Why is My Ex-Boyfriend Blocking and Unblocking Me?

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These days, everyone has a social media account – if they don’t have multiple on several different platforms. When you start dating someone, if they’re on all the same platforms as you, they end up on your friends’ list naturally.

In some ways, that’s convenient. You get to interact with your new love in multiple ways and show off to your friends a little. But when the relationship is over, you may have to exhaustively clean out your social media if you’re not looking to stay friends.

If you are staying friends on social media, this is where the hard part starts. You might notice your ex-boyfriend is blocking and unblocking you.

The reasons behind why he’s doing this are many. We’ll help you figure out what’s going on and what you should do about it.

How Can I tell My Ex-Boyfriend is Blocking and Unblocking Me?

Before we get into the reasons, let’s look at how you can be sure he’s playing the blocking game with you.

On most social media platforms, this is pretty obvious. Just take a look at his profile periodically. If he’s blocked you, you won’t be able to see it.

Alternatively, you can check your message history with him. Most platforms will say something about how you can’t message him anymore if he’s blocked you.

If you check back at a later time, and his profile is now visible, or you’re able to message him, you’ll know he’s unblocked you.

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Why is My Ex-Boyfriend Blocking and Unblocking Me?

He’s trying to motivate you to reach out to him.

"When he unblocks you, he may be testing you, hoping you initiate a conversation with him."

We’ve all done something subtle to get someone to talk to us without just reaching out to them ourselves. For instance, you might pose yourself in such a way if you see an attractive stranger at a bar, hoping to get their attention.

Blocking and unblocking you could be your ex’s way of posing himself. When he unblocks you, he may be testing you, hoping you initiate a conversation with him.

It’s really difficult to tell if this is actually the case. You don’t want to scare him away by immediately messaging him when he’s not ready, but you also can’t be sure he’s waiting to hear from you.

Unless you actually message him and he seems eager to talk to you, you can’t be 100% sure he’s waiting to talk to you. And sometimes it’s simply better to be cautious, resisting the bait.

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His feelings for you are conflicted.

The time after a breakup isn’t easy. Some days, your feelings will be normal, and on other days, your heart will be a complex storm of emotions. You might feel deeply in love with your ex at some points, and completely disgusted with him at others.

Well, he’s probably going through the same thing you are. His social media might be an indication of his conflicted feelings as he blocks and unblocks you.

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You can look at his social media as some kind of virtual mood ring. When he’s blocked you, he clearly doesn’t want to talk to you. If he keeps alternating between blocking and unblocking you, it could simply mean he’s struggling with his own feelings post-breakup.

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He accidentally blocked you.

Blocking you may not have been intentional at all. It’s not impossible or even uncommon to accidentally touch our screen while looking at different settings on our phone, causing something to happen that we weren’t expecting.

In this situation, he may have been thinking about blocking you. While he was looking at the option, he may have pressed a button or brushed his screen, initiating the block when he didn’t mean to. When he realized his mistake, he would hurriedly unblock you.

If this is what happened, you’ll see the blocking and unblocking happen only once. After that one flicker of blocking, you’ll remain unblocked.

He gave into impulse by unblocking you.

Maybe he had decided he needed time away from all things to do with you to start his own emotional recovery. So he blocks you, because seeing you online just causes him pain.

But then he has a moment of weakness. He gets caught up in memories of you. Out of nowhere, he wonders what you’re doing, and that curiosity is like an itch he can’t ignore.

To scratch that itch, he unblocks you so he can dive into your profiles and see what’s going on with you. It was a momentary impulse, and he blocks you again as soon as his curiosity is satisfied.

When he’s doing this, you’ll be blocked at all times except for occasional brief periods of time. Those short flashes of unblocked time will be when he’s checking up on you to see what you’re up to.

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He’s messing with your head.

"If he was the type of person to play mind games with you during the relationship, there’s no reason why that changed after the relationship."

This is maybe the worst out of all the reasons, but it’s a possibility, so we had to include it. If he was the type of person to play mind games with you during the relationship, there’s no reason why that changed after the relationship.

Unblocking and blocking you repeatedly could be a way of messing with your head. You’re looking at this post because you’re confused, right?

That means it’s a strategy that works on his part. He’s getting into your head, whether or not he knows it, and it’s all because of something as simple as pressing the block button.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why your ex could be blocking and unblocking you. Male psychology can get more than a little complicated, so you might need some extra advice.

Follow the steps laid out in Text Chemistry to learn exactly what to do.

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What Should I do About Him Blocking and Unblocking Me?

Ignore it and take some time away from him.

If you’re noticing him blocking and unblocking you, he’s either doing it a lot, or you’re spending too much time digging through his profile.

Either way, try and take a complete break from it. If you can’t stop yourself from looking at his profile, consider stepping away from social media entirely for awhile.

That way, you won’t do anything you’ll regret later. Return your social media accounts when you’re feeling more level-headed and like you can resist the urge to look at your ex’s profiles.

Focus on you and being your absolute best.

Your next objective should be you. That’s right – focus completely on yourself. Do whatever you need to start feeling better, as long as it’s healthy.

Go see your friends and family. Take a fun vacation (or even staycation). Try to learn a new hobby that’s always been on your to-do list.

Your goal is to make yourself feel as happy as possible. When you post on your social media accounts, your posts will be filled with that genuine light and happiness.

Not only will your ex be drawn to it, but your loved ones will appreciate seeing you doing so well.

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Avoid attacking him for blocking you.

"Remember, your goal is to focus on yourself, not obsess over him."

If you notice your ex blocking you again, don’t pounce on him the moment he unblocks you. Yes, it hurts to see that someone wants to cut you out of their life. It’s even worse if you suspect he’s just trying to mess with your head.

But attacking him isn’t going to do anything beneficial for you in the long run. It might make you feel good for a brief period of time, but later on, you’ll feel gross for lashing out at him.

Be the better person. Remember, your goal is to focus on yourself, not obsess over him.

When he unblocks you for a long period, use that time to show him your best side.

This one is easier than it sounds. If you’ve spent all that time away from him having fun and getting to a healthy point in your life, you won’t even need to try hard at all.

He’ll see that you’ve been living your best life. Just like you feel the temptation to creep on him, he’ll want to creep on you. When he does, he’ll see how happy you’ve been.

This sends an unmistakable message to him without you saying anything at all: he needs to bring his A game if he wants to be part of your life again. You’re perfectly capable of thriving without him, so he needs to do his best to make his presence worth your time.

Remember: you can’t force him to unblock you, and blocking you doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you.

If he blocks you again, don’t sweat it. We know that’s always easier said than done, though, so just remember: there’s nothing you can do to make him unblock you.

Continuing to worry about what he’s doing won’t get you anywhere, because there’s no action you can take to get him to open up. That’s a decision he has to make when he’s ready.

His choice to block you isn’t necessarily a criticism of your character. If anything, it’s a commentary of his character – he’s the one saying that he’s hurting and can’t face you right now.

And that’s perfectly okay. Let him have his space when he needs it, and he’ll see how mature you are.

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