What Is Double Texting: Should I Double Text and Is it Bad?

I met a girl I liked, the interaction went really well, I texted her, and she didn’t respond. I waited three days and then texted her again. This is called double texting.

Are you curious to know the text I sent? And if she responded? It’s in the conclusion of this article.

Here you will learn all about double texting a girl or guy, how long you should wait, whether it is good or bad, some exceptions to the rule, and the best double texts to send.

What Is Double Texting

Double texting is when you send a second text before you receive a response to your first message. Double texting is not a good tactic and will make you appear needy. It is okay to double text only when you send the messages at the same time, if you are coordinating something with the other person, or if you’re in a serious relationship.

Should I Double Text Him

Double texting a guy is usually a bad idea. You may come across as needy. Be patient and wait, if he wants to text you back, he will. It is okay to double text if you send the two messages at the same time, when you are actively asking or answering a question, or if you are in a committed relationship. 

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Should You Double Text a Girl

You should not double text a girl, especially if she is a crush. Sending a double text to her shows a lack of self confidence, neediness, it’s pushy, and it exhibits a lack of patience. Wait for her to text you back before sending another message. If you don’t hear back after 3 days, you may double text, yet don’t get your hopes up.

Double texting 2

Is Double Texting Bad  

From my experience, double texting, in general, is bad. While there are exceptions to the rule, most of the time when you send a double text you look too eager and desperate. Once you give off that impression, whether it is true or not, other false assumptions may be made about you.

The other person may think you are impatient, needy, and you don’t have much going on. Busy and successful people don’t spend that much time texting. Double texting is a low value behavior and shows that you don’t have multiple options.

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Reasons Double Texting Is Bad

It Shows a Lack of Self Confidence

Send a text message and wait for the other person to reply. It is like a tennis match. Hit the ball over the net, wait for your opponent to hit the ball back. Be confident that the other person will respond to your text, even if it takes a little while.

Text Alerts Can Be Annoying

When the text alert sound goes off, we all grab our phones. It usually interrupts what we are doing, yet curiosity gets the best of us. When it is a double text from someone we have already decided to ignore, for whatever reason, it can be annoying.

Double texting 2

Shows Neediness

Have you ever heard the term, “playing hard to get?” When you double text you’re doing the exact opposite. You are leaving no room for mystery, no space for the other person to start to miss you.

The implications are that you don’t have much going on in your life. You are showing that you are a sure thing. This is a turnoff to a potential romantic partner.

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Exhibits a Lack of Patience

When picking a potential partner we all want to be with someone who is patient and understanding. When you double text, it is like saying to someone, “hurry up!” This gives the message that you lack some self control and may be socially unaware.

You also come off as pushy, which can be uncomfortable.

Texting Tips

  • Give them time to respond
  • Mirror their response time
  • Wait 3 days to double text
  • Let them have the last reply

*Disregard above tips when in a serious relationship

Double Texts You Can Send

  • “Just had a shot of espresso, wired!”
  • “Hope you’re having a great week.”
Double text responses

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Double Texting a Turn Off?

Double texting is a turn off most of the time. It shows low value and comes off as needy behavior. This varies with the stages of a relationship.

Is Double Texting a Red Flag?

Double texting can be considered a red flag if the message is one that questions you.

  • “I texted you two hours ago. I know you’re ignoring me! Answer me!”
  • “I don’t even care if you reply back. Bye”

More Info: Business Insider

How Long to Wait Before Double Texting?

It is best to wait 3 days before double texting. If someone doesn’t text back, the odds are they aren’t interested. Waiting 3 days gives time for some interest to hopefully develop.

Double texting 3


After waiting 3 days, I double texted that girl. I sent the funny meme we’ve included in this article. She responded and apologized for not getting back to me sooner. My patience and gentle reminder was enough to get her to respond.

As a dating coach, my best recommendation is to steer clear of double texting. As a general rule wait until the other person responds before sending two texts in a row.

Texting etiquette says wait 24 hours, I believe you should wait 3 days before you send a second message. Give the other person time to develop interest. It’s your best chance. Put your phone away so you won’t have the urge to double text.

Your second text should be a very simple text, or maybe something funny. Avoid double texts asking why you haven’t heard back or why they haven’t responded.

Check out our example texts above to learn exactly what to send.

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