150 Cute Good Morning Texts for Her – Best Messages

Good morning texts for her are a great way to show a girl your feelings. Do girls like good morning texts? Absolutely!

Here are 150 long good morning messages for her, ready for you to copy, paste, and send, or use in person.

Good Morning Texts for Her

  • Good morning gorgeous!
  • I just woke up and you were the first thing on my mind.
  • You were in my dreams last night. Too bad my alarm had to go off.
  • It’s just the beginning of the day and I miss you already.
  • Good morning, I’m thinking of you and hope you have a great day.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m sending good morning wishes, just for you.
  • Morning to the most wonderful creature on the planet.
  • I’m thankful that I get to share my life with you, good morning!
  • Woke up to sunshine outside, and thought of you.
  • You deserve everything in life, good morning my love.
  • Good morning from the luckiest guy in the world.
  • You are the first person on my mind when I wake up, good morning.

Good Morning Messages for Her

All of these good morning text messages for her have been tried out and proven to make a girl happy.

  • Good morning, I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon.
  • I am always trying to find the right words to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. Good morning, baby!
  • I think of you every night before going to bed and it makes me smile first thing in the morning.
  • Good morning to my favorite person in the world!
  • Good morning babe!
  • Every day when I wake up I feel closer to you, even when you are not here.
  • You sleep like an angel, good morning my love.
  • You put a smile on my face everyday, thank you!
  • Good morning, I hope your day is extra special, like you.
  • Good morning special angel!
  • I wish I could fast forward to seeing you tonight, I miss you!
  • I need you, I want you, I love you, good morning!
  • Good morning, I hope your day is as bright as our future together.

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Cute Good Morning Texts for Her

Check these out if you are looking to send some cute good morning texts to a girl you like, or some cute morning messages for her.

  • Good morning cutie!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, you are one of a kind, and I love you!
  • You are the reason I get up every morning, I love you!
  • Good morning, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • My feelings for you grow stronger every day, good morning my love.
  • I love you my soulmate, good morning!
  • How is it you get more lovely every day, good morning!
  • Good morning lover, have a great day, I’m thinking of you.
  • Have an incredible day, I look forward to holding you tonight.
  • Every day with you is a magical day, I love waking up knowing we are together.
  • Good morning, I look forward to hearing your soft, soothing voice.
  • It is going to be an amazing day because you are in my life.
  • It’s an incredible morning to be alive and in love with you!

Flirty Good Morning Texts for Her

Try sending these flirty good morning texts to a girl.

  • Good morning lover!
  • Good morning, I am dreaming about having a cuddle session with you.
  • The first thing I want to hear when I wake up is your voice.
  • Good morning, you are on my to-do list today 😉
  • Good morning, I had the greatest dream about you last night, I’ll show you later 😉
  • Good morning sexy, wish we were waking up together today!
  • I’m fantasizing about you right now, you should be in bed with me 😉
  • Good morning, I can still smell you on me. I don’t ever want to shower.
  • Last night was amazing, I can’t wait for tonight 😉
  • Good morning, my bed feels so empty without you.
  • Good morning, I’m still thinking about last night, it was amazing.
  • I’ve been awake for 23 minutes, guess how long I’ve been thinking about you.
  • Good morning, love is in the air, because you are in my life.

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Best Good Morning Texts for Her

Choose a good morning text for her that suits your style and personality.

  • You are a perfect poem well written, good morning!
  • Good morning, I am so happy the universe has brought us together.
  • I love you more than words, you complete me.
  • My day is already off to a great start because I’m thinking of you.
  • I wish we could skip work and stay under the covers all day.
  • I am not a morning person, yet I am your person, good morning!
  • I am so excited to be with you again soon, good morning!
  • Good morning princess!
  • I’m cuddling my pillow right now wishing it was you, good morning!
  • Good morning, you should be here with me.
  • You’re my angel and you make every morning heaven.
  • You are perfect, all I ever dreamed of, I love and appreciate you, good morning!
  • If I could have one wish this morning it would be to have you in my arms right now.

Good Morning Texts for Girlfriend

  • Good morning baby!
  • I miss your touch, can’t wait until you are back in my bed 😉
  • Another day of loving you, can’t wait!
  • Good morning to the greatest girlfriend in the world.
  • Good morning, you are my sweetest addiction.
  • I feel like the luckiest guy in the world every time you are near good morning.
  • Fell asleep thinking of you, and woke up thinking of you.
  • Good morning, time for another day of counting down the minutes till I see you.
  • I am grateful for your love and enjoy our time together, good morning.
  • Good morning, you are a gift I cherish every day.
  • The sun on my skin reminds me of your warmth and beauty, good morning!
  • Good morning, you are the joy and meaning of my life, I love you!
  • Wonderful thoughts of your touch, your smile, and your laughter fill my head, good morning.

