50 Long Distance Date Ideas to Keep an LDR Flourishing!

Spending quality time together is absolutely crucial for couples, especially in long distance relationships.

For LDR couples, it pays to have plenty of long distance date ideas to fall back on.

Read on below and discover these 50 unique ideas to keep an LDR going well and stay connected!

Long Distance Date Ideas

The best long distance date ideas make a world of difference in your LDR.

From various activities, while video chatting to streaming movies and taking virtual tours together, there are endless possibilities for date night for the modern LDR couple.

Here are the top 50 favorite long distance date ideas:

1. Long Video Call

A long video call is one of the most iconic LDR date ideas. From the very beginning of the “virtual date night” era, video calls have been at the center of it all.

In fact, nearly all of the great date ideas for LDR couples revolve around video calls. Even though phone calls work fine for some virtual dates, video calls almost always make it better.

That’s why long video calls are number one on our list of the best date ideas for long distance relationships.

2. Morning Coffee and Donuts

Whether you or your LDR partner are actually “morning people” or not, sharing coffee and donuts via video or phone chat can make for a great date idea.

To make a special day even more memorable, a coffee and donuts date is an excellent way to start off the day.

For LDR couples who are morning people, coffee and donuts could even be a regular date.

What better way to start off every day than to see your favorite face in the world while stuffing your own face with delicious donuts and washing down the crumbs with the nectar of the Gods?

3. Long Phone Call

Phone calls may seem a bit basic for many LDR couples, but that’s not always the case.

If you’re in a long distance relationship that revolves around text messaging, and quick video chats where they fit, making a date for a long phone call can be incredibly enjoyable and beneficial to your relationship.

For two people that genuinely care about each other, there is little more rewarding and pleasurable than hearing each other’s voice and having each other’s full attention.

4. Fall Asleep Talking

For those who do opt for a long phone call or video call date, cap it off with falling asleep talking to each other.

There is little more romantic than being intimate with another person for hours until the deep warm waves of sleep overtake you both.

You are both bound to wake up with big silly smiles on your faces and joy in your hearts after falling asleep talking.

5. Play an Online Game Together

Playing games together is a great date idea for the modern LDR couple.

Whether you decide to try a number of games out together for date night or log into your favorite online game together and raid dungeons or play battle royal all night, playing games together online as an LDR couple is a fantastic date idea.

World of Warcraft (WoW) and Call of Duty (CoD) are two of the best games to jump into as a couple and learn together.

6. Play Truth or Dare

One of our very favorite LDR date ideas is playing an intimate game of truth or dare, for several hours.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of your LDR or are a seasoned LDR couple with years of dating under your belts, playing truth or dare helps you get into each other’s heads.

The longer you play, and the more honest/daring you are, the more connected you become with your partner.

7. Netflix and Chill Night

A good old-fashoned Netflix and Chill night always make a wonderful date night idea for LDR couples.

The most complicated part of Netflix and Chill is making sure you both start your streaming feed at the same time (or close enough to the same time).

Another issue (or point of fun and flirting) is in choosing what you’ll actually sit and watch together!

Don’t have a Netflix account? No problem! Try an LDR movie streaming app instead. Some of them even let you chat right in the app while you’re viewing the movie.

8. Have a House Party

In the day of the modern LDR couple, date ideas have become next-level. For example, how about having a house party and streaming it?

If you have a computer, laptop, smart cameras, or other devices with cameras, you can even provide your partner with multiple live feeds from different areas of the house.

The coolest part is that you can carry them around with you as well, on your phone, and introduce them to everyone who shows up to the party!

9. Workout Together

Working out together is a great date idea for fitness-oriented LDR couples.

Whether you work out at home or head to the local gym, all you need to do is set up a video chat, throw in a Bluetooth earpiece, and get to work together!

To make things even more interesting, you could take turns working out while one partner acts as the fitness trainer.

If this sort of date is enjoyable to you guys, consider making it a regular thing a couple of times per week.

10. Go to a Concert

A live concert is a great idea for LDR couples that enjoy similar music interests.

Just make sure you can move around and keep a good signal for your on-going video or phone call.

11. Watch a Live Performance

If you’re not into the same types of music, maybe there’s another type of performance you can attend “together” via a video chat or phone call.

Professional racing events, a comi-con, local events, and street performances are some ideas to choose from.

12. Go For a Walk

Sometimes going for a nice long walk is more than enough to make a great and memorable date.

If you want to make it special, take care to choose the perfect location. Local parks, community gardens, and historical city sites are great choices.

