How to Ask Someone to FaceTime – 6 Casual Ways

It is important to know how to ask someone to FaceTime without coming across as needy or desperate.

The best way is to build up to it, starting with texting, then a phone call, then a video call. When you get to this point, it is easy to ask a guy or a girl to FaceTime.

Here you will learn easy ways to ask someone to FaceTime, what to talk about with a guy over FaceTime, and texts.

How to Ask Someone to FaceTime

The best way to ask someone to FaceTime is to just ask. You can have something you want to show them, or introduce someone, or ask to test a new FaceTime feature, or play a game over video chat, or ask to see something.

1. Just Ask

The best way to ask someone to FaceTime is to just go ahead and directly ask them. This shows confidence, which is a very desirable and attractive quality. If you have built up to video chatting, the other person will most likely say yes.

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2. Say You Want to Show Something

Tell them that you want to get their opinion on something or that you want to show them something cool or interesting. Ask if they are available to see it for a minute over FaceTime.

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3. Introduce Someone

If you are out with friends or family, you can tell the person that you want to introduce them to someone. Since you won’t be on the video call alone, it may make the other person feel more comfortable.

4. Tell Them You Want to Test a New FaceTime Feature

If you want to make up an excuse to get someone to FaceTime, tell them about some cool new filters you heard about that can be used during a video call. Ask if they have a few minutes to test it out with you.

For the first few minutes play around with the filters, and then forget about it and just continue with your call.

5. Suggest a Game Over Video Chat

Suggest playing a game over video chat as a fun activity. Pick a game that can be played while you FaceTime. It is always good to have a reason to have a video call, especially the first time.

You can play Charades, Would You Ever, Pictionary, or any other game you can think of that is fun and works well during a video chat.

Playing games is a great way to ignite conversation, promote bonding, and deepen your connection. When you have fun with someone, you naturally want to be around this person more.

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6. Ask to See Something

Ask to see where he is, ask him what his room looks like, or ask to see something he mentions. If you are genuinely curious it is a great way to introduce a FaceTime call.

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How to Ask Someone to FaceTime over Text

How to Ask a Girl or Guy to FaceTime

The best way to ask a girl or a guy to FaceTime is to directly ask them. You may have something to show or someone to introduce, perhaps you could ask to see something, you might ask for help testing a new video feature, or maybe you could suggest playing a game together over FaceTime.

What to Talk About With a Guy on FaceTime

  • Fun stories
  • Good memories
  • Interests
  • Places you want to visit
  • Vacations you’ve been on
  • Favorite things
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Talk about your day
  • Commonalities 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a Guy Wants to FaceTime Does He Like You?

If a guy wants to FaceTime he probably likes you. He may not be 100% sure, yet he is definitely interested and wants to find out more. He is curious to see your face and connect with you. He wants to see if the conversation flows and how it feels hanging out together.

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Why Do Guys Want to FaceTime?

Guys want to FaceTime because it allows for real-time communication, which can help guys feel more connected and engaged. It also provides an opportunity to see facial expressions and body language, which are a big indicator of how you get along.

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Be confident and direct when asking someone to FaceTime. Make sure the time is right, and start with a friendly and casual approach. Choose one of our suggested ways above to express your interest in chatting face-to-face.

Be respectful and considerate of the other person’s schedule and preferences. Be genuine and show your enthusiasm for connecting through FaceTime.

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