When a Guy Pulls Away, Do Nothing (15 Reasons Why)

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Guys pull away from relationships for various reasons, including being around of catching deeper feelings, getting pulled into a committed relationship, being hurt, and more.

But, why is it that some relationship experts advise you to do nothing when a man pulls away?

Read on below and find out why you should do nothing, as well as answers to several related questions!

When a Guy Pulls Away, Do Nothing! Here’s Why:

Believe it or not, as counter-productive as it may seem to your relationship at first glance, there are so many reasons why sometimes it’s a good move to do nothing when a guy pulls away from you that it could make your head spin.

Explore 15 of the top reasons why you should do nothing when a guy pulls away:

1. He Needs to Work on Himself

couple sitting in bedroom not talkingOne of the primary reasons it’s best to do nothing when a guy pulls away is that he needs to work on himself. If he’s pulling away, and it honestly isn’t because of you, it’s often because he’s got some issues that need tending to.

The good thing is that when a decent guy pulls away to work on himself, he probably plans on coming back once he feels like his head is screwed on right.

2. You Need to Work on Yourself

Another big reason you should “do nothing” when a man pulls away is that you may need to work on yourself. In fact, his pulling away from you may be just to clue you in on the fact that sometimes not quite right.

On the other hand, you may not be the issue that caused him to pull away but could still do better focusing on yourself and bettering your own life and personal relationships with others than chasing after him.

3. He’s Not Ready for a Committed Relationship

sad couple on floor relationship issuesSometimes guys pull away when they aren’t ready for a committed relationship. In these cases, you are far better off letting him go than chasing after him. If he’s not ready for a relationship, and you are, it’s better to give him the space he needs or move on.

That said, if he really cares about you, after he takes some time for himself, he may realize that he’s just scared of a relationship. If that’s the case, he may be willing to give it a shot (so don’t give up on him too fast!).

4. You Don’t Need to Be a Relationship Hero

When your man pulls away from you, remember that you don’t need to be a relationship hero. You aren’t his relationship coach, you’re his girlfriend. It’s not your job to teach him how to be a responsible partner.

If he knows what’s good for him, and actually cares about you, he’ll find his way right back to you. If he doesn’t, well, maybe you’re better off without him anyway!

5. Consider Your Own Feelings

couple far apart conversation issuesIf a man is pulling away from a loving relationship with you, you need to consider your own feelings. You may also need to ask yourself if his past relationships causing a mental block for him? And, if so, do you have what it takes to deal with the difficult love situations that are bound to be involved with spending time with him and making your relationship stronger?

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Never forget that your feelings are just as important as your partners. It’s natural to put them first, but that doesn’t mean your own feelings need to be low on the totem either.

6. He’s Not Worth Your Time

If a man keeps pulling away and then coming back for a little while, he may be the wrong thing for your romantic life. No one wants to spend half their relationship sitting left wondering what’s going on with their man.

He may not be worth your time if he keeps showing you that you’re not worth his time. What does his ghosting mean? Is he seeing other women? Or just doing his own thing? When a man withdraws without explanation, what else can a girl do but wonder what his space means?

7. He’s Dating Someone Else

woman trying to a man kissing another womanSometimes the reason you should do absolutely nothing when he pulls away is that he’s seeing someone else and it would make you his fool to do so. Unfortunately, this scenario happens quite often.

The good thing is, you’ll be able to figure it out pretty quickly if he’s dating someone else. The signs are obvious: he’ll stop responding at odd times, disappear for a few days at a time, never talk about his true feelings, and act as if it’s all completely normal.

8. He’ll Pull Away Even Further

A man pulling away is a man better off left alone for a while. He’ll let you know when he’ll feel like talking further.

If you pursue and push him into further communications while he’s pulling away, he’ll simply pull away even further. That means you’ll likely not hear from him for

9. He Wants You to Have Low Self Esteem

upset teenager having conflict with her partnerEvery now and then, you may come across some jerk who is just playing mind games. When these men pull away, it’s really just them trying to mess with your self-esteem.

Let these men pull away. It’s better to simply let them go because any response is a direct invitation for them to mess with you even more.

10. It’s a Defense Mechanism Against a Potential Relationship

A lot of men pull away because they are simply letting their defense mechanisms kick in and “protect” them against a potential relationship (a relationship that they are scared of).

