How to Ask a Guy To Kiss You Over Text (10 Ways)

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Wondering how to ask a guy to kiss you over text? Here are 10 things you can say to him to get what you’re looking for!

How to Ask a Guy to Kiss You Over Text

1. “I really want to kiss you right now.”

This direct approach can create a lot of passion and drama through text. Letting a guy know that you’re really interested in kissing him can be a great way to make his day.

This approach is perfect if the timing is right and you want your guy to kiss you as soon as possible. He will likely be thrilled to hear from you and will get excited about kissing you soon.

2. “I wonder how good of a kisser you are.”

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This approach is a little more subtle and can make your guy wonder if you want to kiss him. You will be flirting with the idea of kissing, which creates romantic tension between you two.

He’ll likely respond by telling a bit about his kissing style, which could lead to a steamy conversation full of teasing and fantasizing about the perfect kiss.

This gives an opportunity for you to tell him that you’re interested in him or even that you’ve been imagining what the kiss will be like.

3. “I’m thinking about kissing you.”

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This approach is a little more subtle and can create intrigue. You will be sending him the message that you want to kiss him, but it won’t seem so direct with this kind of text. This also gives him a hint, letting him know that he should take initiative next time when you’re together in person.

4. “Would you like to give me a kiss?”

This is a more curious and playful way to bring up kissing. It’s also a great way to get a read on his emotions and level of interest.

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It gives him an opportunity to express himself as well and let you know when you should expect a kiss, or if there is anything that is holding him back.

5. “I wonder if we will finally kiss next time we meet.”

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If you let your guy know that you’re waiting for the first kiss, this lets him clearly know that you’re expecting it to happen. You’re not putting pressure on by telling him to kiss you, but you’re showing him that you want the kiss to happen.

He’ll likely be a bit nervous and wonder what he can do to make it finally happen, but this is the joy of asking him over text – he will have time to process and respond to your request.

6. “I haven’t kissed anyone in a while. I hope I have the opportunity again soon.”

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With this approach, you’ll be showing your vulnerability while also hinting at when he could make it happen for you. He should be able to connect the dots and understand that you’re ready for him to make the next move. If not, you can be more specific and say something like “maybe we will have the opportunity the next time we see each other.” He definitely won’t miss this hint!

7. “Some lucky girl is going to kiss you soon, I hope it’s me.”

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This is a way you can compliment a guy while letting him know that you’re interested. By saying that “some lucky girl” will be getting a kiss, you’re boosting his esteem and making him feel valued. He will definitely know that you’re attracted to him.

It’s important not to come off as too desperate or sad with this statement. Text can be read (and misread) in many ways, and your guy may read this statement as whiny or as a complaint.

An emoji can help to fix this. You can send a wink emoji or faces with hearts and this will imply that you’re feeling positive and flirty about the situation.

8. “I’m ready for my first kiss.”

If you’ve never had a kiss before, it’s important to let the guy you’re interested in know that you’re ready. Otherwise, he probably won’t want to go in for a kiss since you are so new to dating and romance.

He may ask additional questions when you share this with him to make sure that you feel confident and safe. Let him know that you’re feeling good about your decision and ready to move forward with the kiss if he is too. You can say things like “you make me feel safe” or “it feels so right with you” to make him feel more confident about making the move.

9. “I offer kissing lessons, let’s get together soon.”

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Making a joke is a great approach to asking for a kiss without seeming awkward. By saying that you offer kissing lessons, you also imply that you’re good at kissing as well. This could attract him even more to you because of your wit and sense of self-confidence.

He will likely give a joking answer back to you, which helps to keep this conversation light-hearted and pressure-free. Bring the joke up again once more when you meet in person and he will likely make a move and kiss you.

10. “Do you consider yourself a great kisser? Prove it!”

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This is a more confrontational approach to asking a guy for a kiss. It’s more playful and can be used as an ice breaker or part of roleplaying.

This is a great option if the guy you’re interested in is a more dominant or confident man who is looking to show his skills. You can tease him about how he needs to prove himself and make it clear that you expect a good kiss when the time finally comes around.

If your guy is shy or not as confident, this approach could be too direct for his liking – proceed with caution! If he seems agitated or quiet after this statement, go ahead and tell him you’re kidding, or say “I know you’re a great kisser, I can already tell. That was just a joke, no pressure!”