How to Text a Guy Good Morning (And Get Him Thinking About You)

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Have you ever gotten a good morning text from someone you liked?

There’s just something extra special about it. Maybe it’s because you know deep down that it means they’re thinking of you first thing in the morning.

Or maybe it’s because you get to start your day off hearing from someone who matters to you right away.

Regardless of why you think good morning texts are wonderful, most of us can agree that they make us feel a little bit better about having to leave our beds. Why not make the move first and send your man a good morning text so he can enjoy the same feeling?

And if you’re not sure what to text him, we’ll help you out. We’ll walk you through how to text a guy good morning.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Perfect Good Morning Text

Not all texts are written equally. We’ll start by showing you what things to do and which things to stay far away from.

That being said, here are our guidelines:

Don’t: Send him a text that only says “good morning.”

Nothing is quite as amazingly boring as a text with only one word in it. Even if “good morning” is actually two words, it comes off like a one-word text when you send nothing else.

And with that kind of dull tone, you’ll do nothing but send him right back to sleep.

It’s fine to start your text off with a “good morning,” but make add you something else. Even if all you do is throw an emoji on the end, it will be less boring.

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Do: Express your own personality.

"Whether you're feeling funny, flirty, or bubbly, mix that into the tone of your text."

Another way to keep your good morning text from being bland is by expressing your personality with it. Whether you’re feeling funny, flirty, or bubbly, mix that into the tone of your text.

This keeps it from seeming like every other text he may have gotten that morning. Right from the start, you seal your place in his head.

Don’t: Send him multiple texts in a row.

No matter how much you may like him, don’t freak out when he’s not answering.

As much as you may wish otherwise, he can’t have his attention on you all the time. Sending repeated texts or multiple in a row won’t get his focus in a positive way.

If anything, you’ll portray yourself as impatient and needy. To avoid this mood-killing mistake, limit yourself to one or two texts at a time.

So what are you supposed to do when he doesn’t answer at all? You can check out our guide on what to text when a guy doesn’t reply. 

Do: Flirt with him and make it personal.

How is he supposed to remember you at all if you only send him generic texts? You’ll just fade into the background that way.

And when it comes to dating, nothing kills the potential for a relationship like being forgettable. Trust us when we say you deserve better than that.

Pump up your texts with some playfulness or flirting. Compliment him, wink at him, send him cute pictures, whatever works for you.

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Make sure whatever you write in his good morning text is focused on him, though. Personalize it with things you know he’ll love, and he’ll be eager to get any messages from you going forward.

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Don’t: Write him a novel.

"Gone are the days when you could scrawl pages and pages in a love letter to your man."

Gone are the days when you could scrawl pages and pages in a love letter to your man. Do that nowadays, especially in a good morning text, and you’ll leave him overwhelmed.

Think about it this way: when you get up morning, what is the first thing you want to do? You probably didn’t say, “read a novel.”

You’re usually tired and maybe even a little cranky in the morning. You’ll want things to go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

It’s probably the same for him. For that reason, keep your good morning text short and sweet.

We personally recommend not writing one that’s more than one or two lines. That way, he won’t have to sit there scrolling through a long text on his phone first thing in the morning.

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How to Text a Guy Good Morning

Put a smile on his face with something funny.

A good sense of humor is never a bad thing to have. Everyone likes someone who can make them laugh.

And if there’s one time we really need a good laugh, it’s in the morning, when you’ve just rolled out of bed. It’s a great way to start the day off right and get in a good mood for the rest of it.

You could send him a meme or video about getting up in the morning, or joke about your day. Anything is up for grabs here, as long as you stay light and playful.

He’ll love that he got to start his day off with a smile.


  • Send him a meme or video you think he’d like.
  • “Good morning! May your coffee be strong and the odds be ever in your favor.”
  • “Here’s your advice for the morning: toast tastes much better when you don’t set it on fire.”
  • “I bet you don’t wake up with hair that looks like a bird’s nest in the morning.”
  • “I tried to think of something funny to send you, but you’ll have to wait until I’ve had my coffee.”
  • Pickup lines are an easy way to insert humor – find one of the worst ones you can online, and show it to him.

Send something cute and make his heart melt.

Maybe you’re feeling a little more mushy than funny in the morning. That’s perfect, too – you can still take the time to make him smile.

While it might be a little too early to send him something deeply romantic, sending him a short and sweet message will brighten his day before it’s even started. You could reference a date you went on, let him know you’re excited to see him again, or tell him something you love about him.

