What to Text Back When a Guy Calls You Beautiful

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Every woman dreams of her special someone telling her that she’s beautiful.

But not everyone thinks about what comes next. So when a guy does tell you you’re beautiful by text, what are you supposed to do?

You’re probably going to text him back, but what do you say? There are countless directions you could take the conversation in afterward.

Before you panic, let us assure you that you’re in the right place. We’ll help you decide what to text back when a guy calls you beautiful.

What Does It Mean When He Calls You Beautiful?

First things first: let’s take a look at the context.

Context really matters here. Depending on your situation, this one word could mean hundreds of different things, all stemming from how you know him.

Is he a random guy you met recently at a bar or a party? If he’s saying it so quickly, it could simply be a sincere compliment, or it could also be him trying to play with you a little bit.

What if he was someone you thought was just a friend? Then him telling you he thinks you’re beautiful could be an indication that he’s developing feelings for you.

If he’s a guy you’ve been seeing or dating, then it’s a pretty positive sign, because he’s showing you he’s attracted to you.

Beautiful goes much deeper than your looks, too. A guy who’s known you for a long time could just as easily be telling you he thinks you’re beautiful both inside and out.

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What to Text Back When a Guy Calls You Beautiful

Return the favor!

"If he's a guy you like, his compliment is like presenting you the opportunity to flirt with him on a silver platter."

If he’s a guy you like, his compliment is like presenting you the opportunity to flirt with him on a silver platter. We say go for it!

Flip the script by complimenting him back. This will tell all but the most oblivious guys that the interest is definitely mutual.

As an adorable bonus, you could make him blush or smile, too. Even if he doesn’t react this way, he’ll know he can keep coming back to you for more.

Example: “Thank you! You’re not so bad yourself. ;)” (The wink face guarantees he knows you’re doing more than just giving him a routine compliment.)

Sending a flirtatious text here and there is the perfect way to make sure you’re always on his mind. If you’re not sure what else you can say, you can try out relationship coach Amy North’s Text Chemistry program for more tips and tricks that will make him irresistibly drawn to you.

Show him your gratitude.

Here’s one of the easiest options: thank him for taking the time to try and make you feel good with his compliment. Show him a little gratitude.

A word of advice, though: saying “thank you” by itself can seem cold and distant. Warm it up with an emoji or exclamation so he knows you’re not just brushing him off.

You could stick with a cool and poised “thank you,” however, if you feel like he’s playing with you, or you don’t have any feelings for him.

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Examples: “Thank you.” (Much colder, doesn’t open the door for him to keep talking to you.” Or “Thank you so much! <3”

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Describe your reaction to him.

"When he knows his compliments mean so much to you, he'll be sure to compliment you more often."

When we give someone a present or do something for them, we always want to know how they reacted. This is the concept of “show, don’t tell” that you may have heard before.

It’s just so much more satisfying than a simple thank you when you see the look of joy on someone’s face. You can do the same thing for him by telling him that he’s making you blush or smile.

Want to get extra romantic? Tell him that he made your heart skip a beat.

When he knows his compliments mean that much to you, he’ll be sure compliment you more often.

Examples: “You’re making me smile!” –Follow it up with a picture of your smiling.  Or “Wow, you just made my heart skip a beat…”

Let him know (nicely) when it’s not appropriate.

This kind of approach is best used the first time a guy you don’t want it from tells you you’re beautiful. For example, you could use it when he’s a friend you’re not romantically interested in or someone like a coworker.

In those types of situations, we recommend letting him know that you’re not comfortable with it. You don’t need to be rude about it – you can just gently tell him that the compliment isn’t necessary.

That way, he doesn’t need to play any guessing games about how you felt. If he’s a mature guy, he’ll also get the message and stop the unwanted attention.

Examples: “I appreciate the kind words, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable accepting this compliment.” Or “Thank you, but I think it would be better if you didn’t talk to me this way.”

Don’t acknowledge it at all.

Sometimes, a guy gets the courage to compliment you once, but it misses the mark. Maybe he’s someone you just want to stay friends with, or maybe he’s someone you see every day, like a coworker or a friend of a friend.

In these kinds of situations, we don’t suggest being harsh with him. He might have misread your cues, or he may have just been taking a chance.

If you want to give him the softest indicator possible that you don’t want him to compliment you in that way, then simply don’t acknowledge it. Keep talking to him as if he didn’t just call you beautiful.

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What this does is give him the opportunity to continue in the conversation and shake it off. It doesn’t embarrass him.

Of course, it works way better with a guy who’s good at picking up on hints. If he’s a bit more awkward, he might not get it and you may need to be clearer with him.

Ignore his text completely.

Is this a guy you’ve rejected before? Have you already explained to him that you’re not interested in him, but he won’t stop?

Then when you get a text from him saying you’re beautiful, you might want to simply ignore it. Sure, in the movies, it seems romantic, but in real life, it’s annoying if not outright creepy.

If he continues, you may also want to consider blocking him so you won’t keep getting unwanted messages from him.

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Now Here’s What to Avoid Doing When He Calls You Beautiful

Disagree with him.

"No matter how we feel about ourselves, we are always someone else's idea of beautiful."

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We get what it’s like to feel unconfident. In the dating world, it’s easy to feel passed over or unwanted, especially when you’re comparing yourself with other women who seem to have it all.

Even if you legitimately feel this way, telling him you don’t think you’re beautiful in response seems like you’re just asking him to keep complimenting you. Don’t do it even if the reason is that you just want to look humble.

The best way to look humble and graceful here is to accept his compliment and move on.

And as far as lack of confidence goes, let us assure you: if you find yourself disagreeing with him because you’re feeling insecure, remember that he’s the one who decides who he thinks is beautiful. And he just told you that he thinks you are.

No matter how we feel about ourselves, we are always someone else’s idea of beautiful.

Let it get to your head.

This actually means a few different things, so let’s start with option one.

First, don’t let his compliment make you cocky. If you come back to him with some arrogant comment like, “I know that already,” he’ll be turned off.

This is especially the case if he’s the kind of guy that had to work up the courage to tell you in the first place. You’ll drive him far away from you with this kind of arrogance.

Second, don’t read so far into it that you think his compliment is actually a coded confession of love. While it’s always possible he could be concealing deeper feelings for you, making that assumption on your own won’t get you anywhere.

He’ll tell you himself if he’s got feelings for you when the time is right. For now, take the compliment as it is and keep getting to know him.

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Wondering What’s Next?

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The battle for his heart isn’t over just because he called you beautiful. You’ll need to keep talking to him and learning more about him before you can really call yourself the victor in his heart.

It’s too easy to run out of inspiration when it comes to texting. Sending messages to friends and family is easy – but what about a guy you’re trying to win over?

Now that’s tough.

When we feel like we’re out of ideas, we like to go to the pros like Amy North. She designed this whole program called Text Chemistry to help women like you capture a man’s heart.

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