How to Get a Guy to Kiss You – 15 Sneaky Tricks

If you are wondering how to get a guy to kiss you, you’re not alone. If the kiss doesn’t happen by a certain point, the romance will fizzle out, and be gone forever.

As a male dating coach, and a guy who loves kissing girls, lol, I know exactly how to get him to kiss you. Here you will learn the top 15 ways guaranteed to land you a kiss.

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You

You can get a guy to kiss you by staring at his lips, looking into his eyes, physically touching him, calling attention to your lips, kissing him first, moving in closer, commenting on his lips, being extra flirty, complimenting him, teasing him, whispering in his ear, saying something dirty, and getting him alone.

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1. Stare at His Lips

Look directly at his lips during normal conversation to hint to him that you are interested in kissing. Alternate between looking at his lips and looking into his eyes.

Most guys will take this as a sign that you’re ready to be kissed, and will lean in to make a move.

2. Look Into His Eyes

Maintaining eye contact is one of the most powerful things you can do when trying to get a guy to kiss you.

When he’s talking, look him in the eyes, and don’t break contact until he does. If he’s looking at you, don’t look away. Try to keep your gaze soft so it doesn’t come off as too intense.

Looking into his eyes and making honest, deep conversation creates a strong connection that can lead to an amazing first kiss.

3. Get Physical With Him

Small physical gestures make a big difference in how a guy perceives you.

During a conversation, gently brush or touch his shoulder or leg when making a point. You might want to touch his arm or hand lightly when you laugh, or even give him a quick hug if it feels right.

These little touches will let him know that you are attracted to him and will give him the courage to make his move.

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4. Call Attention to Your Lips

Lipstick and lip gloss are the perfect “kiss me” accessories. Lip plumper is another way to get a guy to notice your lips.

At some point while hanging out, either in front of him or in the restroom, reapply your lipstick or gloss, to force him to notice your lips.

How to get a guy to kiss you 2

Other things you can do are to lick your lips, bite your bottom lip, or a combination of both. These are strong signals that you want him to kiss you.

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5. Ask if He Wants to Kiss You

The most direct method of how to make him kiss you is by simply asking. Be sure to say it with a flirty smile.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me?”

6. Kiss Him First

If the moment is right, and you feel the sexual tension, just kiss him. Sometimes a guy needs a little push, and will probably find it super hot that you made a move. He will now feel comfortable to kiss you.

7. Move In Closer

Move yourself a little closer to him to create some sexual tension. Maintain open body language with you arms and legs uncrossed. Carry mints and make sure your breath is fresh.

8. Comment on His Lips

When you mention his lips, you subtly introduce the idea of a kiss.

  • “Your lips look soft.”
  • “You have nice lips.”
  • “Your lips look good.”

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9. Be Extra Flirty

Being playful, fun, and flirty leads to a lot of laughing and smiling. This will increase attraction levels and bring you and your guy closer. Flirting shows sexual interest.

How to get a guy to kiss you 3

10. Compliment Him

When you say nice things to a guy it indicates to him that you like him. It also strokes his ego. This builds confidence, just in case he is super nervous.

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11. Tease Him

Teasing is a form of flirting. It creates fun, excitement, and attraction. Make sure to tease him about things silly things, not about his physical appearance.

12. Whisper in His Ear

It doesn’t really matter what you say, whispering in someone’s ear is super sexy. He should get the hint.

13. Say Something Dirty

Guys like talking about sex, yet sometimes they are scared to breach the topic with a girl. When sexual things are discussed, it leads to kissing. Try making a pretty innocent comment, and see how he reacts.

  • “Did you see that couple making out over there, hah, they should get a room.”
  • “My best friend called me at 1am last night, she and her boyfriend hooked up for the first time.”

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14. Get Him Alone

Wait for an opportune moment when the two of you are alone and there’s no one around to interrupt or distract you. This will help create a more intimate setting that will make it easier for him to kiss you.

15. Don’t Rush the Goodbye

Many kisses happen at the end of the date, which makes guys nervous. Remain calm and relaxed, and take it slow. This will cause him to feel comfortable and confident, and most likely go in for the kiss.

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You Without Asking   

You can get a guy to kiss you without asking by casually touching him, looking at his lips, looking into his eyes, getting him alone, flirting with him, mentioning something sexual, lightly teasing him, complimenting him, saying something about his lips, leaning in closer, and biting or licking your own lips.

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More Info: Psychology Today


When figuring out how to get a guy to kiss you, consider your current relationship with him. If you are on a date, it should be pretty easy.

If you are just friends, how to make a guy kiss you is a little more difficult, yet still doable. Just remember, any guy would be happy and lucky to lock lips with you.

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