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Whichever way you choose to go, you’re sure to make him feel warm and fuzzy.


  • “Good morning! I’m missing your handsome face – would you send me a picture?”
  • “My morning would be a lot better if I got to start it in your arms.”
  • “Morning, babe. I love you!” (For the established relationship – sometimes nothing works better than a simple “I love you.”)
  • “I think your lips would make a much better breakfast than what I’ve got here.”
  • “Morning! I’m sending my love your way.”

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Get him excited for the day with some playfulness.

"Teasing him is one fun way to wake him up."

Teasing him is one fun way to wake him up. Not only will it make you smile, but he’ll be grinning at his phone when he sees your message.

It’s similar to sending him something cute, but rather than focusing more on a romantic tone, you’re trying to go for a flirty one here.

You can think of it as “Romance Lite,” in a way. You’re still showing him you’re interested, but you’re not getting too emotional.

The key to this method is to keep your texts light in tone.


  • “Good morning! I hope your dreams were as sweet as you. ;)”
  • “I wish I got wake up to your handsome face.”
  • “I might not be able to guarantee I’d have breakfast ready for you if you were here, but I could guarantee I’d wake you up with the best cuddles you’ve ever had.”
  • “So could I expect you’d have breakfast ready for me if you were here? ;)”
  • “I bet I can get ready in the morning faster than you. Let’s test it sometime and have a sleepover.”

Coming up with something flirty to say that you haven’t said before is difficult. It’s even worse in the morning, when you’re tired and probably in a hurry.

If you’re running out of inspiration, we suggest tapping into your resources, like the Text Chemistry course. It has tons of tips and tricks you can mix into your texts so he’ll he drawn to you right from the start of his day, even if he’s not a morning person.

Show, don’t tell!

Most of us love a little eye candy, and your guy is probably the same. By sending him a picture of you right in the morning, you’ll be making sure that he’s starting his day with you on his mind.

What we love about selfies is that they’re so flexible, too. By tweaking the lighting, your pose, your makeup, and what you’re wearing, you can change the mood to be pretty much anything you want.

If you’re missing his face, feel free to ask him to return the favor. This is probably one of the best options out there for anyone in a long-distance relationship, because it gives your partner the chance to see you.


  • If you’re feeling really bold and want to combine your picture with humor, send him a selfie of your bed head.
  • Send him a picture of your smile.
  • Feeling naughty? Send him a picture of you post-shower.

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Use a little spice to pique his interest.

"Even if you're not in a committed relationship yet, you can still keep him on his toes by occasionally sending him something hot."

While we’ll almost always recommend limiting the spice if you’re still building your relationship, there’s nothing wrong with sprinkling a little in here or there. And if you’re already in a formal relationship, surprising him with something sexy randomly can turn up the heat or bring back the spark.

Even if you’re not in a committed relationship yet, you can still keep him on his toes by occasionally sending him something hot. It’s a perfect reminder that you’re a sexy woman, and you’re worth having.

We only suggest not doing so all the time because if you only send him sexy messages, he’ll get the idea that you’re with him just for the physical side of things. If that’s actually what you want, then by all means – get dirty as often as you want to.


  • “Good morning! I’m going to need a shower after the dirty dreams I had about you last night…”
  • “I bet your bed head hair looks really sexy…care to show me?”
  • “Getting out of bed wouldn’t be hard if I knew you were there…preferably not wearing anything.”
  • “I know some of the best ways to wake you up…”
  • “Maybe it’s a good thing you aren’t here with me. I doubt we would have done much sleeping last night if you were here. ;)”

Keep Him Interested All Day (and All Night!) Long

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That good morning text is crucial. It’s probably going to be one of the first things he sees, so you need to make sure you send something as close to perfect as possible.

You’ll have to think about what you’re trying to make him feel. The strategies you’ll use will be completely different if you’re trying to make him feel affectionate, make him laugh, or turn him on.

This is extremely hard to do in the morning, when you’re feeling tired and rushed. You could potentially plan out your good morning text the night before, but you might find yourself not wanting to use it when the time comes.

So what should you do if you have no clue? In that case, go to the experts, like relationship coach Amy North, for guidance.

She’s created the easy-to-use Text Chemistry course. It’s packed with texts you can send your man that will get him interest in you all day and all night long.

Click here to find out what her course is all about.