What To Do When He Pulls Away (How To Get Your Man Back)

If you are wondering what to do when he pulls away, you have come to the right place. My ex boyfriend did exactly this, and I successfully got him back.

Here you will learn the best strategies to use and the correct mindset to have when your guy pulls away. It worked for me and it can work for you too.

What to Do When He Pulls Away

  1. Don’t Freak Out
  2. Have an Open Conversation
  3. Give Him Space
  4. Tell Him How You Feel
  5. Be There For Him
  6. Focus On Yourself
  7. Consider Your Expectations
  8. Let Him Go

1. Don’t Freak Out

When your man pulls away, it is important to stay cool, calm and collected. Do not panic or do anything that he will find crazy, desperate, or clingy. Do not start texting and calling him constantly, begging for his attention, or try to make him jealous.

Stay calm when you talk to him and avoid any accusations or blame. You don’t want to turn him off and further push him away.

Instead of freaking out, approach the situation with a level head. Focus on giving him the space he needs. By demonstrating understanding and patience, you’ll create an environment that encourages him to come back. Done correctly, this can strengthen your relationship.

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2. Have an Open Conversation

When he pulls away, it is important to have an open and honest conversation to understand the underlying reasons for his behavior. Avoid jumping to conclusions or making assumptions, this may worsen the situation.

Instead, approach the conversation with empathy and a willingness to listen. By addressing the issue directly, you can work together to find solutions and rebuild trust in the relationship.

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3. Give Him Space

When a man pulls away in a relationship, it is important to give him the space he needs. This distance allows both partners to reflect on their feelings and gain clarity.

By allowing him the space he needs, you’re showing that you understand and respect him. This will increase your chances of rekindling.

4. Tell Him How You Feel

When faced with the situation of your partner pulling away, it is essential to communicate your feelings openly and honestly. By sharing your perspective, you show him that he is not the only one in the relationship, and respect has to be mutual.

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5. Be There For Him

Be proactive when he starts pulling away. Maintain open lines of communication and express your willingness to support him. Show empathy, understanding, and patience, allowing him the space he needs, while assuring him of your unwavering commitment.

6. Focus On Yourself

Take this time to reflect on your own needs and desires. Engage in self-care activities, pursue your own interests, and maintain a positive mindset.

Prioritize yourself. You’ll regain your confidence, become more attractive to your man, and increase your chances of reestablishing a strong connection.

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7. Consider Your Expectations

When your partner begins to withdraw or pull away, it is a good time to reflect on your expectations within the relationship. Take the time to understand your own needs and desires to help you approach the situation with clarity and empathy.

Maybe you require too much and you are being unrealistic. Perhaps it is not you, and he is just not the right guy. Now is the time to consider what you want so you can focus your time and energy on the right guy.

8. Let Him Go

If you have considered your expectations and what you are looking for, and realize he is not the guy for you, it is important to cut your losses, and let him go.

If you are still attempting to get him back, decide how long you will continue trying. At some point you must recognize that you are wasting your time. Move on!

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Mindset When He’s Pulling Away

  • Be Empathetic
  • Be Understanding
  • Be Positive
  • Be Curious
  • Be Supportive 
  • Be Patient
  • Be Calm
  • Don’t Be Angry
  • Don’t Be Accusatory
  • Don’t Be Desperate
  • Don’t Be Defensive
  • Don’t Be Argumentative

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What to Do When He Pulls Away Then Comes Back

When he pulls away and then comes back remain calm, cool, and collected. Be positive and supportive, and tell him you understand that things happen. Have an open and honest conversation with him about the relationship and your expectations. Discuss your feelings and find out his. Clearly state what you will and will not put up with.

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What to Do When He Pulls Away Early Dating

  1. Remain calm and collected.
  2. Respectfully ask him what’s going on.
  3. Tell him your feelings.
  4. Be positive and supportive.
  5. Give him some space.
  6. Consider if the relationship is worth it.
  7. Move on if necessary. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make him want you when he pulls away?

Focus on yourself and your own happiness. Give him some space and time to figure things out. Communicate openly and honestly with him about your feelings. Work on building your own confidence and pursuing your own interests.

How do you turn the tables when he pulls away?

When he pulls away, if you want to turn the tables, give him space and focus on yourself. He will be surprised, and unsure of how to respond.

How to behave when he comes back after pulling away?

When he comes back after pulling away, create a safe environment for open communication. Let him know that you are willing to listen, understand, and move forward.

How to be high value when he pulls away?

Focus on improving yourself and maintaining your own happiness and fulfillment. Give him space and avoid chasing or pressuring him. Focus on your personal growth, engage in activities you enjoy, and build a strong support system. Ultimately, being high value means valuing yourself and your own well-being above all else.

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It can be hard to remain calm when you see your man pulling away from the relationship. You may start to worry about other women, whether he’s still interested in you or whether the relationship is going anywhere.

When a guy pulls away don’t freak out. Have an open conversation with him, give him some space, be there for him, and if necessary, move on.

Consider all of our strategies above to see what works best for you and your relationship.

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