What Does it Mean When A Guy Calls You Sweetheart: 10 Meanings

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Some guys have a ton of pet names for the females in their lives (spouses and otherwise), of which sweetheart is one.

But, what does it mean when a guy calls you sweetheart?

Read on below and explore 10 of the most common meanings behind being called sweetheart by a guy, as well as popular ways to respond!

When A Guy Calls You Sweetheart

There are quite a few potential reasons for a guy calling you sweetheart; he thinks you have a good heart, wants to date you, is afraid to say something sexier or is simply being flirtatious.

Here are some of the most common meanings for guys calling you sweetheart:

1. He Thinks Your a Sweetie Pie

When a guy calls a girl sweetheart, there’s a high likelihood that he simply thinks she’s a sweetie person. If he doesn’t use other nicknames for you, it’s not likely that he’s hitting on you, rather he is acknowledging how he sees you (as a sweetie).

That said, the longer he knows you, his “sweethearts” could turn into “darling” or “honey” if he starts to catch feelings for you.

2. He’s Just a Friend

Sweetheart is a term that guys may use even if you’re just friends, especially if they genuinely think you’re a nice person. So, don’t worry, it’s probably not a big deal (unless he shows other signs that he’s into you).

Guys who think you are sweet may eventually have an interest in being more than friends with you. Keep that in mind when you choose how to respond to him.

3. He Is Interested in a Relationship

If a guy is interested in a relationship with you, he may go to calling you sweetheart quite often. This term of endearment is his way to let you know that he is after more than just friendship.

The more he thinks about dating you, the more he may try to slip in a “babe” or “love” into the conversation, in addition to telling you how sweet you are whenever he can.

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4. He’s Just Talking (It Doesn’t Mean Anything)

Some guys are just talking when they call you sweetheart. To them, it’s nothing special. In their mind, “sweetheart” translates to “girl.” They are just talking, and more than likely call most of the women in their life sweetheart as well.

These guys are easy to pick out from those who genuinely mean it when they say you’re a sweetheart: they talk to every girl the same way for the most part.

5. He’s Being Respectful of Your Spouse

A guy that respects you and your relationship status may call you sweetheart instead of sexier pet names. It may be his way of letting you know he respects you and your spouse (but that he likes you as well).

In these cases, the guy may simply be a good friend… or he may be secretly waiting in the wings for your relationship to come to an end (so he can jump in and take your ex’s place).

6. He Wants to Be Your Boyfriend

When a guy is really into you and wants to be your boyfriend, he’s likely to spend time with you, talk about you constantly, and yes, call you sweetheart every chance he gets.

If he makes eye contact with you while doing so, it’s often a clear sign the person has feelings for you. If you don’t have an interest in him, romantically, be careful about the words you choose when you comment back.

7. He’s Afraid to Use a Sexier Pet Name

Even if a person likes you as more than a friend and wants to be in a relationship with you, he may stick to calling you sweetheart, or even just refer to you by your first or last name.

The reason? He’s afraid of how you might react if he uses a sexier pet name for you! Depending on your reaction, however, that fear may be left in the dust (so think before you answer him).

8. He’s Only Flirting With You

Guys are known for flirting with women they are interested in, and sweetheart is one of the gateway terms they use to ease into things. If they are interested in dating you, the situation may quickly evolve into a much steamier tone.

That doesn’t mean every guy who calls you sweetheart wants to date you, but it does mean you should pay attention to their body language just in case.

9. He Thinks You Have a Good Heart

You shouldn’t assume that a guy likes you in a romantic sense just because of his comment because sweetheart is a common term of endearment used by guys towards women they believe have a good heart.

Further, this is the category your dad, brother, grandpa, uncle, teacher, and/or co-workers may fall into (and they are most likely definitely not into you romantically).

10. He’s Testing the Waters

When a guy uses a term of endearment like sweetheart, there’s a solid chance he’s testing the waters. He may simply want to see how you react to his words.

If you don’t show a negative reaction to him calling you sweetheart, he may move on to sexier terms like “babydoll” or “lover.” If you’re not sure where he’s coming from, pay attention to his body language (because it’ll tell on him).

How to Respond When A Guy Calls You Sweetheart

When a guy calls you sweetheart, there are countless ways you can react. Before you do, however, make sure you know how you feel about it as well as consider how he may interpret your response.

Here are a few of the most common ways to reply when guys call you sweetheart:

  • Tell him “thank you” and let him know that it means a lot to you that he thinks so highly of you
  • Let him know what a good friend he is to you and that you appreciate him always being there for you
  • Be vulnerable towards him because he is trying to support you/cheer you up
  • If you respect his opinion, take the opportunity to ask him for some relationship advice
  • Tell him that he’s the real sweetheart and give him a friendly hug
  • If you like him as more than a friend, use the opportunity to let him know exactly how you feel

If you don’t feel comfortable with him calling you sweetheart:

  • Let him know that you don’t like pet names like sweetheart, and ask him to refrain from using them in the future
  • Tell him that you enjoy your friendship as is, and don’t want to complicate it by using that sort of language with each other
  • Explain that it feels awkward when he calls you sweetheart because you are in a relationship


Is Being Called Sweetheart A Good Thing?

Being called sweetheart is almost always a good thing. Whether you’re just talking with a friend, or it’s the significant other in your relationship, if they call you sweetheart, it’s rarely ever meant in a negative way. Most of the time they mean they respect you and think you are sweet.

Is Sweetheart Flirtatious?

When a man calls a girl sweetheart, it isn’t always flirting. Most of the time it is the opposite; a guy calling you sweetheart is usually more respectful than it is sexual/romantic. However, there are always exceptions. That’s why you need to try reading his body language when he says it if you want to be sure how he means it.

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You A Sweetheart?

Generally speaking, when someone calls you sweetheart it is meant in the same way as when someone tells you that you’re a nice person or have a heart of gold. That is to say, it isn’t necessarily a flirtatious comment, rather they are letting you know they are fond of you. In fact, it’s just as common for family members, co-workers, and friends to use the term for people they like and respect as for guys who are into you romantically.