What to Text After First Date to Get Him Hooked

As a dating coach, one of my clients asked me what to text after the first date. There is definitely confusion on what specific message you should send and when to send it.

It is important to consider your feelings and whether or not you are interested in the other person. Here you will learn the best texts to send a guy, or girl, after your date and when to send the message.

What to Text after First Date

After a first date, when you want to continue the conversation, it is best to send a casual text. This gives you time to consider your feelings, without committing to anything yet. If you do not like the person, you can either ghost them or send an honest text.

  • Thank you 🙂 I had a great time last night 
  • It was lovely meeting you 
  • It was nice getting to know you
  • You are easy to talk to
  • I had fun with you yesterday
  • I’ve been thinking about you since our date
  • I enjoyed the date, you are fun to be with
  • I’m looking forward to our date at that steakhouse you raved about 😉 
  • It was nice meeting you, I don’t think we are a match and wish you good luck.

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Should I Text Him after the First Date

Yes, you should text him after the first date. I recommend you wait till the following day, at least late afternoon. This gives him all morning to text first. It is better to hear from him first.

If you do not hear from him, you can send a text. Keep it simple, don’t write anything emotional or crazy. See our examples above. You want to be a playful and fun and stir up positive memories and moments from your date.

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What to Text a Guy after First Date

After the first date, text a guy a short & casual, non-emotional text message within two days. Mention a positive memory you have from your date. It can be something you discussed or maybe something funny that made you both laugh. 

By mentioning the fun time you had, you cause him to relive the positive experience and want to see you again and be around you. He will associate good memories with your text conversations.

You could also ask for his advice on something he knows a lot about or maybe ask a question about something you had discussed on your date?

We all make time for who we want to make time for.

What to Say after a Date

  • Thank them for taking you out.
  • Tell them you had a nice time.
  • Bring up a memory of something fun you remember from the date.
  • Casually mention getting together again.
  • Compliment them.
  • Ask if they got home safely.
  • Ask a follow up question about one of your common interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to Text after the First Date?

After the first date, assuming things went well, you should wait to send a text until at least the next day, late afternoon. This leaves the morning open for the other person to text you first.

You don’t want to come across as too available or needy. You are a high value person with a busy schedule.

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What Should I Avoid Texting after First Date?

  • Don’t be overeager or come off as desperate
  • Don’t double text
  • Avoid being emotional
  • Don’t make yourself too available
  • Don’t be a boring or dry texter
  • Don’t go off on them for any reason
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Keep things light, playful, and fun, and show genuine interest in getting to know the other person better. What to text him after the first date is a great opportunity to solidify the connection you’ve built and set the tone for future interactions.

It is advised to show appreciation for the date and leave the door open for further communication. You may want to mention an inside joke or a positive memory you shared from your date.

If you are not at all interested in playing games, you can take a more direct route. You can mention making plans, or perhaps a date idea you had discussed when you got together. You may also want to send a playful and flirty text, or some sexy text messages.

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