45+ Texts to Make Him Laugh at Work

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As much as you might wish otherwise, you can’t be with the guy you’re crushing on all day every day. Not only do you need to spend time apart for your own health, but you’ll both need to work at some point.

Just because you’re apart for work, though, doesn’t mean you can’t work some of your magic to keep yourself on his mind. Making him laugh is an excellent and healthy way to get him missing you, so we’ve created over 45 texts to make him laugh at work.

Keep reading to see what we came up with…

Keep These Guidelines in Mind…

Ideally, his inbox shouldn’t have more than one message from you at a time.

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There are naturally some guidelines you should keep in the forefront of your mind while texting a guy at work. Before you use any of the texts we came up with, let’s review these guidelines so you don’t overstep any boundaries.

First, don’t forget that he’s at work. He may have his boss around or other reasons why he can’t text you back right away. Don’t let it get to you if he’s not able to answer for a little while.

Second, think about what his work environment is like. It may not be appropriate to send him a sexy selfie, for example, if he’s constantly around other people that might see it. On the flipside, if he works in an environment where he’s often alone, you can probably afford to get a little more risqué with your texts.

Third, don’t bombard him with texts. We understand that you miss him, but his shift is a time in which he needs to be productive. He can’t be distracted by his phone constantly or he might get in trouble – just like what may happen to you at work if you can’t keep off your phone.

We recommend sending him one or two texts, then giving him all the time he needs to answer. Ideally, his inbox shouldn’t have more than one message from you at a time.

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Texts to Make Him Laugh at Work

We’ve divided our list of texts messages into a handful of convenient categories:

  • Romantic
  • Amusing
  • Sexy
  • Flirty

You can browse each category to find the mood that fits your goals best. If nothing seems like a good match for him, don’t despair – there are tons of resources out there packed with even more text templates.

We recommend checking out this Text Chemistry class. It will arm you with knowledge and tricks you can use to sneak your way into any man’s heart.

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Romantic Texts to Make Him Laugh

This section of the post will be dedicated to romantic texts. These are texts that have a mushy, emotional sentiment brightened up with a touch of humor.

Use the following texts when you not only want to make him laugh, but you also want to make his heart melt. It also goes without saying that you can modify any of them to be specifically tailored to his hobbies and interests.

  • “Want to watch a scary movie tonight? You don’t have to worry – I can protect you!”
  • “I changed your name in my contacts list to the ghost emoji because you’re my boo.”
  • “I know it’s cheesy, but….want to watch a rom-com and cuddle?”
  • “I love you as much as I love bacon.”
  • “I need my favorite pillow tonight…come over so I can lay my head on your shoulder!”
  • “I’ve been looking everywhere for my heart. Do you know who took it?”
  • “Do you think I should see a cardiologist? My heart skips a beat every time you text me.”
  • “You are under arrest for stealing my heart.”
  • “I think I may have to go to the doctor…I might have broken my foot falling for you.”
  • “I wanted to make you smile by sending you something cute, but I couldn’t fit in your mailbox!”
  • “I must look like an idiot every time you text me, because I can’t stop grinning.”
  • “My legs are feeling really tired. I wonder if I’m running through your mind right now?”

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Amusing Texts to Make Him Laugh

Sometimes, you don’t want to be cheesy, romantic, flirty, or sexy. So what if you just want to make him have one of those deep belly laughs without getting too emotional?

We recommend going with a more neutral humorous approach, then. Any of the following text messages would be perfect.

Hint: these texts are excellent for when you’re just getting to know a guy and don’t want to come off as too emotional too soon. They won’t make you seem clingy or scare him away.

  • Send him a meme that you think he’d like.
  • Send him a selfie of you making a funny face.
  • Send him a cheesy joke.
  • “Real talk – you’re hotter than my bowl after thirty seconds in the microwave.”
  • “If Dracula had a dog, do you think it would be a bloodhound?”
  • “Why do they call it a haircut when you’re getting all your hairs cut?”
  • “I think Velcro is such a rip-off.”
  • “Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9! But why did 7 eat 9? Because you’re supposed to eat 3 squared meals a day!”
  • “Hm. I’ll have to see if I can find time in my busy schedule to pencil you in for a date. Have your people contact my people.”

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Sexy Texts to Make Him Laugh

Let’s get real for a moment: guys are often motivated by their physical desire. Everyone knows that they can get a little thirsty, and this thirst is a powerful motivator.

But did you know you can combine sex appeal and humor? You easily can! We’ll show you how with these texts that are both sexy and funny.

  • “I read that making out can burn calories. Want to help me get my cardio in later?”
  • “I’m planning on spending the weekend at home. No pants included. Want to join me?”
  • “You know what I like more than having my bed to myself? Having you in it.”
  • “You, me, no clothes allowed. Sound like a good plan?”
  • “Just got some new lingerie. How about you come over later so I can give you a secret fashion show?”
  • “If I’m peanut butter and you’re jelly…wanna make a messy sandwich later?”
  • “Remind me to turn on the air conditioning when you come over later. You’re so hot, you’ll make me sweat.”
  • “I’m hungry, and I bet you’re looking like a real snack right now.”
  • “I wish I were a band-aid, so I could be pressed against you all the time.”
  • “Who needs sleep when there are more interesting things we could be doing together tonight?”
  • “Are you a tube of lipstick? I can’t keep my lips off of you.”
  • “Want to have your cake and eat it, too? Hint: the cake is me.”
  • “Some of my coworkers are debating who the sexiest man in the world is. I bet I’d win the argument if I showed them a picture of you.”

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Flirty Texts to Make Him Laugh

Flirty messages like these will be like a siren’s call to him, reminding him of how deeply he’s attracted to you without necessarily being dirty.

The spectrum of human moods is complicated. There will be times when you feel like you want to be bold and attractive without straying directly into sexy territory.

In that case, the happy medium you’re looking for is flirty. Flirty messages like these will be like a siren’s call to him, reminding him of how deeply he’s attracted to you without necessarily being dirty.

  • “Are you a book at the library? I really wanna check you out.”
  • “I found a list of every person in the world who doesn’t think you’re sexy. Funnily enough, there’s no one on it.”
  • “Can you get out of my head? I’m pretty busy today!”
  • “I’m searching for a handsome, charming man to keep me company tonight. Know anyone who fits that description?”
  • “I’ve penciled a meeting for our lips into my schedule. How long do you think the meeting should be for?”
  • “So my autocorrect keeps changing your name to Sexy, and I think it’s on to something.”
  • “I think my phone might have a crush on you…it keeps changing your name to bae!”
  • “I wanted to order a treat while I was out for lunch today, but they didn’t have you on the menu.”
  • “You must be the world’s tastiest snack because my mouth waters every time I see you.”
  • “I must be really clumsy, because I drop something every time I see you: my jaw.”
  • “My dream night consists of pizza and a handsome man. Want to make my dreams come true?”
  • “Are you contagious? Your smile is infectious.”

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Hone Your Romance Skills (and Win Any Guy Over)

Every man is different. Although we tried to provide a range of texts for a variety of situations, you may not have found one that you feel is the best match for your unique crush.

That’s totally okay – there are still resources you can turn to help you achieve victory in the battle of love. We strongly recommend the Text Chemistry program because it was written by an actual relationship specialist named Amy North.

The program is full of psychologically proven tricks you can sprinkle into your text messages. Your crush won’t even know what hit him when you use these texts on him. All he’ll know is that he’s suddenly craving you more than anything.