A Guy Called Me Boo – What Does it Mean?

Boo is one of those terms of endearment that isn’t as understood as terms like “baby” or “babe.” Its usage is relatively new and may take you by surprise when your guy says it to you. What exactly is he trying to tell you? There are a few different possibilities here. Let’s break down some of the most common of these uses to make it easier for you to understand what to expect here.

A Guy Called Me Boo – What Does it Mean?

Whether a guy calls you boo in person or texts you, there are a handful of different meanings he may attach to its use. In each situation, he may be unconscious of what he’s trying to say. On the other hand, he may just call you boo in the heat of the moment without planning. Whatever the case, it is essential to gauge what he’s saying and to move on to the appropriate point in your relationship from there.

He Considers You His Girlfriend

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The term boo is usually considered a casual and fun thing to call your romantic partner. As a result, a guy who calls you boo may be telling you that he thinks of you as his girlfriend. If you’re ready for that commitment, let him know that you feel the same way, and you can move on in your relationship. But if you don’t feel the same way, it is essential to let him know that you don’t think that way yet.

Try to read the context clues around his use of boo to get an idea of how he intends it. For example, does he say something like “you’re my little boo”? Or does he text you “morning, boo” every day? If so, there’s a good chance that he’s already in relationship mode. As suggested, talk to him about this situation right away to make sure you’re on the same page. Or call him boo back and see where things go.

He Isn’t Sure How You Feel

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In some situations, boo may indicate that he’s feeling out the situation because he’s not sure how you feel. Even if you’ve been open and honest with him, he might be uncertain because of a lack of confidence. As a result, he may use boo as a simple way of gauging your feelings. Boo doesn’t have the weight of “baby” or other terms and can be played off casually. Often, a guy calls you boo to:

  • Let you know that he thinks of you as more than a friend
  • Use a term that is endearing but less sexual or potentially sexual
  • Drop you a hint if he thinks you aren’t following his lead

Do you know how you feel about your guy? If so, you should probably let him know if he starts calling you boo. If you don’t, he might end up getting frustrated and moving on to someone else. On the other hand, guys like to keep things relatively straightforward, so if he’s calling you boo without having kissed you yet, there’s a chance he wants you to open up to him and let him know how you feel.

He Wants You To Take the Next Step

Some guys use the term boo to let you know that it is time to take the next step. They may be somewhat shy or passive guys who may lack confidence when addressing women. For some girls, this will be a frustrating or even annoying situation. You may find yourself ignoring this guy if he doesn’t put himself out there more. However, he might still have a lot to offer, even if he is passive.

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If he calls you boo but doesn’t do much else (such as hold your hand or even hug you at the end of dates), he might just need you to do a little of the heavy lifting. Offer him a hug or even kiss him at the end of the date to see what happens. If he does like you, there’s a good chance you made it easier for him to open up himself to you. Don’t be afraid to take the lead if he’s struggling in this way.

Does It Mean You’re Just a Friend When He Calls You Boo?

Some guys may call their gal pals boo when they’re feeling friendly. This situation can be frustrating but understandable. Pay attention to the context of how he calls you boo. Does it seem like a way to bring you closer, or is it just a friendly term he uses when he talks to all his friends? Guys who don’t use boo casually with others probably only reserve it for dating situations.

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Does Boo Mean He Doesn’t Take You Seriously?

Boo might seem too lightweight and silly to some women. However, not all guys see it that way. Many think it is a fun and casual way to show affection and like it for that very reason. Don’t assume he lacks seriousness just because he uses it. Just weigh his personality to get a feel for this situation. For some guys, boo is just a fun way to flirt lightly without taking things too sexual.

What If You Don’t Like to Be Called Boo?

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Not every woman is going to like being called boo. For some, it might seem silly or too casual. Should you let him know how you feel? Yes, but reasonably and openly. Don’t mock him for using this term or make him feel bad. Instead, just tell him that it isn’t right for you. In time, he’ll find a pet name that feels right for you and which makes you both comfortable.

Keep Yourself Open

When your guy calls you boo, it is vital to keep yourself open to whatever message he is trying to send you. Whether he’s telling you he likes you or thinks of you more as a friend, this term always communicates a message of some sort. Use this information to make sure you are on the same page while you’re dating.

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