13. Take a Bath Together

So long as both parties have a safe and secure location for their phone or smart device, taking a bath together is one of the most romantic date ideas on the list.

We need not explain the concept any further 😉 Just remember to keep your devices protected and out of the water!

14. Learn a New Language Together

For knowledge-hungry LDR couples, learning a new language together is a great activity for a regular date.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a class to learn something else other than a language together!

15. Binge-Watch a TV Series Together

Whether you have access to the same basic cable TV program, or not, binge-watching a TV series together is a great date idea.

If you don’t have access to the same TV shows, one party can stream video and audio of the series and you can both watch it in real time.

16. Have a Virtual Dinner Date

Most LDR couples have had dinner while chatting with each other numerous times during their relationship.

But, scheduling a time for a real dinner together is something else, and makes a great date.

If you want to get fancy with things, set up some candles, put some music on, and dim down the lights (at both locations), for the final meal.

17. Do Chores Around the House

It may sound like work, but if you’re doing it with your lover… is it really work?

Most LDR couples don’t seem to think so, which is why it is one of the most popular date ideas.

You don’t need to go anywhere, and you don’t need any money to clean your houses together.

18. Swap Nudes

Setting up a date to talk on the phone or video chat and swap nudes makes for an exciting LDR date.

This date idea is even better if you haven’t exchanged many (or any) nudes yet.

19. Discuss Sex and Intimacy

Speaking of swapping nudes, discussing sex and intimacy in a long conversation on the phone or in video chat is a bonding experience that makes a lovely date for LDR couples.

During this date is the perfect time to let your LDR partner know everything you do and don’t like, sexually, as well as what you’re curious about and what your boundaries are.

20. Phone Sex

The act of phone sex is bound to happen during the course of your long distance relationship, a time or ten-thousand.

It might as well be during the same date that you’re discussing sex and intimacy and swapping nudes.

21. Mutual Masturbation on Video Chat

For the LDR couple that is comfortable in their skin, a mutual masturbation video chat date is one of the most killer date ideas.

In fact, when physical sex is out of limits, mutual masturbation, with video and audio is as close to the real thing as you get.

22. Send Erotic Images Back and Forth

Sending erotic images (from adult sites) back and forth between each other makes for an interesting date.

It’s also a great way to test the waters and explore your sexuality as an LDR couple.

23. Watch Funny Videos

If your relationship hasn’t reached a sexual stage yet, or it’s evolved to a point where sending nudes and such is no longer taboo, watching funny videos together is a great alternative date idea.

There is very little which is more powerful than laughter and feeling good, especially sharing it with your partner.

24. Take a Nature Hike

For LDR couples who enjoy nature, and can’t visit nature parks together, taking nature hikes together is an amazing idea for a date.

Whether only one of you actually puts boots on the ground in nature, or you both hit the trail, you can both enjoy the view thanks to modern technology like smartphones, cameras, and wifi.

25. Watch a Movie

Watching a movie together is as classic as date ideas get.

Just because you’re an LDR couple doesn’t mean you have to miss out on watching your favorite films together.

26. Go for a Walk Around the Neighborhood

Taking a walk doesn’t have to be strictly for the national park.

Going for a walk around your neighborhood is a great date for LDR couples who plan to live together someday.

That way, both parties know the sort of environment their partner is surrounded by.

27. Take Up a Hobby Together

Taking up a hobby together is another smooth move.

The more you are invested in each other’s interests, including joint hobbies, the better your chances are to go the distance together.

28. Cook and Eat Ecahother’s Favorite Meal

Another really awesome idea for LDR couples is to plan a date where they cook and eat each other’s favorite meal.

Whether you put on the table cloth, candles, and fine china is up to you guys!

29. Plan a Real Date Night

One of the coolest ideas for an LDR date on our list is planning a real date, rather than having a particular sort of date now.

Planning a physical date together allows you both to get a feeling of the other party’s sense of romance, and grow to know each other even more.

30. Attend a Family Function

One of the most genuine, and possibly nerve-wracking, ideas for an LDR date is attending a family function.

This could be a birthday party, holiday function, or some other family-oriented event.

31. Hang Out with Friends

Hanging out with friends is something almost everyone does, at least from time to time.

If you want to integrate your LDR partner into your life, fully, introducing them to your friends via a video chat or phone call is the way to go.

32. Watch a Porno Together

If you are both open with your sexuality and have already exchanged nudes and links to erotic pictures and videos you enjoy, watching a porno together makes a nice date.

