Dreaming About Someone You Never Met (FULLY EXPLAINED)

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So, you dreamt of a hunky manservant (who just happened to be a real guy from your town) feeding you grapes and fanning you with palm leaves last night.

It was amazing, you even felt some kind of real connection with him.

But, as soon as you woke up from the dream, you realized that you never actually met the guy before.

What does it mean?

Read on below and find out what it means when you dream about a real person you never met before!

What Does Dreaming About Someone You Never Met Mean?

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Dreaming about people we never met before is always a fascinating experience. But, what does it actually mean beyond the surface?

How and why do these real-life people, whom we don’t actually know, find their way into our psyches and into our dreams?

Explore the possibilities:

1. You Have a Connection

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If you aren’t thinking of someone, but you dream of them, it’s quite possible you have a connection.

Whether it’s your dream guy, or it’s a childhood friend, when you think of someone in a deep sleep, your brain takes over.

Many people believe that the words and actions of people in our dreams carry much deeper hidden meanings than similar actions and words in real life.

2. They Are Meant To Be In Your Life

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Sometimes the people you dream about are simply meant to be in your life (or at least that’s what we like to tell ourselves).

If you’re dreaming about a person you’ve seen around, or know about from friends, family, work, or otherwise, you may want to meet them deep down inside and not even be aware of it.

Your dreams are speaking to you… becoming you unto your destiny!

3. They Are Your Soulmate

Speaking of your destiny, sometimes the people in your dreams, specifically the ones you’ve never actually met, are your long-lost soulmate.

This is most likely the case in many wet dreams. You may not remember your love life from 33 lifetimes ago, but your soul does… and so does its mate!

4. You Are Kindred Spirits

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There’s also a high likelihood that you may run into some of your kindred spirits in your dreams.

That’s why you can’t seem to place them, and you know that you’ve never met them yet still feel like you more than know them.

Kindred souls are not to be confused with your star-crossed soulmate lover; kindred souls may be friends, family members, or even rivals from past lives.

5. The Person Is Thinking About You

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One deeper meaning to a person you’ve not met yet showing up in your dream is that they are thinking of you.

Now, whether they are thinking about you in a star-flung romance sort of way, yearning for you, in agonizing pain that’s barely fathomable, or their simply busting a nut before they bust out a few Zs depends on the person and their idea of you (they won’t know you yet, because you haven’t met).

If it’s the boy who sits behind you in science class, he’s probably just finished masturbating while fantasizing about what’s under your skirt.

However, if it’s the little boy who grew up in the house beside yours, he could be a full-grown man now, still fantasizing about finding you and making you his life (and wife).

6. A Witch Put a Spell On You

witch ritual

A wise old owl knows it’s best to take as many different angles into perspective as possible (which is why they can turn their heads 360 degrees, or so a little bird told us) before making a decision or taking action.

And that is why you should never not consider the possibility that the person in your dream that you’ve never actually met in person is a witch.

Whether the witch wants your soul or just wants to get to know you on a more personal level (by sneaking into your dreams and spying on you while you’re unconscious), depends on the witch and why, they’re interested in you.

7. You Are the One In Their Dream (Not the Other Way Around)

Believe it or not, sometimes it’s actually you in their dream, not the other way around.

In this case, you are either invading their astral space, or they’ve invited/summoned you there.

There is also the distinct possibility that your very soul projected itself into the person’s dream (especially if they are a kindred spirit or soulmate of yours).

8. The Person Is Astral Traveling

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When a person is astral traveling, especially in the beginning stages, they usually have no idea what the fluff is actually going on.

That means you could end up in someone’s dream that you have a crush on but don’t know.

Further, your soul’s essence could be attracted to the dreams of its mate if the wavelength is close enough.

9. You Are a Dreamwalker

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Native American indigenous tribesmen and women knew that medicine men and women had the ability to walk among them both during the day and in their dreams as well.

These sacred medicine people were shamans to the people, climbing up the great branches (and down the great roots) of the tree of life in order to converse with the Gods and ancestors on behalf of the people.

That means, if you keep showing up in other people’s dreams (or they keep showing up in yours), perhaps you are merely the descendant of dreamwalkers.

10. You Are Curious About Them (Even If You Aren’t Aware)

Sometimes, the truth of the matter is, that you are just imagining a person you haven’t met because you are actually interested in them.

Perhaps it’s the cute blonde boy who works at the food court in the mall, or the red-headed girl that sits across from you in class at the local college campus.

At any rate, you may be dreaming about them because you’ve noticed them and are subconsciously interested in them (or some specific aspects you noticed about them are interesting to you).

What To Do When You Dream About Someone You Never Met

When you meet someone in a dream, but haven’t met them in person yet, there are never-ending possibilities as to how you can/should react.

A few of our favorites include:

  • Look them up on social media and stalk them online
  • Reach out to them in real life directly
  • Ask around to friends or associates who know them
  • Put a hex on the person who’s invading your dreams
  • Accidentally run into them and strike up a conversation
  • Hire a private investigation firm to look into the person
  • Channel your inner shaman and talk to their ancestors
  • Start planning your new life with the person


Is It Possible To Dream About Someone You Don’t Know?

woman sleeping

The subconscious mind is capable of many feats, including things that seem too fantastic to believe. Is it possible to dream about someone you don’t know in person? Ask yourself; do bears poop in the woods? In the world of dreams, what isn’t possible?

Who Are The People We Dream About?

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The people we dream about are you and me, and I and we. When we dream, our subconscious mind may project aspects of our personality into individual people (like characters in a serial). That said, our brains also cast other players into our dreams based on people that we know from real life, TV, and even literature. Your sleeping mind may also throw random strangers into your dreams.

What is the Dream Interpretation For Dreaming About a Person You Never Met?

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There is no right or wrong dream interpretation for dreaming about people you never met. You must ask yourself how the dream made you feel while you were sleeping, as well as how you felt about it once you woke up. Did you feel attracted to the person? Or, did fear overcome you the moment you saw them? The answers to these basic questions help set you on the path to understanding.