How Long Should I Wait to Text Him Back – Fully Revealed!

As a dating coach, the question I get asked most often from girls about texting is,”how long should I wait to text him back.” I get it, you are excited to text with this guy, and you want to show sincere interest without coming across as desperate.

Here you will learn how long to wait to text a guy back and what to do if he ignores you.

How Long Should I Wait to Text Him Back

If you have a crush on a guy wait 20 minutes to text him back. It is enough time to show that you are a busy, high value person. Since you didn’t wait hours, you are reinforcing that he is on your mind and you are happy to hear from him. This will make him want to text you more.

Time to Wait

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Texting Back Tips

How Long to Wait to Reply to a Guy

Wait to reply to a guy for 20-30 minutes to play it cool, show you have a life, and not come across as needy. This will make him want you more. You may be really excited to hear from him, and checking your phone every second, yet you don’t want him to know.  

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How Long to Respond to a Text From a Guy

Take up to an hour to reply to a text from a guy, any longer you risk losing his interest. We found that 20 minutes is enough time to wait to show non-neediness. It is easier to wait 20 minutes to text, rather than an hour or more, especially if the guy is your crush.

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How Long to Wait for a Text Back From a Guy

Wait 3 days for a text back from a guy. Do not double text, you must be patient. If he is interested, he will text you. In this waiting period consider the relationship and try to figure out why you haven’t heard from him. You will send a text after 3 days, and then wait and see. 

How Long to Wait to Text Back After Being Ignored

You should wait 1 week to text back after being ignored. You need to make it clear that you are a high value person and will not tolerate that type of behavior. He should feel happy and lucky to talk with you. This should be the last text you send if you don’t hear back.

What to Do When He Texts After Ignoring You

1. Take Time to Reply

When he texts after ignoring you, don’t immediately respond back. Take at least one day to reply. Consider how you feel and what you want to say. Let him know you are a busy high value person and you are not waiting around to hear from him.

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2. Ask Him Why

You will have to confront him and find out why he was ignoring you. Don’t do this on your first reply text. Wait until you text a couple times. Ask him why he ignored you in a nonjudgmental and respectful way.

3. Be Unreactive

Of course you are mad! Don’t let your emotions take control. Be the bigger person. Act curious and investigative, not angry and accusatory.

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4. Don’t Be Too Available

When you start texting again with your guy, after he has ignored you, ease into it. Do not prioritize him and go back to how things were. He needs to earn your trust and attention.

5. Know Your Worth

You are a high value person and deserve to be appreciated and wanted. It is not ok for a guy to ignore you, this behavior is unacceptable. The only way you should even consider starting in again with him is if he recognizes and regrets his bad behavior, sincerely apologizes, and promises to never do it again.

6. Talk About it With Someone Close

It is very upsetting when a guy all the sudden disappears. We all know that feeling of frustration and helplessness. It is good to talk about it with a close friend or family member, someone you trust.

7. Don’t Immediately Trust Him

Take it slowly. He broke your trust and needs to earn it back. This will take some time. You need to be clear that you will not be ignored and his behavior was not ok.

8. Ignore

When a guy ignores you it is a good time to really consider the relationship. He may not be worth your time. There are many guys out there who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Perhaps you are better off moving on and finding someone new.

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Should I Text Him Back After He Ignored Me for Days

After he ignored you for days you should text him back if you are curious to hear his reason why. Wait a day to respond, then send a casual message. Do not immediately confront him about his behavior. Wait to do that after a few texts.

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What to Do When He Finally Calls After Ignoring You

When he finally calls after ignoring you do not answer his call. You want to clearly give him the message that you are not waiting around to hear from him and he is no longer a priority. Speak with him on your own time, when you are calm, unemotional, and ready to confront him about his bad behavior.

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He Ignored My Text

When he ignores your text, it’s best to avoid overthinking or becoming reactive. Give him some space and wait 3 days before reaching out again. If he continues to ignore your messages, it may be a sign that he’s not interested or preoccupied with other things.

In such cases, it’s important to prioritize your own feelings and move on if necessary. Healthy communication is a two-way street, and it’s important to be with someone who values you and reciprocates your efforts.

How Long to Wait to Text Back

All messages should be answered within 1 day, unless it is a special situation. The exact amount of time to wait depends on the importance of the person, your relationship with them, and your current schedule. We all make time for who we want to make time for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Text Him Back After He Ignored Me for Months?

After a guy ignores you for months, you may want to text him back to hear what he has to say. He may have genuinely been going through something and wants to reconnect. It’s up to you to decide if you want to start communication back up. Perhaps talking to him may make you feel better, especially if you’re looking for closure.

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Should I Answer His Call After He Ignored Me?

No, you should not answer his call after he ignores you. He can leave a message and wait. As a result of ignoring you, he is no longer a priority. Your time and attention is valuable, and he should act accordingly. You will not give your attention to someone who ignores you.

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When a guy does not text back, avoid overthinking. Wait at least 3 days to allow for any unforeseen circumstances that might be causing the delay.

Focus on you, keep yourself busy and engaged, allowing him the space to come back to you at his own pace.

Resist the temptation to bombard him with multiple messages. This can come across as needy or desperate, potentially pushing him further away.

When he does reengage, politely express your concerns and ask for clarification about his lack of communication.

It’s important to trust your instincts. Finding a balance between showing interest and giving him space is essential in determining how long you should wait to text him back.

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