Anything you do in this situation is likely to send him scurrying even further away from you. Unfortunately, the best thing is to do nothing; just give him time to process how he really feels.

11. He’s Not a High-Quality Man

group of men flirting with beautiful womanYes, you read that heading properly: sometimes, it’s best to do nothing when men pull away because they aren’t high quality. In other words, they are “dating” man women, and playing mind games with all of them.

It’s pretty self-explanatory why you should simply walk away from these sorts of men. But, if it’s tailor-made advice you’re after: tell him to **** off and drop him like a hot pan you pulled out of the oven with no mitts on your hands (fast and without a second thought).

12. He Wants You to Feel Endless Suffering

Some men pull away in an attempt to make you miss them, or feel bad about some argument or event that recently happened. Obviously, this type of guy likes to make you suffer and should be taken out with the trash at your earliest convenience.

The best move you can make flipping the tables on them and treating them the same way. When being pulled away from at the precise moment they need you becomes a personal experience they’ll know exactly how the many women they played games with felt like.

13. It’s Better to Cut Things Off in the Early Stages

woman pushing man face awayIf things aren’t working out for you, and he’s pulling away, coming back, and repeating the process, sometimes it’s better to cut things off early. Otherwise, you may be exposing yourself to use and abuse for a prolonged period of your life.

You don’t need to hire a certified relationship coach to help you reflect on your current relationship, you just need to be real with yourself… and sometimes do the hard thing (cutting all strings and walking away).

14. He Doesn’t Appreciate a High-Value Woman

When a man doesn’t appreciate a high-quality woman, like yourself, there’s not much you can do about it. If he doesn’t value loving relationships, that’s on him (not you).

That said, do your best to protect yourself from catching feelings for one of these jerks… because you can be sure you won’t be the only woman in his life (more than likely, you’ll simply be the one with the highest value).

15. He Wants to Spend Time With Many Women

group in street dancing having a good timeSome men just can’t seem to help but find themselves in the company of many women. Not necessarily all at once, but one by one. Day after day, week after week. God forbid you to become one of those women!

That’s the reason you need to do nothing when a man pulls away directly after meeting him or hooking up. Give him some space and see what happens! You may just save yourself a life of pain.

Tips for “Doing Nothing” When a Guy Pulls Away

Now that you know WHY you should do nothing when a man pulls away from you, here are a few tips to help you stick to your guns:

  • Remember that he is the one that pulled away (and that you’re not his mother)
  • Consider your self-worth and self-esteem (before calling, texting, and looking desperate)
  • Take all the facts into consideration and be realistic (consider his reasons for pulling away)
  • Know that everyone has bad days in life (or even bad weeks or months)
  • Think about what highly trained relationship coaches would tell you (or hire one)
  • Understand that love lives are far from simple (and rarely make full sense)
  • Ask yourself if he is real potential long-term relationship material (future husband?)
  • Know that you can always a hire a PI and/or hitman later (if things don’t work out)


How Do You Respond When a Guy Pulls Away?

sad couple parting ways sitting in stairsThere is no golden rule for how to respond when men pull away. That said, sometimes the best response to a man pulling away is no response, which isn’t always easy. All of the above reasons clearly explain why you should leave a guy alone when he pulls away. If he cares about you he’s likely to come back and explain what the problem was.

Do Guys Come Back After Pulling Away

If a guy cares about you, it is almost guaranteed that he’ll come back after pulling away. What isn’t so much guaranteed is whether or not he’ll explain to you what actually made him pull away in the first place. Also, keep in mind, that it isn’t always exactly a good thing if he comes back (he may not respect you, he may just want sex, or worse).

What Does it Mean When He Suddenly Pulls Away?

There is a never-ending amount of stuff that it could mean when a man suddenly pulls away from you. One thing is certain about it though; it’s not a good sign. To get more in-depth, you’ll have to inspect your relationship with the guy and what has occurred recently. Has there been an argument? Has one of you started a new phase of life/job? Or, has he met someone new?

Why Do Guys Pull Away When You Like Them?

Guys are known for pulling away from girls they like for numerous reasons. A few of the most common ones are low self-esteem, getting bored (even though they like you), meeting someone new (and temporarily being infatuated), and thinking you are dating someone else (and that they have no chance with you, romantically), and so much more.