Neck Kissing – The Ultimate How To Guide 2023

Neck kissing is very passionate, feels amazing, and is a huge turn on. Very few people actually know how. 

Here you will learn everything you need to know to become an expert neck kisser.

Table of Contents

How to Neck Kiss

1. Place Your Hand Gently on the Side of their Neck.

2. Slowly Move Your Hand Along their Neck Toward the Nape.

3. With Your Other Hand Move the Hair on the Opposite Side and Gently Tilt Their Head.

4. Slowly Move Your Lips Toward the Exposed Neck.

5. Get Close, Don’t Touch Yet!

6. Gently Breathe on Their Neck With Warm Breath a Few Times.

7. Gently Kiss Their Neck With Your Lips a Few Times, No Tongue Yet!

8. Gently Kiss Their Neck With Your Tongue a Few Times.

9. Rotate and Repeat the Last Three Steps.

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Neck Kissing Tips

1. Keep Your Tongue and Lips Moist

2. Target the Area Where The Shoulders Meet the Neck

3. Go Slowly

4. Use a Light Touch

5. Be Gentle

6. Tease

7. Move to Different Spots

8. Vary Pressure and Intensity

9. Lightly Blow on the Wet Area

10. Try Light Nibbling

11. Try Light Hair Pulling

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Tongue Tips

1. Less Is More!

2. Start Wish a Small Amount of Tongue

3. Try Different Things

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Kissing Neck No-Nos

1. Do Not Touch Their Face

2. Do Not Bite Hard

3. Do Not Slobber All Over 

4. Do Not Leave Marks

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Neck Kiss Meaning

1. I’m Very Attracted to You

2. I’m Feeling Passionate

3. I’m Teasing You 

4. I’m Turning up the Heat

5. I’m Ready for More

6. I’m Increasing Arousal

7. I’m in the Mood

8. I’m Giving You Pleasure

9. I’m Being Romantic

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Why Neck Kisses Feel So Good

1. Your Neck Is an Erogenous Zone

2. Your Mouth Feels Good

3. Your Neck Is Sensitive  

4. Your Mouth Is a Perfect Fit

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Benefits of Sensual Neck Kissing

1. It Heats Things Up

2. Can Be Combined With Other Things

3. It Leads to More  

4. It Is Quite Enjoyable

More Info: Psychology Today


Neck kissing is easy to learn and fun to experiment with. Try out all areas of the neck, everyone responds differently.

Consider the position a person is in when kissing their neck. You want them to feel comfortable and relaxed so they can get into the moment.

After a little bit of practice you will be an expert on how to kiss someone’s neck. 

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