What Does it Mean if a Guy Asks you to Dinner? (EXPLAINED)

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Wondering what it means if a guy asks you to dinner? You’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we’re going to explain all of the possibilities so that you can make an informed choice on whether to say yes or no!

So What Does it Mean if a Guy Asks You to Dinner?

When a guy wants to have dinner with you, it means he wants to have dinner with you. It means he likes you enough to want to get to know you better over a respectable meal.

It means a lot of things. We’ve broken them down for you.

It could mean one of these reasons, it could mean all of them…

He Likes You

couple on dinner date

Guys are as human as women are, and they may not know any more than you do why they asked you out. They might just like you and want to have dinner with you. It really can be as simple as that.

If a guy is asking you to dinner, that is the main takeaway. He likes you and wants to spend a little more time with you. He wants to take you somewhere public and enjoy a relaxing meal, with you. He’s telling you he thinks you are awesome and also that, he hopes he’s right about that.

Of course, he is right about that.

He Has Respect for You

A question you might be asking yourself now is, is this a booty call? It might be. But there are certain degrees of booty calls, and having dinner first is at the top of the hierarchy.

He’s not calling you at two o’clock in the morning to let you know that he’s on the way over, and you had better be ready.

A guy that wants to have dinner with you, even if his intentions are booty call, has some respect for you. He might also be telling you that you might have standards that don’t typically cater to the 2 AM text demands and that he sees this.

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He’s telling you that he respects you, and your time and dinner before dessert is his way of saying that.

Even if it is a booty call, it’s a nice one, and he’s still telling you that he likes you.

He Has Standards

couple having a dinner date

If a guy asks you to dinner, he is telling you that he likes you and respects you. He is also telling you that he has standards too.

Men are just as human as women are. He is wondering the same things that you are. He is wondering if you like him and respect him too. Saying yes to dinner with him, and not to, baking cookies with him at 2 AM, tells him that you respect him too.

This is a guy with standards. He wants to treat you well by having dinner with you before you even think of doing anything else in your relationship.

He might like you enough that he’s wondering what your favorite foods are, how you eat, and what cute things you’ll do and talk about. This is a guy that is incorporating you into an hour or two of his day with a meal.

He has standards. He wants you to acknowledge and respect that the same way that you want him to with you.

He is just as happy as you are that you are giving him that time.

He Wants to Eat Food

couple eating pizza

Let’s examine the worst-case scenario for just half a second. Because we all have gotten the, “You gotta eat” line when a guy asks you to dinner.

We would say, nine times out of ten when a guy says this it is because he is too nervous to tell you that he likes you, respects you, and has standards. He needs an excuse to get you to that dinner table, and if it means discussing the basic needs of survival to do it, he will say it. Most of the time that’s what a guy means when he says that.

Sometimes, he is just actually hungry, and you are there, also hungry.

You’re at work, working late, the cute guy in accounting needs food and so do you. In this case, he might still like you, but it’s late and you both need food. Situations like this happen in life all the time when a guy wants to have dinner with you.

If you like him, you’re going to tell yourself that if he didn’t like you, he would have gone home to eat on his own. You would be right about that most of the time.

Worst case scenario, in this case, is that you have a new friend from accounting, or wherever your dinner friend comes from. People today aren’t having meals with others without thinking they are awesome.

Is Going to Dinner With a Guy a Date?

couple eating burgers

Typically, yes. The key here is all about context though. How did he ask you, how did this meal happen, what is the context surrounding this meal?

Even if this is a booty call meal, this is still a date. Don’t get wrapped up in who is paying for what right now. If a guy asks you to dinner, this is a date, unless there are some unique scenarios playing out like the aforementioned “hungry” example. This is usually a date. Give it, and him, the respect you both deserve. Appreciate the effort, and you will get it in return.

One other thing – if this is a work dinner with a colleague then it could be strictly business. Be careful not to overinterpret a dinner with a co-worker as a date when it could just be a work thing.

Wrap Up – Say Yes (if you like him)

If a guy asks you to dinner, say yes (assuming you like him). You never know where this could go. In a world where overnight booty calls that could go anywhere are just easier, it is a tremendous compliment to be asked out to dinner. He has taken some time sweating about this too.

Say yes. Enjoy the meal. He will see that the respect and standards he has for you will be returned.