11 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Like to Wear Condoms (#9 Was Surprising)

It should come as no surprise that most guys don’t like wearing rubbers. But, do you know why? If not, read on below and explore 11 of the most common reasons why guys don’t like to wear condoms!

Why Guys Don’t Like Condoms?

1. He Is Scared to Put It on In Front of You

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One of the biggest and silliest reasons of all for not wearing condoms, or at least not liking to, is because he is scared to put them on in front of you. The less experience that he has in wrapping his jimmy up, the more scared he may be to perform the duty in front of you.

2. He Thinks It’s Just a Prop

Some guys think that condoms are just props. What exactly does that mean? It means they think they need to have one just so you’ll feel comfortable having sex. That doesn’t mean that they’ll actually use it or that they’ll like it if they do. A prop is a prop; it’s just for looks. He never intended to use it, he just carries it with him for good luck!

3. He Thinks You Can Take a Pill

A lot of guys prefer their partners to take pills rather than themselves having to go through the hassle of buying and using condoms. And, while the pill is a great alternative to using condoms, that choice should be left up to the female (and she shouldn’t be pressured into doing it either!).

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4. He Really Likes You

When a guy is really into you and likes you in every way possible, he might not want to wear a condom. He’d rather feel the real intimacy between you two than let a thin but numbingly annoying piece of plastic get in the way. If he really likes you, he may ask you whether or not you’re currently taking the pill (which is a clear sign he doesn’t want to wear a condom).

5. It Feels Better

One of the most obvious reasons of all that guys don’t like to wear condoms is that it simply feels better to have sex without one. One guy explained to a couple of girls that the reason guys don’t like wearing condoms is the same reason ladies don’t like wearing rubber boots instead of high heels or pumps: it’s just not the same, and it feels better.

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6. He Hates Buying Them

Some guys simply don’t like going through the hassle of buying condoms. It’s not so much of a task, but to some guys, it turns into climbing Mt. Everest, naked, with the whole world watching. Yes, ladies, it’s really that bad for some guys. So, consider this little tidbit of information the next time you ask him if he’s bought any condoms.

7. He Doesn’t Carry Them

Guys who don’t like condoms, of course, are the least likely to carry them. That said, one of the actual reasons some guys hate using condoms is that they simply forget to carry them because it’s not a habit. So, not having one, when the mood strikes, pisses him off doubly if she isn’t good with getting it on without the plastic wrap.

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8. Putting One on Kills the Mood

From time to time you hear guys complaining that the reason they don’t like wearing condoms is really that it kills the mood. Not just the action of wrapping their pecker up with plastic, but also the whole thinking about why you’re doing it in the first place. Using a condom forces guys to slow down, and think about what they’re doing, and who they’re doing it with. That said, it’s a real mood killer for some guys!

9. He Thinks They Make His Package Look Small

Some guys are real divas; they hate wearing condoms because they think that it makes their penises look smaller than they are. They also think it makes their peckers look funny. If she giggles when he’s putting it on, there’s a huge chance things are going south quickly. In this case, telling him how big his unit helps, and so does putting it on for him.

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10. He’s a Rebel (Who Doesn’t Need Protection)

Guys who are the rebel without a cause type don’t tend to want or enjoy using the protection of any sort for their meat wagons. These cool devils like their totem poles stroked organically. For these guys, when it comes to sex, it’s all-natural or nothing. There is no in between. Further, don’t even try to change him because it’ll never work.

11. He Can’t Find the Right Size

Believe it or not, from time to time there is a little something that happens called “he can’t find the right size condom”. You probably won’t believe him when he tells you, so you’ll have to take a look for yourself. Don’t forget to check in your local china-town, If you can’t find one small enough. Likewise, if you can’t find one big enough, consider a roll of saran wrap!

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Why do some guys not like condoms?

The biggest reason of all that most guys don’t like condoms is because they reduce the sexual pleasure experienced during intercourse. However, the pleasure is also lessened for her when he wears a condom as well. There is no excuse for not wearing a condom and practicing safe sex unless other measures have been taken.

Do guys feel anything when using condoms?

Guys feel something when using condoms that they don’t when they don’t wear condoms: annoyed, pissed off, and like their penis is wearing a raincoat. That said, with some of the thinner condoms, marketed as more “intimate”, some guys claimed that they felt almost as good as the real thing.

Do married couples use condoms?

A very small percentage of married couples continue to use condoms after they tie the knot, the other approximately 96-percent of married couples drop rubbers quick fast, and in a hurry. That’s not to say that they stopped using protection such as birth control (or that they didn’t have a bunch of kids for that matter!).

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