Do Guys Like Good Morning Texts? (FULLY EXPLAINED)

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Guys may be macho, in comparison to women, but, believe it or not, they are often a lot mushier than they seem! Read on below and explore the fully explained answer to whether or not guys like good morning texts!

Do Guys Like Good Morning Texts?

Of course, guys enjoy getting good morning texts! For a guy, waking up to a text from the girl you like, girlfriend, or wife, is the best way possible to start the day. Nothing gets a guy motivated to get out of bed and start his day than a reminder from his person of interest that he’s someone special to them.

When texting a guy good morning, the main focus should be him. Also make sure to add a cute little nickname, like Mister, Sexy, Love, or Handsome, to make him feel even more special. 

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The best part for you, about sending your guy morning texts, is that shortly afterward, he’ll more than likely bombard you with morning texts of his own. If your texts were even remotely naughty, don’t be surprised to receive a morning wood pic attached to his reply! 


What Are the Best Morning Texts To Send Guys?

The best morning texts you can send guys include lines like “Hey, Mister! you crossed my mind instantly when I woke up…” “How did you sleep last night, love?” “Good morning, sexy beast!” and anything that comforts him, arouse him, or strokes his ego.

Is It Weird to Text a Guy Good Morning?

Not at all. On the contrary, it is more than normal to text a guy good morning. It only gets weird if you text him good morning, the same exact way, every day, at the same time. Otherwise, sending him a good morning text now and then is perfectly normal.

What Are Some Flirty Ways To Text A Guy Good Morning?

There are more ways than one to be a bit flirty when you text him in the morning. Some of the best one-liner morning texts for guys are, “Morning, Sexy!” “I need cuddles” “I dreamed of you last night” and “Good morning, love!”