How to Respond to Hey From a Guy – 12 Text Tips That Work

As a dating coach, I am often asked about a common concern, how to respond to hey from a guy? A one-word text, a hey you text, or a hey hey text from a guy can be difficult to answer. It doesn’t convey a lot of emotion or give you any substance to reply to.

Perhaps he isn’t that interested, or maybe he does not know what to say. Here you will learn 12 ways to respond no matter what his reason is for sending the text “hey.”

How to Respond to Hey From a Guy

Here is how to respond to a hey text from a guy, a hello text from a guy, and the hi text from a guy.

1. Mirror His Text

When responding to hey from a guy, you might want to send back the same type of vague text. This puts the ball back into his court.

  • “Hey”
  • “Hey you”
  • “Hi”
  • “Hey there”
  • “Hello”

2. Give Him a Little More

When replying to a guy texting hey, it is best to answer with a question. This gives him something to work with which has a better chance of leading to a real text exchange.

  • “How are you?”
  • “How is your day going?”
  • “What are you up to?”
  • “What’s up?”

3. Send a Flirty or Funny Text

If you want to spice things up, and see how he reacts, send a flirty or funny text, or a sexy text message.

  • “I get so turned on when you take charge…”
  • “I can read your mind, stop having dirty thoughts about me.”
  • “Just got out of the shower, didn’t realize I could get so dirty while getting clean 😉”

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4. Send a GIF, Meme or Photo

The biggest problem with the “hey text” is that it doesn’t give you anything to respond to. This is the perfect time to send a selfie, a funny pic, meme, or GIF.

When you put the ball back in his court, he will most likely comment on what you sent. Now at least he is responding with more than one word.

5. Respond With an Emoji

An emoji is another good choice to respond with. A kissy face or a winky face is good to send here.

6. Reply With a Question

The best text to send to a guy to ensure that he replies is to ask for his advice or opinion. This will definitely get him to respond with a longer text.

  • “Hi, I am hoping to get your opinion, do you think I should add weight to my squats?”
  • “I’m hoping to get your advice on something, lmk when you have a minute.”
  • “Hey, do you think girls suck at sports?”

7. Respond With “?” or “…”

Since he is clearly making no effort, you can reply back with a “? or “…”. You are basically calling him out and saying wtf?

8. Respond With a Random Thought

You may want to send a random thought. It is a good option because it makes it easy for him to respond, unlike his text to you.

  • “The new pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is definitely a drug.”
  • “I could not sleep last night, I had a Tiktok marathon.”
  • “The new iPhone looks amazing, I’m thinking of getting it.”

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9. Reply With a Tease

 A little sarcasm may work here, depending on your style.

  • “Love the effort ;)”
  • “Man of so many words.”
  • “How long did that take you to come up with?”

10. Hey Is for Horses!

This is a funny text to send. I can tell you from experience when you receive this text, you smile. We all know that when someone’s text makes you smile, you usually text this person back.

How to respond to hey from a guy

11. Don’t Respond

When a guy sends “hey” he clearly has made no effort. If you don’t want to deal with it, and you don’t care about the guy, don’t dignify his text with a response.

12. Call Him Instead

Depending on your relationship with the guy, sometimes it is best to just pick up the phone and call him.

How to Respond to Hey From a Girl

The best way to respond to hey from a girl is to mirror her text with “Hey,” “Hey you,” “Hi,” “Hey there” or “Hello”. You can also send a GIF, meme or photo, reply with a tease, or send a flirty text.

More Info: Cosmopolitan

How to Respond to Hey

Here are the best ways to respond to hey or hey there.

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When a Guy Says Hey You

When a guy says “hey you” he is either being friendly or flirty. Picture him saying it with a smile or a smirk. “Hey you” is warm, playful, and inviting. If your crush says it, assume he is flirting and reply back with something flirty. If your friend says it, assume he is being fun and reply back in a friendly way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Respond to Hey Babe Text?

The best way to respond to a hey babe text is with a friendly and casual message to maintain a positive tone in the conversation. You can say something like, Hey! How’s it going? or Hey there! What’s up?

How to Respond to Hey How Are You?

The best way to respond to hey how are you is with a brief positive answer along with either a question back or something interesting.

  • Excellent, hbu?
  • Great, thank you. I just finished a killer workout.
  • Amazing, what are you up to today?


There are many ways to respond to hey from a guy. You can respond in the same way, reply with a question or random thought, tease or flirt, send an emoji, send a pic or video, or ignore him altogether.

Did he make no effort? Or does he just not know what to say? Consider these things when deciding if you want to continue the text exchange. It is the same as when you get a “hey stranger text from a guy.”

If you like him and want to reply, check out our texts above and choose the one that best suits your style.

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