When a Guy Stares at You What is He Thinking (15 Things)

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When a guy stares at you, there are countless juicy things he may be thinking. Read on below and discover the most common 15 things on their minds when guys stare at you!

When a Guy Stares at You What is he Thinking?

Guys aren’t exactly known as the deepest thinkers, in comparison to women. That said, you might just be surprised at a few of the things that may be on his mind when he’s staring at you!

Here are some of the most common things going through guys’ minds when they stare at you:

1. He Wants To Make Eye Contact

night street making eye contactOne of the most straightforward things on guys’ minds when they are staring at you is that they want to make eye contact. They want to feel the excitement that comes with you locking your gaze on them. Take notice when you do make eye contact with him if you do. If his face turns red, but he doesn’t look away, he’s getting what he wanted.

2. He Wants to Talk With You

Perhaps the biggest reason of all that men stare at you is that they want to talk to you, and when that want becomes an insatiable desire, they may feel they are left with no choice but to stare at you until you notice. That said, they may also stare at you unconsciously, not even realizing they are doing it, just because they want to talk to you so bad.

3. He’s Wondering How You Smell

couple man smelling his partners hairBelieve it or not, one of the main things running circles through the minds of many guys, while they are staring at you, is how you smell. That’s right, he could be wondering how you smell if he’s staring at you. Whether it’s the smell of the scent of your skin, or hair, or the smell of other areas, lower down your body, that he’s curious about depends on the guy.

4. He’s Shy, But Likes You

When a guy is shy and possibly not as confident as all these macho-men out here, he may feel like he has no chance with you. In this case, he’s likely to settle for staring at you and your beautiful body and face rather than actually attempting to talk to you. If you stare back, they’ll become uncomfortable rather quickly. However, it most likely won’t stop them from sneaking peeks when you’re not paying attention.

5. He’s Trying to Figure You Out

serious couple staring at each otherFrom time to time, you’ll catch a deep-thinking guy staring at you while he tries to figure you out (whether you’ve known her for a while, or just met him today). It could be your clothes, the conversation going on, or, of course, what’s underneath your clothes that he’s curious about. These guys may act a bit sheepishly if caught staring at you. That said, they are also likely to talk with you once they feel like they have a better idea of who you are.

6. He Doesn’t Realize He’s Doing it

More often than you’d most likely believe, guys, aren’t even aware that they are staring when they’re doing it. Whether he’s thinking about you with no clothes on, wondering where he knows you from or pondering the best way to approach you, he may not even notice that he’s begun to stare at you while the wheels in his head are turning. If he makes eye contact with you, it will almost certainly make him realize what he’s doing, however.

7. He’s Infatuated With You

couple staring at partner sleeping in his chestGuys get infatuated with girls from time to time. They like how they look, how they walk, how they talk, and even how they smell. When a guy is infatuated with you, he’s likely to stare at you often (basically every chance he gets). He won’t even be aware of his staring problem, the more severe his interest in you is.

8. He’s Being Friendly

Some guys think they are just being friendly when they stare at you. And, sometimes, that’s indeed all that they ARE doing; looking at you, as a friend, possibly trying to get you to notice them in a crowd. However, there is also the possibility, that “being friendly” is the excuse they tell themselves in order to not feel bad about staring like a creep.

9. He’s Deep in His Thoughts (About You)

When a guy is really interested in you and finds you super attractive, he automatically wants to be friends. That is because a friend is someone that you’ll eventually be comfortable with talking to on a regular basis. His deep thoughts could also be him undressing you, laying you down, and going to town. You just never can tell for sure what he’s thinking about you, without being about to read minds!

10. You Remind Him of Someone

happy couple having a good time togetherThere are always those people in life that we run into and find that they remind of us someone we know/knew. Sometimes, that’s exactly why a guy is staring at you; you remind him of someone. Whether that someone is his ex-girl, a school teacher, or his favorite porno star, is the part he’s trying to figure out while he’s staring.

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11. He’s Showing His Dominance

You don’t need a relationship expert to explain that when a guy is constantly staring at a person, but not talking to said person, he may well be attempting to show his dominance. If he does a lot of his staring from a standing position, there’s little question that he’s showing his dominance. God only knows what sort of lovely thoughts are running through his mind.

12. He Wonders if You’re His Soulmate

There is an off-chance, although be it ever so slightly, that when he’s staring at you what he’s actually thinking about is whether or not you’re his soulmate. If he’s after the real deal, he’ll need to make sure you’re the genuine article before approaching you, introducing himself, and asking you to marry him and merge your two light bodies into one woke entity, and live happily ever after, together forever.

13. He Wants to Make a Baby

pregnant couple shot in studioSome things go far beyond plain interest. There are guys out there that simply see you one time, and realize that you are the perfect baby-making partner for them. What can we say, when cupid notches an arrow, he doesn’t miss. If a guy has fallen for you and craves to make a baby with you, he’s going to be doing a lot of staring (so that you can get to know how attracted to you he is).

14. He’s Wondering If You’ll Date Him

Plenty of the time that guys are staring at you there is wondering things about you. What you think, how you feel, what you like to do in the bed, whether or not your into oral, what sort of panties you’re wearing, and all manner of crazy things. That includes wondering if you’ll date him or not if he finds the courage to stop thinking about it and straight-up ask you.

15. He Wants to Be Your Hero

It may sound crazy, but, believe it or not, there are tons of guys out there who are thinking about how’d they love to be your hero. In fact, after a while, they may even become a bit obsessed with wanting to be the hero in your life. That means you’ll have weeks, months, maybe even years of his intense staring at you, as he actively tries to be your hero all the while.

