Do Guys Cuddle With Just Any Girl? (FULLY EXPLAINED)

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Guys are known for putting themselves out there a bit more frequently and apparently than women, though it’s far from always the case.

But, what about when it comes to cuddling? Will guys really cuddle with any girl looking for a snuggle buddy? Read on below and find out the fully explained truth!

Do Guys Cuddle With Just Any Girl?

Believe it or not, not ALL guys out there want to cuddle with just any girl. More than a fair share of guys do indeed feel just fine with cuddling any girl that they can snuggle themselves up to.

However, even these cuddle-anyone types of guys typically have a reason for cuddling, even if it is with just any girl.

Reasons Guys Cuddle With Any Girl

From wanting to make you feel safe and protected to simply being horny and having mixed feelings, there are several significant reasons guys will cuddle just any girl:

1. He Wants to Make You Feel Safe

young couple using shirt to cover from rain dropsThere’s something in men’s DNA that makes them think they need to protect every woman on the planet. God forbid they’re sexually attractive women!

Despite your relationship status, if you seem like a damsel in distress, be sure that guys want to make you feel safe, and cuddling is their go-to move.

To these live-action super-hero defenders of women types, it doesn’t matter if you met fifteen years ago, or five minutes ago, if the chance arises, these guys are going for it. They’ll cuddle without feelings (sometimes without warning) with any girl that wants to get their snuggle on.

2. He Thinks You’re Sad

Similarly to when a guy wants to make you feel protected when you seem vulnerable, if you seem sad they want to cheer you up.

Cuddling, of course, is an excellent way to cheer up anyone who has a pulse and sexual reproductive organs.

You don’t need to be having sex, or even thinking about it, for cuddling with the opposite sex to lift your spirits.

3. He Wants to Get to Know You

Guys don’t just cuddle girls they know, they also cuddle without feelings when they want to get to know you as well.

In their minds, it couldn’t hurt!

friends happy hugging each otherPerhaps the cuddling leads to a makeout session, meaningless but exciting. Or, maybe it leads to developing a deeper connection with you and taking your friendship to the next level.

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4. He Thinks You’re a Good Friend

Guys also cuddle with girls that they believe are their good friends (yes, believe it or not, there is such thing as guys who cuddle their friends and don’t have sex with them).

These cuddles feel comfortable and aren’t as intimate as they are nonromantic and friendly. These are not the cuddles from a desperate guy trying to get laid.

5. He is Horny

When some guys are horny, they will cuddle anything (and I mean anything).

man wearing goggles cuddling a teddy bearIt doesn’t matter if you’re a teddy bear, their best friend’s mom, or the girl they just met fifteen minutes ago at their uncle Bobby-Joe’s backyard BBQ. If he’s horny, and you’re available, he’s willing to cuddle.

6. He’s Lonely

Guys that are super-lonely are much like desperate and horny men (… probably because they ARE desperate and horny men).

That means they are willing to happily cuddle anything that could result in a makeout session, sex, or even just a bit of platonic affection and/or physical contact.

7. He Wants to Be Sex Partners

two men flirting at few girls sitting in parkAgain, it isn’t quite flattering for the human race, but still, the fact remains that some guys are down for being sex partners with just any girl.

That’s right, girls. Some guys don’t care about anything, except about what’s between your legs and how they are going to get into it.

Cuddling is a key to the southern gate, and if he wants to be a sex partner with you, the chances are that he knows it.

8. He Has Mixed Feelings

When guys have mixed feelings, they’ll still cuddle with you. It’s sort of like the old motto: kill’em all, let God sort ’em out… except a bit more fluffy.

In other words, his motto may be: cuddle’em all and sort your feelings out later.

Should You Cuddle on a First Date?

There is no right or wrong answer to whether or not you should cuddle with a guy on your first date. The mood of the evening, your surroundings, his body language, and many other factors come into play.

If the evening is chill, and the circumstances arise for some natural cuddling, there’s nothing wrong with seeing where things go.

couple cuddling his partner holding a cupHowever, if cuddling feels uncomfortable, or the guy is pushy about it, it’s probably not a good sign. Whether or not you should cuddle on a first date should be up to you.

The Difference Between Friendly Cuddling and Romantic Cuddling

The main difference between friendly cuddling without feelings and romantic cuddling is that you’re just physically close, but aren’t kissing, squeezing, or touching each other in your private parts when you’re cuddling as friends.

That said, friendly cuddling can easily get out of hand and turn into romantic cuddling at any time and end up in a crazy and unexpected makeout session or even hot steamy mind-blowing earth-shattering sex (not that we’re speaking from personal experience, uh, or anything like that…).

Romantic cuddling is when you go into the snuggle session and know that it is likely to end up in kissing, squeezing, teasing, whispering sweet nothing, and potentially sexual intercourse.

Why is Cuddling Important in Relationships?

Cuddling is important in relationships for several reasons. The most crucial is that it produces oxytocin, which drastically increases the depth of your romantic feelings for each other.

Another major reason cuddles are critical for relationships is that they profess your love and show your trust for each other.

romantic couple sitting in sand cuddlingCuddles prove to your partner that you are there for them and make them feel wanted. It also adds health benefits to a long-term relationship.

Related Questions

Does Cuddling Mean Anything to Guys

Cuddling means all sorts of things to guys, specifically when it comes to girls they have feelings for. That said, some guys cuddle just any girl, without any feelings attached. More often, however, cuddling indicates a guy cares for you, wants to make you feel better, loves you, is horny, or wants to make out/sleep with you.

Does Cuddling Lead to Feelings?

intimate naked couple touching each other Cuddling doesn’t always lead to feelings, however, it can and does quite often. There is more to it than the cuddles though; it’s the physical intimacy, the smell of each other, the shared body heat, words whispered, and so much more.

Who Likes to Cuddle More Guys or Girls?

Girls are known for being snuggle addicts, but guys aren’t actually any better. Most guys will jump into a cuddle session at the drop of a hat. Further, many guys will pretty much cuddle anyone, whereas girls tend to be a bit pickier about who they cuddle up with.

What Does it Mean if Your Guy Friend Cuddles With You?

friends cuddling lying on the floorIf you have a strictly platonic friendship with a guy and end up cuddling together sometime, don’t freak out. Everything will be ok because guys can cuddle without feelings (or at least they are good at pretending they can). That said, if it happens more than once, there’s a good chance that said guy friend has stronger feelings for you than he is admitting.

Do Guys Ever Just Want to Cuddle?

Believe it or not, yes, sometimes, just every now and then, a guy does just want to cuddle. Further, they don’t even want/expect to get anything out of it, because, unlike Fred Durst, they aren’t doing it for the nookie (and they don’t even want a cookie). No sex, no groping and copping a feel, or anything naughty… just friends cuddling. These guys may seem like unicorns, but they do actually exist!

Is it OK to Cuddle With a Friend?

Cuddling between friends is fine if you’re both mature and understand the consequences of cuddling. In the best-case scenario, everything stays the same between you after the cuddling session is over. But, the maximum penalty is 15-to-life (if you fall in love and get married).

Is Cuddling With My Ex a Bad Idea?

If he’s your ex-boyfriend there is more than likely an adequate reason for it. That means cuddling with him is probably not the greatest idea. But, if the past is the past, and everything is water under the bridge, there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t consider snuggling with him if the opportunity presents itself.