We Went from Texting Everyday to Nothing – 18 Reasons & Tips 

I was coaching a client who was very upset. She told me about her guy, and said, “we went from texting everyday to nothing.” She was super confused. Did she do something wrong? Did the guy lose interest?

The truth is, this is pretty normal. Here you will learn the possible reasons why he stopped texting you and what to do when a guy stops texting you everyday.

Why We Went from Texting Everyday to Nothing

1. He Has Moved On

Your guy might have moved on to someone or something else. Maybe he got sick of the relationship. Maybe he is looking for something new and exciting. Maybe he found someone he likes more. Whatever the reason, he is no longer into you.

2. He Wasn’t That Interested

Guys text multiple girls every day and meet new girls all the time. He may not have been over the moon about you even though he texted every day. For whatever reason he has decided to discontinue his daily texts.

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3. He Thinks He is Wasting His Time

A guy might stop texting if he thinks you are a dead end. Maybe he realizes you enjoy the validation of his texts, yet you are never going to meet up. He would rather spend his time on other things.

4. He’s Going Through Something

Texting every single day is a responsibility. Something personal may have come up that is taking up his time and energy. Texting you is just not his priority right now.

We went from texting everyday to nothing 2

5. He’s Upset About Something

Perhaps you said or did something that has upset him. Instead of saying anything, he has decided to stop texting you. If you think this is the case you may want to confront him and ask him if something is on his mind.

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6. He’s Testing You

Sometimes guys stop texting because they want to see how you react. It is a test to see if you really care. If you don’t say anything, it shows that he isn’t that important and you will easily move on without him.

7. He Doesn’t Know What to Say

When you text someone every single day eventually you may be at a loss for words. Plus, the excitement dies down. The easiest thing to do is to text less. Perhaps he is pulling back for now. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you.

8. He Got Scared Off

Texting every single day is a pretty big deal. He might not be looking for any sort of relationship and does not want to lead you on. Maybe you said something or hinted at something that has scared him off.

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9. He’s Got Other Girls

Most of us text multiple people every day. Guys tend to prioritize the girls they are most interested in. Maybe he has gotten serious with another girl and does not want to screw it up. You are not as important as the other girl.

10. He’s Busy

He may have stopped texting every day because he is super busy. Whether it is work, school, hobbies, or other relationships, he probably has a lot going on. Texting you every day no longer fits into his schedule.

What to Do – He Texted Me Everyday Then Stopped

1. Stay Calm

Keep calm and do not jump to any conclusions. Relax, and take a deep breath. Do not be reactive, this will turn him off. I am sure you are going crazy, yet acting on it will not help.

We went from texting everyday to nothing 3

2. Consider the Possible Reasons

Take a look at your recent messages and interactions. Has anything changed? Did you say or do anything that might have turned him off? Do you think he is dating someone else? Consider everything before deciding what to do.

3. Send a Message After 3 Days

Follow the “no contact” rule for 3 days. If you don’t hear anything at all, send a message. See #4 below for some possible messages you can send.

4. Confront Him

There is nothing wrong with asking him what is going on. Make sure you are respectful and don’t be accusatory. Here are a couple possible texts you can send.

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5. Just Wait

Don’t do anything. Give him some time, perhaps he has stuff going on. Give him a chance to come back to you. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

6. Let Him Go

Maybe this is for the better, be honest with yourself. You may feel upset because he was the one who stopped texting, yet let it go. Forget about him and move on. Your time is valuable, spend it on someone you really like.

7. Discuss It with Someone You Trust

You don’t want to do anything crazy that you will regret. Discuss the situation with a friend or family member you trust. Get their advice and consider what they say. Sometimes it is helpful to get an opinion from a 3rd party.

We went from texting everyday to nothing 1

8. Keep Yourself Occupied

Stay busy! Spend some time with friends, read a book, partake in a hobby you haven’t had time for, or catch up on a new series. Do anything that takes your mind off the situation.

When a Guy Stops Texting You – Reasons

The possible reasons a guy stops texting you is because he has moved on, he isn’t that interested, he thinks you are wasting his time, he is going through something, he is upset with you, he’s testing you, he doesn’t know what to say, he got scared off, he met someone else, or he is busy.

He Stopped Sending Good Morning Texts

When a guy stops texting you good morning it could be because he doesn’t feel the same excitement, perhaps it started to feel stale and expected, maybe he doesn’t feel special or appreciated, he might have just gotten comfortable, he may not feel like putting in the effort, or possibly he is disappointed because the relationship hasn’t grown or gone anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does it Mean When a Guy Slows Down Texting You?

When a guy slows down texting you it could mean he met someone else, he may be busy, he might not be that interested, perhaps he’s going through something personal, maybe he is upset with you, he could be testing you, or possibly he doesn’t know what to say.

Why Would a Guy Suddenly Stop Texting You?

A guy might suddenly stop texting you because he got busy with life, he has personal issues, he’s dating someone else, his feelings changed, he’s mad at you, he’s testing you, or he may think you are wasting his time.


If he used to text you everyday but stopped consider all the possible reasons above. Most of the time it is because he is just not that interested. We all make time for who we want to make time for.

Your best course of action is to give him space, and hopefully he will come back to you. You cannot make someone text you every day, it is something he has to want to do.

If you have gone from texting everyday to nothing, consider your relationship. Usually something has happened to trigger the change.

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