The only deal breaker with this one is if you can’t agree on what sort of genre to watch (which would be really sad!).

33. Learn a New Skill Together

Learning a new skill together is a great way for LDR couples to deepen their bond.

Whether you have many similar interests at this point or not is irrelevant.

Learning new skills together allows you to invest in the future together.

34. Take Bike Rides

Bike rides are an excellent alternative to walking or hiking dates.

That said, make sure you have proper harnesses for your phones, or you’re liable to drop them or get into an accident trying to hold them.

35. Go on a Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are a great way to see a place you’ve never been, and what better person to do it with than one you love but have never seen in person?

The great part about virtual tours is that more and more of them are popping up all the time.

36. Do Art Together

If you’re an artsy couple, what better thing to do on a date than actually make art together?

Whether you paint on canvas, in notebooks, or via a program or online platform is up to you and your partner.

37. Plan Your Next Visit

Whether it’s your first visit or your next visit, planning it out, step-by-step, minute-by-minute, with your LDR partner is a fun and exciting date in itself.

Alternatively, you can take turns planning your perfect visits (rather than planning your next actual visit).

38. Have a Listening Session

Knowing how your LDR partner feels is crucial for a successful and meaningful relationship.

The best way to ensure you both understand each other is to have listening session dates regularly.

39. Take Compatibility Tests

If you’re already dating, a compatibility test may not seem like such a great long distance relationship date idea.

But, it actually is.

Taking a compatibility test is a fun way to prove how much of a match made in heaven you really are.

40. Stream Together

Streaming together is the 40th item on our list of long distance date ideas.

Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch, streaming together is a lovely date for LDR couples.

41. Make and Discuss Goals

Making and discussing goals about the future is another of the best long distance relationship date ideas.

What could be more important, or charming, than thinking and talking about your plans for the future with the one you love?

42. Karaoke

Karaoke anyone? Drinking or not, a karaoke date is almost always a smash hit.

The downside is that when it isn’t a smash hit, it really stinks.

43. Play a Boardgame

Playing a board game in person is something only couples who live together or are visiting each other typically have the pleasure to do so.

But, today, thanks to phones with cameras, wifi, and a plethora of apps and online platforms, you can play a physical boardgame long distance (with one person moving the pieces) or play games online.

44. Write a Book Together

Writing a book together may seem like something for academics, but with all the self-publishing platforms today, that is no longer the case.

The hardest part is to decide which one of you writes, and which one edits, or otherwise arrange how the actual book will come together.

45. Play Charades

Playing long distance relationship charades via a long video call is a fun way to spend some energy and be silly together.

It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, the point is that you both let lose and show each other who you really are.

46. Plan Future Trips

Planning future trips for your long distance relationship is another great way for you to feel connected to your LDR partner.

It doesn’t matter whether the date is an audio call or a video chat, the point is that you get to escape the mundane gravity of everyday life away from your partner for a while and focus on something much happier than the distance between you.

47. Designate Keepsake Boxes

A designated keepsake box is a relatively normal part of every LDR couple’s treasure trove.

If you don’t already both have one, setting up a date to make them or buy them and set them up is a wonderful idea.

48. Partake in a Date Box

A date box is another new-wave long distance relationship date idea you may want to consider for you and your partner.

You can use a service, order a date box and have it delivered, or you guys can set one up for each other and mail them at the same time.

49. Play Freeze

As silly as it may seem to some of the long distance relationship couples reading this post, playing a good old game of “freeze” can be a boatload of fun.

Playing a game of freeze, like charades, or other games that are at least semi-physically demanding let out a lot of tension and pent-up angst. It also brings out the child in us.

50. Start a Journal Together

Keeping track of your thoughts, dates, plans, and other personal information about your long distance relationship in a journal, shared with your partner, is a sweet idea.

You don’t have to be Anne Rice or Steven King to write a journal together.

Years later, when you are old and gray or looking 20 with nanobots pumping through your bloodstream, keeping you young and immortal, you’ll look back on the journal and feel all that love over again.

Bonus Ideas

Didn’t find the perfect idea? No sweat!

We’ve got several bonus ideas for excellent LDR date ideas for you below:

  • Build a Future House Together
  • Send Your Scents to Eachother, in the Mail
  • Tour the Local Area with Eachother
  • Visit Random Websites
  • Build a Website Together
  • Plan a Business Together
  • Watch the Sunset from a Special Place
  • Make a Playlist Together
  • Play Strip Poker
  • Watch the Sunrise From Your Bed(s)
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