have heard his change of tone.

  • You’re right, I never listen to you.
  • I know, I always get mad and can’t control myself.
  • I agree and can imagine how tough it is for you having to deal with me.

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5. Tell Him Not to Contact You

Tell him not to call, text, or contact you. Make it clear that he is to leave you alone. This shows how serious you are and how final it really is.

Doing this will make him take a step back and consider if this is really what he wants. He will be surprised at how sure you are, and your guy will start to question his behavior in the relationship. 

When my ex broke up with me, it wasn’t the first time. At this point I was fed up with the on and off. I told him I wasn’t surprised, and at this point it would be best if he just left me alone.

I told him I didn’t want to hear from him, at all. Two days went by and he emailed me saying how sorry he was. He asked to hang out the next day.

  • I don’t want to hear from you ever again.
  • Please don’t try calling me, I won’t answer.
  • I’m going to block you, so don’t bother texting me.
  • You won’t be able to get in contact with me anymore.
How to use reverse psychology on a man 2

6. Tell Him You’ll Miss the Good Times

When you tell your ex that you’ll miss the good times, you are triggering positive memories and good feelings. This will make him realize that he’ll never again have those happy moments together. He will start to reminisce, and forget about the bad times.

I told my ex that I would miss our trips to the beach. We used to go every summer. I could see the twinkle in his eyes, and knew I had gotten to him.

  • I’ll miss our trips to the beach.
  • Thank you for the great memories.
  • I’ll miss our late night food binges.

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7. Tell Him How Happy You Are

When you tell your ex how happy you are, it shows that you don’t need him. Tell him about some great times you have been having with friends and family, and talk about some new hobbies and interests.

Upload some pics to your social media that show you out and about having a great time. He will see this and wish he was a part of the fun.

When my ex and I broke up we still spoke occasionally. I used to tell him about a great bar I went to, or that I went out with friends and we stayed out until 3am.

I didn’t have to tell him many details, I left it to his imagination. He started contacting me more and more to see what I was up to.

  • Stacy and I went skiing yesterday, it was so much fun.
  • I went to that new club downtown, they had incredible cocktails.
  • My friend at work got me into scrapbooking, I love it!
  • I can’t talk right now, I’m so hungover.
  • I just got a new dress, can’t wait for this weekend.
How to use reverse psychology on a man 4

8. Start Dating Other Guys

The best thing you can do is to start dating other guys. Not only will it get your mind off your ex, it will help you control yourself from contacting him. You won’t make the mistake of pouring out your heart and pushing him away.

Try posting some pics on your social media with another guy, it will get him super jealous. He will start comparing himself to this other guy and make him want you back.

I ran into my ex while on a date. It was a bit awkward, yet I could see the shock and surprise on his face. He texted me that night. Jealousy is a wonderful thing, and not only reserved for women.

How to Win His Heart Back Psychology 

  1. Don’t always be available.
  2. Always be positive.
  3. Mention a great time you had.
  4. Don’t give him you’re full attention.
  5. Mention other guys.
  6. Talk about other interests.
  7. Tell him you had a dream about him.
  8. Don’t be predictable.
  9. Be non reactive.

Reverse Psychology Text Message

  • You deserve someone who understands you better
  • Truthfully, I’m not surprised, our relationship was never good
  • My friend told me in the beginning we weren’t meant to be
  • We both tried, it is for the best
  • I finally realized you are right, I am the problem here
  • It is best if you don’t contact me any more
  • I will miss our Starbucks runs, they were fun
  • I have been hanging out with work friends, they are so awesome

How to Use Male Psychology to Win Back a Stubborn Ex Boyfriend

The best way to use male psychology to win back a stubborn ex boyfriend is to tell him he deserves better, mention how your relationship was never really good, tell him you’ll miss the good times, say that it wasn’t meant to be, tell him how happy you are, agree with the things he says you did wrong, tell him not to contact you, and start dating other guys.


The key to getting your ex back using male psychology is to show you don’t care. Making him believe you are unaffected by the breakup will surprise him. He will start to overthink everything, and your ex will come running back to you in no time.

With the above 8 proven strategies, the exact lines to say, and texts we have included, we make it easy for you to learn how to use reverse psychology on a man. Consider all of our psychological tricks to get your ex back.

Make sure to try out all of our strategies to see what works best for you. Reverse psychology on the dumper works the same way as reverse psychology on the one who was dumped. Good luck!

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