When a Guy Kisses Your Neck: 15 Meanings

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It doesn’t take much to figure out that when a guy kisses your neck there’s a romantic element at play. But, what else does it mean?

Read on below and discover exactly what it means when a guy kisses your neck and how to respond!

What Does it Mean When a Guy Kisses Your Neck?

From announcing their eternal love (and possibly turning you into one of their undead legions) to letting you know that they’re horny and want to make out (or make a baby for that matter), there’s a boatload of meanings for the neck kisses guys give you.

Here are 15 meanings for kisses on the neck from guys:

1. He Is In Love With You

intimate couple man kissing her neckPerhaps the biggest reason of all for neck kissing from a guy is that he’s in love with you. There’s something about a neck kiss that is unmistakably erotic, yet screams “I love you” at the same time.

When a guy really loves you, you can be sure he’s eventually going to lay some man kisses on that delicate neck of yours.

2. He Wants Intimacy

Neck kisses are a wonderful way to say “hey, I want to be intimate with you” and guys know it. They also know it is one of the most romantic kisses to women.

That said, you should be able to tell whether he really wants intimacy with you, or if he just wants sex, by his kissing style. If it is a gentle kiss or a passionate kiss, he’s looking for a deep connection. If it’s strictly a love bite, he may only be sexually attracted.

3. He Wants to Give You Pleasure

Some guys just want to give you pleasure when they give you kisses on your neck. They may also want to build some sexual tension by giving a playful tease-type kiss on the neck.

woman so happy neck kissed by partnerAt any rate, if he knows you enjoy your neck being kissed (which most women do) he’s likely to lay on a vampire kiss or two to watch you shiver and hear your soft sexy moans.

4. He Doesn’t Want You to Kiss Back

When a guy doesn’t want you to kiss back (for example, he wants to be in control of the situation, sexually), he is liable to go straight for a deep kiss on your neck.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he has strong romantic feelings for you, but it’s likely that he does if he wants to dominate you so badly.

5. He Trusts You

All guys aren’t the romantic type and therefore aren’t familiar with all the types of kisses that more sexually experienced men are. But, if they trust you, a neck kiss is most likely in store for the near future.

affectionate couple man kissing her neckThe neck is a perfect spot for a kiss, being such an erogenous zone, that even a novice to kissing can figure it out rather quickly, and with the intimate feelings of trust emboldening him, you may be surprised at his passion.

6. He Wants You to Feel Better

If a guy wants to make you feel better and knows kissing you on the neck will take your mind off things for a while, he’s likely to do it at the first sign that you’re having a bad day.

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Sure, it may be an excuse to get his lips on you and rake your skin with his teeth. But, sometimes, guys are doing it strictly from a sweet and friendly place, not as a romantic partner.

7. He Wants to Have Sex

sensual couple kissing partner in neckAnother of the most common meanings behind guys kissing your neck is wanting to sleep with you. The more passionately drawn he is to your neck, and the more he bites it, and sucks it, the more likely it is that what he really wants is to have intercourse or make out with you.

8. He Wants to Drive You Crazy

Some guys simply want to drive you crazy by biting/kissing your neck. Whether they want to date you, sleep with you, or do something to make you remember them, depends on the guy and how he knows you.

Even your long-term boyfriend or husband may kiss your neck simply to drive you crazy if he knows you love it.

9. He Knows You Love It

When guys know that you love your neck being kissed, they will take advantage of the situation and get to kissing it and nibbling it every chance they get.

So, if you don’t want to have a hoard of potential vampires on your hands, keep your secret closely guarded.vampire sucks blood act from his partners neck

10. He’s Testing the Waters

Sometimes guys are testing the waters when they peck you on the neck.

Whether they want to have a baby with you, or simply get into a hot and steamy makeout session, they figure that a kiss or two on the neck is a good place to start.

Depending on how you react determines how they move forward with their master plan.

11. He’s Making a Statement

woman not sure look man standing behind herIf you’ve just met a guy, or think you have him pegged as a certain “type” he may feel like he has a statement to make. In such a case, even if you are just friends, said friend may lay a mind-blowing kiss on your neck just for fun or to shock you (or to make whatever statement he wants).

