When a Guy Stops Texting You Everyday: 21 Meanings

Guys can be rather persistent with texting the girl they like. So, what does it mean when a stops texting you all the time? Read on below and explore 21 of the top reasons guys stop texting you everyday!

What Does it Mean When a Guy Stops Texting You Everyday?

Whether he has simply moved on to another relationship, he wants to see how you’ll react when he stops reaching out, or he’s busy strapping nukes to giant asteroids hurtling through space towards Earth at thousands of miles per hour, there are endless meanings for when guys stop texting you every day.

1. He Has Moved On

woman looks disappointed looking at her phoneUnfortunately, one of the most common meanings when a guy suddenly stops texting is that he’s moved on.

Whether he’s sending another girl a text message every day now, or he’s simply recovering from your relationship with him, is anyone’s guess.

2. He Was Playing You

Sometimes a guy might stop texting suddenly because he’s busy pursuing other relationships.

If he’s been texting you a lot, and stops, but is active on social media, the chances are even higher that he was/is playing you.

3. He Thinks He’s Wasting His Feelings

man looking at his phone thinkingSometimes guys stop texting back and forth with you on a daily basis because they are catching feelings and think they’re going to waste.

When a guy feels that a real relationship with you is out of the question, they may suddenly drop all conversation with you in an attempt to save themselves a broken heart.

4. He’s Going Through Personal Issues

When you’ve been talking with a guy who seems genuinely interested in you, on a regular basis, through text messages, and he suddenly stops texting, there are high chances that he’s going through personal issues.

The good thing is that if you wait long enough, one day he’ll start texting again like nothing ever happened.

5. He’s Testing You

There are so many possible reasons for a guy to break off communication with you seemingly out of the blue. However, there is also some meaning behind it.

More often than you might imagine, guys stop texting because they want to see how you react.

smiling man looking away holding his phoneThey are simply testing you. They want to know if you’ll text back or tell them how much you miss them.

6. He’s Confused

Texting a guy every day can be fun and exciting, and it can also be frustrating… especially when he’s confused about how he feels about you.

Sometimes, when guys are confused about things with you, they’ll stop texting until they think they’ve come up with the answer.

7. He Doesn’t Know What to Say

problematic man looking at his phoneIf you talk on the phone and message daily, and a couple of days go by without hearing from him, he could have ghosted because he’s run out of interesting things to say.

Sometimes guys are dumb like that, thinking they always need something shiny and exciting to discuss with you (and keep you intellectually engaged).

So, if they’ve decided to stop texting, maybe they just don’t know what to say to you anymore.

8. He’s Afraid of His Emotions

Men are not always as brave and fearless as they’d like females to believe. In fact, when it comes to feelings, and coming up with any sort of explanation about them, they may be downright terrified.

That said if he IS afraid of his emotions, and the effort it takes for dealing seems like too much it’s no surprise that he stopped texting you every day.

9. You Scared Him Off

Some men are not relationship material, and the closer they get to one the more they want to run away.

african guy looked surprised with phone messageIf you talk and message on the phone regularly, he could be afraid you already think you’re dating.

If he isn’t comfortable with a relationship, it may be enough to freak him out and cause him to stop texting.

10. He’s Seeing Someone Else

One of the most significant meanings behind men and women stopping texting each other on a daily basis is that they’re seeing someone else.

The real question here is whether or not you were their main chick, or their side-chick, to begin with.

11. He’s Ghosting You Back

If you’ve stopped texting you guy in the past, and he felt ghosted, he could simply be ghosting you back to get even.

woman look desperate looking at phone sitting in couchIf you two are constantly on the phone with each other, he could just be waiting for you to feel the way he did when you stopped texting him.

12. He Was Abducted By the Mothership

There is a 1-in-a-billion chance that your guy stopped texting because he was picked up by a pack of Grays joying riding the Milkyway.

The good thing is that as soon as the mothership drops him back off at home, you’ll more than likely hear from him right away.

13. He Was Murdered

unconscious injured man in car crashLife is not always sunshine and rainbows; there is a season for everything, including the potential death and disappearance of your man.

If he hasn’t texted you even once in the past few weeks, after texting daily, it is possible that he’s been hacked to pieces and flushed down a komode.

14. He Doesn’t Know How to Handle Your Family

When a guy isn’t accepted by your family and friends, or at least doesn’t feel like he is, your relationship/dating life could get a bit complicated.

There is also a possibility that he’s not texting because he’s busy shopping for the best family-sized totes to chuck your family and friends into the nearest lake or river so he can have you all to himself.

15. He Lost Interest Suddenly

woman flirting with uninterested manThough it never seems to make much sense, it does happen often; everything is great one day and blam, the next day he loses interest in you.

The reality is, he probably wasn’t actually that interested in you, to begin with, or he is just bored.