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Sweet Good Morning Texts for Her

  • Good morning sweetheart!
  • Roses and red, violets are blue, today is going to be totally amazing, just like you.
  • I didn’t want to let you go this morning, I wanted to hold you in my arms forever.
  • Good morning, I am truly in love with you. 
  • I’m excited to wake up and see your smiling face again tomorrow, have a great day.
  • Good morning my sunshine. You light up my life!
  • Good morning to the most amazing woman I know.
  • I cherish you more with each passing day, good morning!
  • Good morning, my heartbeat. You are the rhythm of my life.
  • You have a heart as warm as fresh baked cookies, good morning!
  • Your love is my guiding light, leading me through the darkness. Good morning!
  • Wanted to be your first good morning text!

Good Morning Texts to a Girl

Here are some of the best good morning texts to a girl.

  • I just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate you. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • Good morning, have a great day at work.
  • Good morning to the most amazing female on the planet.
  • I hope your morning is as radiant as your smile.
  • Good morning, thank you for being the light of my life.
  • You can’t call it beauty sleep, because it isn’t possible for you to be more beautiful than you already are.
  • It might be cold outside, yet I’ll always keep you warm. Good morning!
  • Have a wonderful day and know I am thinking of you.
  • I’m so busy this morning, yet never too busy to tell you I love you!
  • Good morning and good luck today!
  • Mornings are not the same without you.
  • Good morning, I cannot wait until you are safe again in my arms.
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Good Morning Messages to Make Her Smile

  • I would do absolutely anything for you, good morning!
  • Good morning beautiful!
  • Each day, I love you more than the day before. Good morning, my treasure.
  • You have stolen my heart, I’m yours forever, good morning!
  • Good morning! Today is another day to add to our love story.
  • Good morning to the one who holds the key to my heart.
  • There is no one in the world quite like you, good morning!
  • Good morning, my dream girl. May all your dreams come true today.
  • Good morning to the love of my life!
  • Sending good thoughts your way this morning and every day of the week.
  • Good morning baby girl!
  • You are the reason I am so happy, good morning.
  • Good morning, I can’t wait until I am done with work, so I can be with you again.

Hot Good Morning Messages for Girlfriend

  • Wishing I was having you for breakfast 😉
  • Good morning my love!
  • I’ve been laying here naked thinking about you for a long while 😉
  • I can’t wait til I can wake up next to you every morning.
  • Good morning, it’s a beautiful day because you are in my life.
  • Good morning my queen!
  • Good morning to my better half who means everything!
  • You brighten up my day and I’m happy we met.
  • Good morning, my bed misses you 😉
  • Hope you had sweet dreams last night.
  • Good morning! I can’t wait to get my hands on you again.
  • My love for you grows every day, good morning!
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Sexiest Good Morning Texts for Her

  • Good morning, I wish we could act out the thoughts running through my head right now 😉
  • You don’t wanna know what I woke up thinking about doing to you 😉
  • Wishing you were in my bed this morning.
  • I can’t stop smiling after last night. Thank you for making me feel great this morning.
  • Good morning, I wish you were in my bed on top of or beneath me 😉
  • You should take my morning shower with me 😉
  • I hope your day is as wonderful as you are.
  • Every morning is a great morning knowing you’re in my life.
  • Wishing your lips were here to kiss me and wish me a good morning.
  • Good morning, I hope you’re staying warm, I can help you with that later 😉
  • Picturing you here next to me, good morning!
  • Good morning to the sexiest woman alive!

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Romantic Good Morning Texts for Her

  • I’m counting down the minutes until I can hold you in my arms again.
  • You are my favorite thing to think about in the morning!
  • Good morning love. I’m so grateful to wake up knowing you are mine, and I am yours.
  • Remember that you are loved, more than you can possibly imagine, good morning.
  • Good morning to the woman who makes my heartbeat and my life worth living.
  • Good morning, you are loved and missed!
  • I’m so happy you’re mine. Good morning baby!
  • I’m so lucky to have you, I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t in my life.
  • You are the best part of waking up each and every morning, baby!
  • Sending kisses your way…good morning!
  • Good morning angel, can’t wait to hear your voice later.
  • Good morning, wishing you the best day ever!


Whether you want to send good morning texts to her or flirty good morning texts to a girl, we have loads of options. Make any changes you want or send the message as is.

Always send good good morning texts to a girl, make sure the message suits your personality.

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