When a Guy Stares Without Looking Away: 15 Meanings

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When a guy stares at you without looking away, it can be either exhilarating or unsettling. But, what does it mean when a guy stares at you and doesn’t look away? Read on below and explore the fully explained answer!

What Does it Mean When a Guy Stares at You and Doesn’t Look Away?

From wanting to talk to you, to thinking you’re a sexy piece of art, there are plenty of meanings behind guys staring at you and not looking away.

Here are the top 15 meanings:

1. He Wants to Talk to You

male staring at his friend sitting outdoors

The number one meaning behind a guy staring at you, and not looking away, is that he wants to talk to you. He could have just noticed you in a crowd, or been one of your closest friends for years and secretly having had feelings for you.

If he wants to talk to you, and you’re busy or surrounded by friends or family, he’s likely to settle for staring at you from afar until you’re available. Every time you look his way and smile his whole face is likely to light up.

2. He Thinks Your Sexy

It would almost go without saying, except so many girls don’t realize their own beauty, that one of the biggest meanings for a man staring and not looking away is that he thinks you’re sexy.

It doesn’t matter how you think you look, his opinion is the one that matters in this scenario. And, if you’re sexy enough in his eyes, he’s not likely to take them off of you.

3. He Wants You to Notice Him

Another of the most significant reasons guys stare at women and don’t look away is that they want to be noticed. That’s right ladies, he WANTS you to know that he’s checking you out.

couple looking at each other seriously

So, the next time you’re out and about, and notice a guy giving you the stare, and not looking away even when you catch him, keep in mind that he may simply want you to see him.

4. He Doesn’t Realize He’s Staring

Men are sometimes less in control of their mental facilities than they realize. For example, a woman is out having drinks with a friend or two and some guy is staring holes into her from the minute she walks into the place.

There is a good chance that said guy doesn’t even realize that anything happened. He’s totally unaware that he is staring at her. If he finds her extremely attractive, he may even be fighting with himself to keep his eyes away from her.

5. He’s Fantasizing About You

Sometimes when a man is staring at a woman without looking away, they are secretly fantasizing about them. Whether or not that’s a good thing or bad thing probably has a lot to do with if you actually know the guy or not.

woman holding a banana to eatThat said, even if you know him, you may not want to know what he’s thinking. Rest assured the fantasy is X-rated and playing through his mind like vivid scenes from a skin flick.

6. He Likes Something About You

There’s a high chance that whether it is your face, outfit, voice, or body language, there is something that he likes about you if he’s staring at you. If he isn’t looking away, he may be infatuated.

It’s impossible to guess what it is that any particular guy finds the most interesting and attractive about you. The best way to find out for sure is by talking to said person, though there is no guarantee that he’ll be honest about his feelings.

7. He is Reminded of Someone Else

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, sometimes the reason guys stare at you without looking away doesn’t have anything to do with you, in actuality. You simply remind them of someone else.group of friends sitting in restaurant

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The real question in such a situation is whether he’s staring and fantasizing about the person you remind him of, or he is staring and trying to figure out if you are actually the person or not. The latter would explain why he doesn’t look away.

8. He’s Scared to Approach You

When a guy finds you incredibly attractive, and wants to talk to you, but is scared to approach you in such a way that is too direct, it isn’t surprising that he ends up setting back and staring at you.

The more he wants to approach you, and the more worked up he is about it, the longer he is likely to stare at you. Likewise, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll look away (even if you catch him in the act).

9. He’s Thinking About Your Panties

Yes, why, yes, yes, yes. You DID read that correctly: sometimes guys stare at you without looking away while thinking about your panties. Whether they wonder what type they are, color, or other… more intimate questions, depends on the guy.

flirting boys and girls walking in the parkThat said, as often as it does happen, this isn’t the most likely reason for guys staring at you unless you are wearing yoga pants, a skirt, or super tight pants. In that case, he may be enjoying staring at your panty line and imagining the rest.

10. He Wants You to Know He’s Interested

Many times, if a guy starts staring at you within just a few minutes of arriving, he wants you to know he’s interested.

The fact he doesn’t look away when you catch him, rather he makes direct eye contact simply furthers his point. In his mind, he’s telling you “hey, baby, I’m interested in you”.

11. He is Completely Infatuated

A guy that is already completely infatuated with you is highly likely to stare at you for as long as they can every chance they get, period.

cute young couple studying togetherThe good thing is that most cases are perfectly harmless crushes that find you physically attractive and are obsessed with the fantasy of a relationship with you.

12. He’s Watching and Waiting

Sometimes guys that are sitting back staring at you in a crowded venue or family function are simply watching and waiting for the right moment.

Whether the right moment is approaching you and inviting you to a drink, or throwing a burlap bag over your head, tossing you in the side door of his white 84′ Ford panel van and peeling out depends on the guy.