16. He Doesn’t Know if He’s Into Men or Women

No girl wants to hear it, or think it, but it is possible the reason he stopped texting is actually that he’s confused about his sexual orientation.

Depending on how close you are, he may or may not get back in touch with an explanation eventually. That said, it is a touchy area… so, don’t hold your breath.

17. He Thinks You’re Into Someone Else

teen in background jealous with friends talkingSometimes men get jealous of other guys that come around you. Even if you aren’t into them, your man may see co-workers or friends as potential competition for your romantic interest.

When they are convinced you’re into someone else, they won’t likely wait for you to let them know… they will simply start ghosting you.

18. He Wants You to Ask Him to Come Back

If you’ve been dating, and he suddenly stops texting, he might just want to see how strongly you feel about the relationship.

Further, what he really wants is for you to tell him that he’s your favorite person and to come back.

19. He’s in Space, Saving the World From a Giant Asteroid

The least likely scenario on our list, but one worth mentioning, is to always be opened minded and take his word for whatever he says is going on.

super hero pulling open shirt above earthIf he’s missing for 2 weeks, and shows back up, claiming he’s been in space, saving the world from a giant asteroid… consider that it could be the truth.

20. He’s Playing Call of Duty with the Guys

Guys can be pretty goofy when they get around their best friends. So, if he’s normally easy to reach, and texts you regularly, but suddenly goes MIA, he could simply be playing Call of Duty with the guys.

The good thing is that these ghosting sessions only last for hours, rather than days, nights, or weeks.

21. He’s Secretly Batman and is off Saving Gotham

Sometimes things happen that change the course of your life forever.

silhouette of batman suit standing oversee the cityWhen your guy stops texting, and isn’t on social media, or dating someone else, there is a chance he could be a crime-fighting vigilante in a bulletproof bat cowl and cape.

How to Respond When a Guy Stops Texting You Daily

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than not knowing what’s going on with your significant other, which is exactly the mind space he puts you in when he stops texting and disappears.

Here are a few of the most common ways to respond when your guy stops texting:

Stay Calm

serious woman wearing hat looking at her phoneFirst things first, when a guy stops texting you every day; stay calm. There are tons of potential reasons behind it.

Avoid jumping to conclusions and try to initiate a conversation with him.

Consider the Possibilities

Before you get paranoid, consider the full range of possibilities behind why he stopped texting you all the time.

Did you have an argument? Have your friends and family offended him or scared him off? In the end, you’ll have to get the truth from him.

Reach Out

woman hands typing message on her mobile phoneIn order for you to understand what’s going on, rather than jumping to conclusions, try reaching out to him. If he cares, he’ll answer even if he has stopped texting rather recently.

Reaching out lets him know that you noticed his sudden stop in texting and that you care about it. It’s a good time to let him know you miss him too.

Say You’re Sorry

If there is something that you’ve done to upset him, saying you’re sorry is a great first step in getting your relationship back on track.

Keep in mind that a guy is not likely to ask you to apologize, or even tell you that his feelings are hurt. That’s why you’ll have to be honest with yourself when considering why he’s stopped texting.

Accept His Apology

woman with serious look listening on her phoneWhen you do start talking/texting again, swallow your pride and accept his apology for not texting every day.

If the guy really matters to you, your relationship should be more valuable than the fact he stopped texting you temporarily.

Be Supportive

Depending on the sort of person you’re dealing with, he may take his dear sweet time to contact you again once he’s ghosted you for a while.

That’s why you may need to be the one to get in contact again, be it via text or phone to lend him a bit of encouragement (and forgiveness).

Tell Him to Get Lost

angry woman shouting at her phoneIn the worst-case scenario, and he breaks your heart when he decides to stop texting you, don’t be afraid to tell him to get lost.

Send him one more text, wishing him good luck with life and to burn in hell. Then block him before he can answer!


What Does it Mean When a Guy Slows Down Texting You?

When a guy slows down in his routine texts to you, common reasons include he is unsure of your relationship status, he’s out of interesting things to say, he thinks you’re into someone else, he’s dating someone else, or he’s just busy with life.

Why Do Guys Stop Texting as Often?

serious man thinking looking at his phoneMany times, guys stop texting you as often because they think you are uninterested in them and they are wasting their time, or they are simply busy with life or possibly dating someone else.

Why Does He Go Silent for Days?

There are countless reasons why guys go silent for days at a time. Some of the most common ones include that he is busy with life, he has personal issues, he thinks you’re dating someone else, or he already has a girlfriend or husband.

Why Do Guys Text Sporadically?

Guys are known for texting sporadically, especially late at night, or when they’ve had a few drinks. But, why? Believe it or not, they don’t text you more often because they think they are boring to you, or that you are interested in someone else. When they do sporadically text it’s because they can’t stop thinking about you.

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