A Guy Called Me Adorable – What Does it Mean?

There are many terms a guy could use to show affection: one of the most surprising of these is adorable. But, unfortunately, there are so many strange connotations to that word that it can be hard to read exactly what he’s trying to say. Thankfully, we broke down a few of the most common messages your guy is trying to send when he uses that word. We also examined a few common questions related to it and how they could affect your dating life.

A Guy Called Me Adorable – What Does it Mean?

Unlike some terms of endearment (such as “honey” or “baby”), “adorable” doesn’t always feel like something you want to be called. Even “cutie” feels a bit less ambiguous. Thankfully, adorable is often a positive thing to be contacted by the right guy. However, there are a few times when this term may not be so positive. Let’s break down a few of these situations to ensure you understand your guy’s position.

He’s Making Fun of You

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In some situations, a guy might say you’re adorable to make fun of you. Sometimes, he might even be condescending or mean, depending on how the situation develops. Why would a guy want to make fun of you? Sometimes, they’re not into you and want you to know. Other times, they’re trying to be playful and have fun with you. Times when they might be making fun of you include when they say:

  • “Oh, aren’t you just adorable when you get mad?”
  • “You did what? Now that’s just adorable.”
  • “How could somebody so adorable have such bad taste in clothes?”

Note: this type of banter could be flirtatious in the proper context. For example, if you’re telling a story about something silly you did and want a laugh, him calling you adorable could be a way of lightly flirting without being overt. Context is everything with these situations. If he seems to be mocking you or not taking you seriously, he could be making fun of you in a mean way that feels uncomfortable to you.

He’s Telling You That You’re Attractive

Some guys just aren’t so good with words and aren’t sure what to say when complimenting you. They may not know if “sexy” or “hot” is appropriate to use with you and default to less demanding terms. For instance, adorable is so clean of sexual content that a shy or tentative guy may use it to let you know he thinks you’re attractive. Just a few ways he may do so include:

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  • “You look so adorable today!”
  • “Are you cute? Of course! You’re adorable!”
  • “You’re so adorable right now, I could kiss you.”

As you can see by these examples, it should be pretty obvious if a guy is telling you that you’re attractive when they call you adorable. In addition, they may touch you when they flatter you in this way, try to hold your hands, or even squeeze you on the shoulder. Such light physical touches (as well as an open posture with which he leans towards you) could also indicate flirtation.

He’s Trying to Sleep With/Date You

Compliments don’t always mean a guy is trying to sleep with you. But let’s be honest. Guys often use praise as a way of opening you up emotionally before trying to have sex. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing! If you’re ready to hook up or only want sex out of your guy, being called adorable in the following ways might make you very happy indeed:

  • “I bet you’d look adorable in tighter clothes.”
  • “That bathing suit would look adorable on you.”
  • “You’re so adorable that I can barely stand not to kiss you.”

A guy who’s trying to sleep with you isn’t necessarily just a Lothario who’s only interested in sex. Instead, he may emphasize the physical element of relationships and need to connect with you physically to move forward in a relationship. In this way, he could be attempting to move forward with you and want to date you.

If you’re okay with that, you can probably move on to a more intimate relationship. If you’re not comfortable, make sure that he knows your boundaries. Guys who are willing to wait are worth the time and effort it takes to keep them around, as they may end up being great boyfriends or even husbands.

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Why Would a Guy Say Adorable Instead of Cute or Sexy?

If a guy is into you and trying to tell you that you’re attractive, why would he say adorable instead of cute? Some guys simply feel more comfortable with this term or lack the confidence to be more aggressive. If you think he likes you, try to flirt back and see how he reacts. Doing so may open him right up.

Is Adorable an Insult?

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Don’t be insulted if a guy calls you adorable! Many guys use the term to mean cute or attractive and want you to feel appreciated. Only feel insulted if he uses it in an obviously insulting way, such as saying, “you’re not sexy, but you sure are adorable,” or some junk like that.

Should You Be Weirded Out When Being Called Adorable?

It may seem strange to hear a guy call you adorable, as that’s usually a term reserved for younger people. Gauge the guy’s personality and maturity before assuming he’s a little weird. Some guys may simply like the word adorable and prefer using it over cute (which can feel generic to some guys).

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Figuring Out What’s Going On

When a guy calls you adorable, it’s very easy to get confused. The connotation isn’t always good, so it is essential to pay attention to his body language and behavior towards other girls. Has he called anyone else adorable while you were around? How did that make you feel? Did it seem like he was being flirty, condescending, or just friendly? Pay attention, and you can learn more.

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