17 Reasons Why Guys Like Situationships So Much

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From low self-esteem to the complete opposite, there’s most definitely a plethora of reasons that some guys prefer no strings attached relationships. Read on below and explore 17 reasons why guys like situations so much for yourself!

Why Do Guys Like Situationships?

1. It Removes the Pressure of a Real Relationship

Situationships remove nearly all of the real pressure that comes with genuine intimate relationships. When guys are in a situationship, they don’t have to think about flowers on Valentine’s day, or Mother’s day, let alone birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and anniversary celebrations. 

male ready for dish washing

They also don’t have to think about much more basic things, like who’s doing the dishes tonight and taking the trashcan out to the curb tomorrow night. 

2. They Are Dating More Than One Person

Some guys are, well, you know… polygamous. That means they like to date more than one person at a time. Whether they decide to tell you about it is the real question. Being in a situationship removes the need to tell you he’s seeing more than one person and eliminates any guilt as well.

3. They Want an Open Relationship

Maybe they aren’t dating more than one person yet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to. If you are in a situationship with a guy who’s more than open-minded towards open relations, chances are they are never going to settle down with you. 

male holding hands with another woman

Once they get a taste of being with more than one person at the same time, with no guilt or remorse, the odds are not in your favor(in regards to achieving a long-term relationship with them).

4. They Don’t Have to See You Everyday

One reason why guys like situationships so much is that they don’t need to/have to see you every single day of the week. Now, don’t get us wrong here: any guy who is REALLY into you will want to see you every day of the week. 

However, guys who seek out situationships aren’t likely to pop in every day unless it’s for a booty call. