25 You Mean the World to Me Texts for Her

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Are you looking for some touching “you mean the world to me” texts for her? Look no further!

Read on below and explore these 25 options!

You Mean the World to Me Texts for Her

  • You are the center of my multiverse, nothing exists without you
  • Each moment we spend together is the best moment of my life… you mean more to me than anything or anyone in the world
  • You are so special, in every sense of the word, I appreciate every little bit of you
  • I would walk a million miles just to be with your for a moment
  • Every little part of me loves every little part of you… there is no wrong you can do
  • I would give up the very breath in my chest for you if it were the last breath left
  • Life as I knew it ended the moment I met you and fell in love… it is your life now
  • I live for you and every moment that we get to spend together
  • If I had to choose between you and bacon… I would choose you (and you KNOW how much I love bacon)
  • There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you… I would even lay down my very life for you when the time comes
  • You mean so much more than “the world” to me… you mean EVERYTHING to me
  • My life feels so incomplete when you aren’t here with me
  • I thank the Gods, Goddesses, and my lucky stars daily for having you in my life
  • The rest of the people in the world see you as a person, but I see you as the entire world
  • I would let the rest of the world burn to ashes if only to ease your pain
  • You are my universe… I am nothing without you in my world
  • Nothing compares to you… to me, there is only you, my love
  • I would do anything, give anything, or go without anything, if only for your love
  • No one loves you like me, because I can see the REAL you
  • Countless eons of reincarnation wouldn’t be enough to satisfy my spirit if you weren’t there… you are everything to me
  • My best friend, my lover, and my soulmate… that’s what you are to me
  • I couldn’t bear a life without you, now that I know you… I would rather die right here and right now than go a day without your love
  • You mean the world to me, and I love you dearly, my precious, my one and only
  • Lay me down, six feet under, once and for good, the moment you have to wonder whether you love me anymore… for you are my entire world, without you I have no reason to live
  • My world comes to a screeching standstill when I see you, and then I realize, time and time again; that you ARE my world