11 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Like Nagging (#7 Shocked Us)

It’s a fair statement that no one enjoys nagging, and guys are certainly no exception. Read on below and learn these 11 reasons why guys don’t like nagging!

Why Don’t Guys Like Nagging?

No one likes a nagger! Here are some of the most common reasons why guys don’t like nagging: 

1. They Feel Constantly Judged

woman furious nagging at her man

The number one reason guys don’t enjoy nagging is that it makes them feel constantly judged. It isn’t a stretch of the imagination to think that no one would enjoy feeling constantly judged by someone, let alone their partner. If the issues that cause the nagging continue, their feelings of being judged do too. Sooner or later it could cause them to start acting hot and cold or even ghost you.

2. It Makes Them Doubt Themselves

Nagging often has a way of making guys doubt themselves in all sorts of ways. Depending on the nature of the nagging, it can leave a man questioning if his sexual performance is unsatisfying, wondering if he’s the partner you deserve and a plethora of other unflattering doubts. That’s why sometimes it’s worth keeping those naggy-type comments to yourself!

3. It Makes Them Doubt You

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Your constant nagging may actually make your guy doubt you. Doubt you as a person, as a friend, and even as a lover. Most of all they may doubt you as a potential long-term spouse. If your relationship includes a lot of complaining, he’s likely to see it as nagging (and is possibly already doubting you and the relationship in general). 

4. It’s Embarrassing

One of the primary reasons guys don’t like nagging is that it’s embarrassing to them. Whether you’re at home, in front of friends and family, or alone, nagging him may very well embarrass the crap out of him. Depending on the subject matter of the actual nagging, the level of embarrassment that he feels may range from slightly uncomfortable to severe embarrassment.

5. They Think You’re a Hypocrite

nagging woman in doubt with her man

When you do a lot of complaining, or nagging, you’d better be sure that you’re not actually guilty of something equal or even more annoying. Again, the nature of the nagging is really the determining factor. That said, nagging guys about stuff that you yourself do, or something similar, is a sure-fire way to make them think you’re a hypocrite.

6. It’s Annoying

Plain and simple? Guys think nagging is annoying.. and that’s the bottom line (and not just cause Stone Cold Steve Austin said so!). It really doesn’t get any more basic than guys finding it annoying that you are constantly complaining and nagging them about something. If the nagging is about something that isn’t a big deal to them, the more annoying it is for them to deal with your nagging.

7. It Reminds Them of Their Mom

mother scolding at her son in couch

Speaking of how annoying many guys find nagging, in general, it may come as no surprise that a lot of those same guys are reminded of their mom when you nag them. You can imagine how not-good reminding your guy of their mom is for the future of your relationship (and sex life particularly). 

8. They Visual You in 25 Years (Still Nagging)

Sometimes guys go places in their heads when you are nagging at them. It doesn’t really matter what you’re nagging about, these guys will escape into the mental realms and not hear a word you’re actually saying to them. What they’re experiencing instead is a vision of you, 25 to 50 years in the future, old and grey, in your walker, nagging at them, and themselves in their wheelchair, imagining you still nagging in 25 to 50 more years (from the grave) from a vision within their vision.

9. It Deflates Their Egos

Nagging has been known to deflate the ego of a guy or two million from time to time. The thing is, especially if it’s about their behavior or sexual performance, they may take your nagging straight to the ego… like a sacrificial mesoamerican dagger made of obsidian, plunged into their heart, to the hilt. Even if your guy seems big and tough and as macho as Randy Savage, you’d be surprised how much steam escapes his ego each time you nag him.

nagging woman with her partner in bed

10. It Hurts Their Feel-Goods

When a guy’s ego is deflated from nagging, and he’s feeling vulnerable, incapable, and unworthy, it really hurts his feel-goods… and everyone knows that a pride-injured man with hurt feel-goods is not fun to be around. The less fun he is to be around, the more potential for nagging, and thus the circle of hurt fee-goods becomes complete (as you end up feeling like poo).

11. No One Enjoys Constant Complaining

No one, and we mean no one, enjoys nagging and complaining, except for (insert a really naggy person’s name you know here)… and no one really likes (insert the same name here) anyway! The moral of the story is simple: no one likes a nagger, and if it continues for too long they’ll find themselves alone nagging to an apartment or trailer home full of cats.

female yelling at cat thru megaphone


What does it mean to nag a man?

Nagging is when a man’s partner has bad interpersonal skills and continually harasses him about something they don’t like. One of the primary reasons for nagging is that the nagger has no faith in the other man’s abilities (or wants him to change). 

What causes nagging?

Nagging begins for several reasons, the most common being that the nagger simply wants to “remind” the man about what they dislike. That said, it could be argued that it is the action of the man, that brings causes the nagging, to begin with. For example, when he keeps leaving the toilet seat up!

What does nagging do to a man?

Constantly nagging a man is likely to leave him feeling unhappy, insecure, and possibly confused about the nature of their relationship with the nagger. Nagging may make him feel like the relationship isn’t worth it, that they aren’t good enough, or even bitter and resentful.

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