What Does it Mean When a Guy Offers to Pick You Up? (EXPLAINED)

You’ve got a date with a guy coming up soon, and you couldn’t be more excited. However, there’s one detail that you haven’t considered: whether he offered to pick you up or not. When a guy offers to give you a ride to and from your date, he could be sending several messages. Conversely, if he does not offer to pick you up, he could be sending other messages.

Here’s what you need to know about what it means when a guy offers to pick you up…

So What Does it Mean When a Guy Offers to Pick You Up? (Explained)

When a guy offers to pick you up for your date, he may be consciously sending you the message that he likes you. He probably wants you to feel desired and admired by this choice. However, guys may also unconsciously reveal much about themselves with this choice. Here are four subtle messages your man might be sending you when he suggests picking you up for your date.

He’s Showing That He’s a Gentleman

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A man who wants to pick you up is showing that he’s a gentleman with old-fashioned sensibilities. Essentially, he’s communicating that he’s willing to take care of you and handle your needs. But, on the other hand, he’s telling you that driving isn’t always safe, and I want to make sure that you get where you need to go.

Pay attention to his other actions on the date to gauge whether this is the fact. Does he hold doors open for you? Does he insist on paying for the date? Is it reasonable and friendly, and use neutral language? Some guys have natural gentlemen personalities and show it off through their actions and words.

Ask yourself this question: do you want a guy who holds doors, keeps the umbrella over your head in the rain, and who pays for everything? Most women will likely say yes. But there’s a potential dark side here. Some “gentlemen” are also chauvinists who may insist on more questionable things.

For instance, when talking about work, does he say that women should stay at home and care for children? Does he seem uncomfortable if you make more money than him? These subtle signs all indicate that he may be more controlling than gentlemanly.

He Wants to Control the Situation

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As hinted in the previous section, some men simply have a high need for control. They may offer you several date opportunities but ultimately, pick what you do. They may demand to pay all the bills, even if you’re financially secure. They may also pick you up to control the time.

Men like this often create uncomfortable situations for women. For example, is he demanding that you dress a certain way or dislike how you say or do things? Does he refuse to let you change the station while you’re driving to your date? Pay attention to these behaviors to find a controlling personality.

Now, a controlling man may have severe anxiety or even securities and use excessive control to cope with these feelings. But, on the other hand, he may also want to take care of you and ensure you are safe. Or he may simply worry that you’re going to stand him up and wants to get you to the date on time.

He Wants to Make Sure You Come

Is your date unusually insistent on picking you up, or seems somehow uncertain that you’ll show up? He may have been burned in the past by dates and wants to make sure you show up. Dating this kind of guy is often a frustrating situation. Do you want to deal with someone who has these issues?

In some cases, dating him may help to manage these problems and improve his confidence. However, you may also end up with a guy who never seems sure that you like him. He may ask for a lot of attention and shows of affection to feel like you want him. For many women, this is a hard pass.

He’s Excited to See You

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Lastly, a guy who offers to pick you up and drop you off may simply be excited to see you! He probably wants to spend as much time with you as possible and cherishes the 10-20 minutes you’ll spend in the car together going to and from your date. Even if you mostly just chat or listen to the radio on the ride, these moments are precious, and he wants to cherish them as long as possible.

There are a few ways you can tell if this is the case. Does he show up earlier than expected and seem nervous when he knocks on your door? Is he delighted to see you and interested in your home? Does he look through your living area with excitement, comment on decorations and furniture positively, and seem to want to linger before leaving? He’s trying to get as much time out of you as possible.

There’s also a chance that a guy that excited to see you could end up needy in the long-term. He may text you constantly, schedule hangouts as often as possible, and struggle to give you room to breathe. There’s nothing that says an excited guy automatically falls into this category. Watch out for warning signs of clinginess to ensure you aren’t going to regret dating him later.

When a Guy Doesn’t Offer to Pick You Up – What Does THAT Mean?

Don’t panic if a guy doesn’t offer to pick you up. It doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t serious about you or doesn’t like you. It could just mean that he respects your independence and wants to show that he has a modern sensibility. Many women aren’t into the chivalry thing these days, and men adapt to these changing times. There are a few signs that this is likely the case.

For example, does he ask you how to split the deal and feel comfortable sharing the cost? Guys who let girls pay for their meals wish to show they respect you and aren’t interested in controlling you. This may be frustrating if you’re an old-fashioned type who wants a guy to pay for your meal. And if a guy just assumes that you’ll pay for your portion or insists on you paying, he’s probably just a cheapskate.

However, a guy who doesn’t offer to pick you up may also be trying to show you that he’s a safe and respectful man. In a sense, they are virtue signaling by showing that they’re willing to do things on your terms and to put you in a safe and comfortable environment. But is it genuinely unsafe to let a guy pick you up for a date? Let’s dig deeper into this subject to unravel its mysteries.

Should a Guy Pick You Up for a Date? Is it Safe?

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Letting a guy pick you up can feel like a calculated risk in today’s modern dating world. Cases like the Craigslist Killer and others must be considered before you let a guy pick you up. Even if you’re getting a good vibe from him, you need to be safe and reasonable about this situation.

For a first date, it is best to meet up somewhere first, preferably in public. Coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and other local spots are all safe and neutral. Then, during the date, gauge his personality, including whether he’s “safe” to get an idea of whether you want him to pick you up again.

When going on second or third dates, you may want to let him pick you up. Doing so is a sign of trust and is often highly appreciated by many men. If you trust him well enough to go on more dates, it’s probably a good sign that he’s safe. Most men are not psychopathic killers, after all.

Some may find bringing along a friend may be a good idea if he insists on picking you up for a first date. Any guy that gets angry about this choice is probably not worth your time or may be hoping to take you home and hook up that night, rather than simply getting to know you.

Of course, if you’ve known this guy for years or he’s part of your friendship circle, it’s probably safe to let him pick you up. It all depends on how well you know this guy, what kind of signs he’s shown you, and any other red flags you may notice. Most women should know when a guy is a bit creepy.

Take Care of Your Dating Life

If you’re still uncertain about what it means when a guy offers to pick you up, talk to people who know the guy to see what it may mean. They can let you know if he’s a traditional person who wants to take care of you, or if he is just a nice person. Once you know more about him, ask yourself if that’s the kind of guy you want to date.

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