How to Ask a Guy to FaceTime (7 Ways)

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It’s time for you to take your relationship up another notch by actually talking face-to-face instead of just texting all day long. It can be nerve-wracking to ask your crush if they’re up for it. Luckily, we have a few great ideas on how you can do just that!

Here are 7 easy ways on how to ask a guy to FaceTime…

1. Ask Him Directly

woman on FaceTime

The best way to transition from texts and phone calls and videos is by asking a guy directly. This lets him know that you’re a confident girl who knows what she wants.

You can say something like, “Hey! Would you be up to FaceTime me sometime?”

If he agrees, that’s great! Go ahead and ask him what time works best on his end. If he says no thanks or doesn’t answer at all, that’s okay too. It shows him that you’re confident enough to ask and bold enough to take no as an answer.

2. Tell Him You Need to Be Hands-free

woman cooking while on FaceTime

If you want to ask a guy to FaceTime without seeming too direct, you can tell him that you need to be hands-free.

You can say, “Hey! I’m going to go out and do something really fun today and need to stay hands-free. Is it okay if we use FaceTime instead of text?”

3. Show Him Something On the Video Call

You can always ask a guy to FaceTime by showing him something interesting on the video call. This is especially fun if you’re already talking and texting with each other, so you can just say “Hey! My dog is looking super cute today. Could we FaceTime so I can show him to you?”

If he seems interested enough in what’s going on, this should be a smooth and casual transition into a video call.

4. Introduce Him to Someone

friends on FaceTime

If you’re texting with a guy and have friends over or a favorite family member such as your sister, you can suggest a video call to introduce him.

You can say, “Hey! I have a friend over and she wants to meet you. Do you want to FaceTime?”

This may bring on a bit of pressure for your guy if he is nervous about meeting your friends. It’s also less than ideal because the two of you won’t be on the call alone, but could possibly be a more comfortable way to transition into a video chat.

5. Tell Him You’re Testing Your Phone

woman on FaceTime smiling

If you want to make up a quick excuse to get a guy on a video chat, you can tell him that you want to test your phone.

You could say something like, “Hey! I’ve been having an issue with my phone camera lately. Do you mind if we FaceTime so I can test it out?”

This gives you a great excuse to have him on the call with you. After quickly “testing” out your phone, you can casually ask him if he wants to stay on the call for a bit.

6. Play a Game With Him

woman playing charades

As video chatting has gained popularity in the past several years, people have invented new ways to interact with others besides just talking.

You can play games such as Charades, Trivial Pursuit, Would You Ever, and Pictionary while video chatting. You can ask your guy: “Do you like to play games? I have some good ideas for stuff we could play while on FaceTime.” If he says yes, this is a great way to transition into the call.

This is an easy way for him to join you without seeming too pushy or demanding. Plus, playing games together makes it easier for conversation and bonding between the two of you.

7. Ask to See His Place

man on FaceTime sitting on the couch

If you’re already chatting, bring up his living space. Ask him what his room looks like or what he has on his wall. He may offer to send you pictures or connect with you on a video call to show you.

If not, be bold and say, “I’d love it if you showed me! Can we hop on FaceTime?”

Just make sure not to come off too strong or demanding with this one. He may not want to show you his personal space if it’s dirty or he doesn’t have a lot going on.

How to Make a Guy Not Awkward on FaceTime

A guy may feel a little weird being on a video chat if he isn’t used to it. He may also feel a bit shy if he is attracted to you and self-conscious. If this is the case, here are a few ways you can make him feel more comfortable:

Express Confidence

Don’t be nervous. He’s more likely to feel awkward and uncomfortable than you are, so don’t let your own nerves get the best of you. You can express confidence by being calm and keeping a steady tone of voice. Maintain eye contact and hold yourself in good posture to further express your high self-esteem.

Take The Lead

woman on FaceTime sitting on the couch

Periods of silence can make a guy feel awkward on FaceTime. Don’t be afraid to take charge of the conversation to keep it flowing. You can ask him interesting questions to keep him talking. If he’s acting quiet, go ahead and share a couple of stories about yourself to take the pressure off of him.

Use Positive Body Language

Positive body language shows a guy that you are actively listening to him. Lean forward and nod your head to show him that you’re paying attention. Make sure to smile a bit to keep things lighthearted and warm. Using your hands expressively also helps to make a conversation feel more comfortable and connected.

Eliminate Distractions


Turn off the TV and any other distracting sounds in the background. You want his full attention on you, so make sure there isn’t anything else going on that could take away from your conversation.

It can be highly distracting when your signal goes in and out. This can lead to delays, garbled sound, and even disconnection. Make sure you have your video chat call in an area where you get good reception or near a Wifi spot.

How do I Make FaceTime Not Boring?

You can keep a conversation fresh and exciting on FaceTime with a few moments of preparation. Here are some ideas that can mix a boring FaceTime call up:

Have Your FaceTime In an Interesting Area

If you have a beautiful view in front of your home, FaceTime there. If not, try finding somewhere interesting near where you live or an interesting room in your house to enhance your video.

Make sure that the phone is positioned at a good angle so that you can be seen. You’ll also want to make sure that you have good lighting.

Show and Tell

woman on FaceTime with her dog

If you have something cool to show your guy, FaceTime it. He may be interested in seeing what kind of clothes or accessories you’re wearing that day. You can also show him projects you’re working on or something cool you just got.

Talk About What You Have in Common

Conversations are less boring when you share things you have in common with each other. Talk about your favorite music, movies, TV shows, and books. You can also talk about what you did over the weekend or your favorite memories from childhood for a more personal connection.