How to Respond When a Guy Stares at You

There are no golden rules to why guys stare, let alone how to react to them. That said, there ARE several excellent methods for responding when a guy stares at you to consider:

Make Eye Contact

young couple close up staring at each otherMaking eye contact is one of the surest ways to let a guy know that you’ve noticed he is staring at you. However things escalate, or deescalate, from there, is between you and him. If he was staring for a reason, he may approach you and let you know why, or introduce himself if he doesn’t already know you. Likewise, if he was staring for naughty reasons, he’ll likely just stop.

Consider Getting to Know Him

If a guy is staring at you, constantly, but you don’t feel him as a pervert or some sort of a threat, you should consider the possibility of getting to know him. He obviously likes the idea of getting to know you better, or he wouldn’t spend so much time staring at you. If he is interested and attracted enough to stare, only God knows how much he’d love getting to know you.

Know That Guys Will Be Guys

Sometimes, you have to chalk up guys staring as guys being guys. That doesn’t mean you need to like it, or even be ok with it. What it does mean is that there is no fixing the issue sometimes. If you’re around a bunch of immature guys who only think with their penises and stomaches, you’re bound to be stared at from time to time, period. The best you can do is avoid the situation, or take comfort in the fact that it isn’t personal.

Smile A Lot and Tease Him With Your Body

attractive woman flirting inviting someone to comeIn the case that you don’t find the guy staring at you to be a threat, or you actually find him attractive, consider smiling a lot and using your body language to let him know that you’ve noticed him and that you’re interested. If he’s genuinely blown away, he’ll stare even more, and you’ll have him right where you want him (wrapped around your little pinky finger, ready to do exactly as you say and please).

Flip Your Hair

Sometimes flipping your hair, knowing that he’s staring is a great way to get your point across. Whether your point is “come get some, big boy” or “As if, loser – not interested”, is on you. Make sure to make the most of your body language to let him know whether you want to be left alone or that you are interested.

Don’t Pay Attention

If you don’t like the attention, or you’re not in the mood, then simply don’t pay attention. It can be easier said than done, not paying attention to those who are staring at you. But, with a bit of patience, and practice, you’ll be ignoring slobbering packs of guys in no time!

Tell Him You’re in a Relationship

You can always opt for nipping things straight in the bud by letting your guy with a staring problem that you’re in a relationship. You can follow up by letting him know that you’re significant other is 6-foot 6-inches, eats two dozen eggs for breakfast every morning, and bench presses Honda 4-bangers for exercise. If he doesn’t get the picture, hair flip, and exit stage.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Stares at You and Doesn’t Look Away?

When a guy doesn’t look away after staring at you it could mean several things, below we discuss a few of the most common answers.

He Wants to Know You

couple staring at each other in the parkIf a guy wants to know you and doesn’t want to take no for an answer, he may opt for staring at you until you want to know more about him and why he is staring. He may have heard about you from friends, met you at work, or simply noticed you in a group of people. But, once he wants to know you, he’s going to stare.

He Wants to Sleep With You

Guys that want to sleep with you are pretty obvious about it. A lot of the time it involves staring at you every little chance they get. If his stares are accompanied by sly smiles and/or sheepish grins and red cheeks,

He Thinks He Know You

If he thinks he knows you, he’s likely to stare and stare until you notice it. If you do indeed know him, he’s obviously hoping you will eventually acknowledge him and open up the door for him to approach you.

He Wants You to Notice Him

serious couple stares at each other

When a guy wants you to notice him, no matter what, he is going to stare you down for as long as possible. He’s hoping that you will notice him and be curious. But, even if you don’t he’s hoping at least one of your friends will notice him and clue you in on the fact that he’s interested.

He is Fantasizing About You

Guys do a lot of fantasizing about women they are attracted to. It doesn’t matter about relationships, they feel like there is no harm in having an imaginary boot-banging session with you in their mind’s eye. However, oftentimes staring at you without looking away is also part of the deal.

He is Writing Poetry About You

If the guy is romantic and literary, there is a fine chance that he is actually composing a sonnet in his mind while staring at you without looking away. Similarly to how an artist doesn’t look away from their muse while painting said subject. So too does your staring poetry writing guy not look away until the job is finished.

He is Considering a Proposal

staring couple having coffee

There is also the off-chance when a guy is staring at you without looking away that he is considering a proposal. Perhaps not for marriage, but maybe for a round of drinks or retiring to someone quieter and more comfortable… somewhere you can get to know each other better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does He Stare At Me So Intensely?

The reasons behind a guy staring intensely at you are many: he could be in love, be imagining you naked (and in his bed), want to date you, be curious about how certain parts of your body smell, or taste, along with a thousand additional possibilities.

Why Would a Man Stare at a Woman?

If you find yourself asking this question you may have missed the birds and the bees conversation with your parents or the sex-ed presentation in health class. That said, the main reasons men stare at women include wondering how they smell, being attracted to them sexually, wanting to talk to them or get to know them, and much more.

What Does It Mean When You Catch a Guy Staring and He Looks Away

When you catch a guy staring at you and then he looks away, he could be embarrassed about what he was thinking, or simply shy. The most likely reason that he is staring at you without looking away until you catch him is that he is thinking naughty thoughts about you, picturing x-rated scenarios of you, and feels busted when you look his way.

Why Do Men Stare at Me?

If men constantly stare at you, they more than likely find you sexually attractive and want to get to know you. They could also be reminded of someone when they see you or be fantasizing about the things that they wish they could do with you someday, somehow. They may also be wondering how you feel about relationships that involve casual sex.