11 Ways to Invite a Guy Over Without Sounding Desperate

Wondering how to invite a guy over without sounding desperate? Asking him can be very nerve wracking.

We’ve put together a list of the best ways to ask a guy to come over without it being awkward or uncomfortable to ask.

How to Invite a Guy Over Without Sounding Desperate

The best way to ask a guy to come over your house is to have a valid reason. You can ask him for help with something, invite him to watch something with you, tell him you want to cook for him, or just simply tell him you want to spend time together.

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1. Ask For Help With Something

Asking for help or a favor is a great way to invite a guy over. Men love to feel needed and important. You can ask for help with your computer, a work or school assignment, or perhaps help with moving a piece of furniture.

There is no wrong way here, and the possibilities are endless. Just make sure to do it in a light hearted manner. If he wants to come over, he will be happy you asked, and won’t care about the reason.

2. Invite Him to Watch Something With You

You can ask him to “Netflix and chill.” This is a very casual way to say “let’s hang out,” without making a big deal out of it. You can tell him there is a specific movie you are dying to see, or just tell him you are in the mood to watch a movie.

The nice thing about watching a movie or show together is that it helps avoid any awkward silences. It also puts you right next to him on the couch or bed.

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3. Cook Dinner for Him

Food is the way to a man’s heart. It is also a great way to to get a guy to come over and spend time with him. Once again, there is a valid reason to ask him over which relieves you of all the pressure.

If you don’t cook, you can always order in food. Just tell him the chicken or fish you bought was bad. He won’t mind.

4. Tell Him You Can’t Leave Your Pet

Tell your guy that your dog or cat has been sick and you cannot leave her home alone. Most guys love animals. This, of course, only works if you have a pet. If he wants to come over he really won’t care about the reason.

5. Have Him Pick You Up

Ask him if he wants to grab a coffee at the local coffee shop or something. Have him pick you up and tell him to text when he arrives. When he does, text him that you aren’t ready and he should come in.

Once he is inside, mention that you really don’t want to go out. Make it clear that he isn’t obligated to stay if he isn’t comfortable. Make him a coffee at your place.

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6. Just Ask

The truth is, you can just ask a guy to come over. Guys are always looking for new date ideas to keep you interested. Usually a guy would be more than happy to just come over and hang out. Hanging out at your place is a great opportunity for romance.

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7. Tell Him Your Camera Is Setup to Make a Video

Mentioning an activity at your place is the perfect way to get him to come over for a great time. Tell him you want to make a new video to post on your social media and he can help. Explain how you have a great background that is ideal to film in front of.

8. Suggest a Board Game

Board games are a great way to connect with a guy without needing to have a continuous conversation. There are many different games, choose one that you like playing and you think he will like playing. You can also ask him to pick a game and bring it over.

If you want to get to know this guy better, play a game like Taboo. If you want things to get a little more intimate, pick a game that will help break the ice in a slightly risqué way.

How to invite a guy over without sounding desperate

9. Ask Him to Fix Something

Guys love to feel needed. Ask him to take a look at your printer, tell him it hasn’t been working. You might also ask if he can help you set up your Wi-fi which isn’t connecting. Anything is good here, most guys will be happy to help.

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10. Tell Him Your Feet Are Killing You

A good time to ask a guy to come over is when you’re already hanging out somewhere. If the vibe is good, and you want to bring him back to your place, a great excuse to use is that your feet are killing you and you need to get out of your shoes.

Guys know that women generally have shoe issues, so he won’t question you. Make sure you are interested in him, he will probably expect to hook up. If you don’t want to hook up, make it clear before heading to your place together.

11. Show Him Something

One way to get a guy to your place is to tell him you have something cool you want to show him. It could be a poster, a cool home video, or some sort of collection. Anything works here, he will understand it is just an excuse and be fine with it.

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Read above to learn all our ways of how to ask a man to come over. Make sure to prepare some snacks, create a warm ambiance, and play some music. This will help things go much more smoothly and naturally once he arrives.

Be casual and confident, suggest some sort of activity at your place. Keep the tone light and relaxed to avoid sounding too eager or desperate. Use humor and be playful to relieve the pressure. You might also want to make it clear that it is ok if he does not want to.

“My cooking skills desperately need a taste tester. Can you come over and give me your honest opinion?”

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