11 Reasons Why Women Like Deep Voices (#7 Is Strange)

Have you ever wondered why women go crazy for guys with baritone and bass voices? If you have, then you’re in the right place.

This article will explore why women love men with deep voices and answer a few relevant questions that people often ask. We will warn you ahead of time some of these may be shocking.

Let’s jump right in.

Why Do Women Like Deep Voices

There are a number of reasons why women like men with deep voices, but according to our research, there are 11 significant causes for this phenomenon. Some seem more rational than others, but the truth doesn’t always have to make sense. 

1. Confidence

Women rate confidence as one of the most attractive personality traits that a man can possess. Men with deep voices naturally sound confident. You have to be careful that it doesn’t slip into sounding arrogant but appearing self-assured is a great way to win the mate of your choice.

2. Powerful

Bass tones are powerful. Anyone who grew up listening to music knows that. Deep tones penetrate and vibrate everything they strike, including a lady’s libido. Beyond that, power means protection and security for any damsel looking for her knight in shining armor. So, if you want to be a women’s champion, you need to practice that Elvis Presley growl.

3. Scary

Deep tones can be a little scary, and some would even say menacing. For a woman, this can be exciting in the same way people love riding rollercoasters. Studies have found that women find a deep voice most attractive when you modify it with a slight whispery huskiness. This tone shows a lack of aggression and some vulnerability to a lady’s ears. 

4. Comforting

It may not be PC, but the reality is that most women live in a much more vulnerable world than men. Socially, economically, emotionally, and physically they are much more open to attack. Because of this, most women, even if on a subconscious level, are looking for a protector and someone to comfort them when life gets tough. A deep, strong male voice speaks to that need.

5. Takes Charge

No matter how chaotic the situation, maybe there is something in a booming bass voice that automatically demands attention and says I got this. Despite what many women may say about bossy men, they admire a take-charge personality and take comfort in the stability it provides.

6. Demands Respect

A deep male voice immediately commands respect, whether the person speaking deserves it or not. Every lady wants someone to look up to, and those baritone notes tell them this is a man’s man. Beyond being someone she can admire, people will respect him, and his light will reflect on her. Who doesn’t love to bask in the glow of their mate?

7. Adrenaline Rush

Scientists have no idea why but studies have found that a deep male voice causes an adrenaline rush in women. The guy doesn’t have to say anything in particular, act any certain way, or even be seen. All they have to do is let those bariton notes roll off their tongue, and women get flushed, their hearts race, and they start to sweat. Life can be so unfair. 

8. Body Size

As shown by the above section, deep male voices speak to women on a primal level. It is believed that this is because, just as in the animal kingdom, that bass tone signals a large body size. As discussed in our article on why women prefer tall men, since time immortal, women have sought out the biggest strongest men as protectors and providers. Big voice, big man it is as simple as that.

9. Sounds Hot in the Morning

We honestly have no explanation for this one but women report that a deep male voice sounds particularly sexy in the morning as a man is waking up. Maybe it is a combination of power and extreme vulnerability. Maybe it is the slow drawl like Southerners have. Who knows, but as has often been noted, women were never meant to be understood.

10. It Just Sounds Sexy

Further illustrating our final point in the last section, women themselves can’t really explain why they find a low-toned male voice sexy but they do. Ask a lady with a strong preference in this area and she’ll tell you she does. For whatever reason women find deep male voices to signify all they are looking for in a mate. 

11. It’s Natural

For however long we humans have been walking on two legs women have been programmed to look for strong, confident, capable, but gentle men to act as their protector, provider, and comforter. These are all traits signified by a deep voice. It can be argued whether it is social or genetic programming that is responsible for this trait, but with the same tendency being noted over such a wide variety of cultures in so many different parts of the world, it is hard to say it’s not natural for women to like men with deep voices. You can’t fight nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are deep voices more attractive to women?

To be honest, we really don’t know why women are attracted to men with deep voices. There are a lot of theories that involve the process of natural selection and different breeding strategies, but nothing can be stated as a hard fact.

What type of voice do girls like?

The voice that women seem to like most is low-toned with a breathless edge. The theory is that women find strength and comfort in deep male voices and the softer edges that the breathless modulation adds, removes the scary aggressive nature that some deep voices often possess. Strong but gentle that is the winner.

Should women avoid men with deep voices?

You can’t throw a blanket over an entire group of people and say stay away from people A or only associate with people B. That being said, it seems that while women are more sexually attracted to men with deep voices they trust them less and there is some science to back this up. 

It seems while deeper voiced men are preferable for mating they are less trustworthy for playing daddy. Instances of poaching and infidelity appear to be more common among men with lower voice tones.

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