12. He’s Initiating a Makeout Session

Despite relationship status, if a guy is comfortable with you, and really into you, he may start kissing your neck seemingly out of the blue.

That’s because if he wants to initiate a makeout session, kissing you on the neck is a great place to start and he knows it if he has even a little experience with women.

13. He’s a Sensual Being

lover kissing neck of his partner.jpgSome guys are, believe it or not, incredibly sensual beings. As hard as it may be to fathom, depending on your past relationships, some guys are far more than sensual and considerate enough to show you constant affection including regularly kissing you on the neck in various ways.

14. He Wants You to Know He Cares

When a guy kisses you on your neck it can mean that he wants you to know that he cares about you, or cares about something/hardship you are going through.

These types of kisses aren’t from a place of sexual desire and are more of a sweet and intimate nature.

15. He Wants to Feel Your Reaction

Last but far from least, the 15th meaning behind guys giving you smooches on the neck is that they want to feel your reaction. Not see it, but feel it. An experienced guy knows that you’ll break out in goosebumps, that your hair will stand up, and your muscles will tense up.

kissing his partner in the neckIf he puts his hands on you while kissing your neck, and steps in close enough for you to feel his warmth, the chances are high that he simply wants to feel your reaction.

How to Respond When a Guy Kisses Your Neck

There are nearly as many ways to respond to when a guy kisses your neck as there are meanings behind why guys want to kiss on the neck, to begin with.

Here are a few of the most common ways to respond to a kiss on the neck from a guy:

Stop Talking Immediately

One of the most popular ways to react to neck kisses is to stop talking immediately. Just focus on the feeling and enjoy the moment.

Play With His Hair

sensual couple partner kissing her neckIn addition to zipping your lips and allowing him to focus on your neck, playing with his hair a bit while he does so may encourage him to do so even more passionately.


Gasping from surprise, moaning from pleasure, and obviously enjoying the wonderful sensation of the neck kiss he’s giving you is a common way to respond. In fact, if you don’t respond this way, at least a bit, you may need to question the guy giving the kiss on the neck.

Offer/Expose More of Your Neck

If you are enjoying the moment, and don’t want it to end any time soon, offering up/exposing more of your neck is a great move. That way he knows you’re into it and want him to keep it going.

Pull Him Closer to You

Depending on how far you want to take things, pulling him closer to you is a great way to make sure he can’t get away. At this point, you can either force his teeth deeper into your neck or take your turn kissing him on the neck.

Wrap Your Arms Around Him

intimate couple kissing her neck outdoorsOnce you’ve got him pulled in to you, wrap your arms around him and lock him into position. If you tilt your neck towards his mouth, allowing him better access, he’ll get the point immediately and carry out your pleasurable bidding.


What Does it Mean if a Guy Wants to Kiss Your Neck?

When a guy wants permission to kiss on the neck, he’s often a step away from wanting permission to put his hands up your shirt or down your skirt in his mind. Depending on your relationship with the guy, it could be his way of claiming you so to speak, showing his love, or simply flirting or trying to make out with you.-

Do Neck Kisses Mean Anything?

Neck kisses have several significant meanings, depending on you, the guy, your relationship status, the situation the kiss occurs in, and more. Generally speaking, a neck kiss may indicate that a guy is horny, wants sex, cares about you, or loves you. Neck kisses are also a way for guys to test their boundaries with you before making bolder moves.

Are Kisses on the Neck Good?

Kisses on the neck are generally considered good, and almost always have sexual undertones to them. Whether your guy is horny, or he simply wants to see your reaction to his warm breath and wet mouth on this sensitive area, kisses on the neck are extremely erotic/exciting.

How Do You Tell He Loves You by His Kiss?

There are several significant indicators you can pick up on when a guy is kissing you that help you tell how he feels about you. If he loves you, you should be able to feel it in his kisses. His kisses will be longer, softer, and wetter than kisses from guys who aren’t as into you as he is.