13. He is Trying to Flirt with You

couple flirting staring at each other leaning against wallAnother really common meaning behind guys staring at you hard without looking away is that they are trying to flirt with you. These guys are more likely to make eye contact and show other positive body language changes as well.

This type of flirtatious attention may come from friends, co-workers, and even strangers in addition to your significant other (if you have one).

14. He Thinks You’re a Work of Art

Some people are connoisseurs of all things fine art, including the female body. If you’re a work of art in his eyes, don’t expect him to look away when you catch him staring. Remember: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So, don’t discount his opinion on this matter, and try not to hold it against him for staring at you. Would you hold it against a man for staring in wonder at the Mona Lisa, or Great Pyramid of Giza for that matter?

15. He’s Bored and You’re Attractive

When a guy is bored, and you’re attractive, there’s a high chance that he finds you more interesting to look at than other elements in his surroundings that don’t have breasts and sexual reproductive organs between their legs.

couple awkward look at her partnerIf you find his stares make you uncomfortable, make eye contact and a stiff body language change at the same time. A decent man will get the point and stop staring at you (even if it is to stare at the woman beside you instead).

How to Respond When a Guy Stares at You and Doesn’t Look Away

Now that we’ve thoroughly discussed the question “what does it mean when a guy stares at you and doesn’t look away”, let’s have an in-depth glance at how to respond when guys stare at you and don’t look away:

1. Stare Back With Blatant Murderous Intent

men looking at a woman standing in the restaurantFirst and foremost, obviously not all staring from guys is wanted, or should just simply be accepted by you. Some guys are just pervs and need to be dealt with accordingly.

If you don’t like him staring at you, stare back at him, ten times harder. Make sure that your eyes are piercing daggers, digging into his, with an obliviously murderous intent etched into them.

2. Smile, Wink, and Wave Him Over

If you’re into his gaze, and want to get to know him, or are finally free and want to give him some of your time, try beaming at him and winking. In most scenarios, he will dig the body language.

You can also simply smile back and wave him over to wherever you are. The more attracted to you that he is, the quicker he jumps up and heads your way at the slightest idea that you have some interest in him.

3. Get Up, Walk Over, and Introduce Yourself

woman smiling sitting in a bar with a glass of wineAnother ideal approach to men staring at you without looking away is getting up, walking over, and introducing yourself.

If they weren’t just perving on you, they’ll likely have even more interest in you when they see you aren’t afraid of a direct approach.

4. Send Him a Drink (If You’re at a Bar)

When you’re at a bar or somewhere social that serves drinks, and you are feeling the guy who’s been eyeballing you all night, try sending him a drink.

If he’s not embarrassed about the gift (and being caught staring at you), and his body language is still smiling as he drinks it, he’ll likely approach you with a conversation soon after.

5. Ask Him to Dance (If You’re at a Club)

If you are more for a direct approach, versus eyelash batting and body language/teasing, you can always walk up to him and ask him to dance. If he’s been peeping at you without looking away, what are the chances that he’ll say no?

young couple dancing in a night clubTry to hold eye contact with him as you ask him to dance, as in most cases that’s all it takes to get his engine fired up and his motor running hot if he’s already interested in you.


What Does it Mean When a Guy Keeps Staring at You?

There are countless meanings behind a guy staring at you. But, you also need to take into account other factors, like body language and whether or not they are smiling as well as if you know them or not (and if so, how well).

That said, some of the most common things it means what you catch a guy staring is that he finds you attractive, wants your attention, or is fantasizing about you (and him).

What Does it Mean if a Guy Holds Eye Contact With You?

To hold eye contact is a tale-tell piece of body language; it screams I am interested in you. Whether or not his eyes can hold direct contact with yours or not is a genuinely helpful piece of relationship insight for you to consider.

sweet couple talking sitting in parkHolding eye contact can also indicate a level of trust, respect, intimacy, and even lust. Coupled with other signs, and your personal experience with the guy who is staring, you should be able to figure out what it means in your case.

What Does it Mean When Someone Stares at You For a Long Time?

When a guy stares at you for a long time it can mean that he is thinking deeply about you, that he is fantasizing, or even going over what he’s going to say to you if and when he ever works up the courage to approach you.

If you don’t know the man who is staring at you, the possibilities are also countless. He could think you are someone else or be trying to figure out why you look so familiar. He could also be carefully measuring you (for a new skinsuit).

What Does it Mean When You Keep Locking Eyes With Someone?

The chances are high that if you keep locking eyes with someone they are trying to get your attention. It is equally likely that you are very much interested in yourself and your attention.

Further, you yourself could be the one who is interested. It could be your eyes that keep seeking his out.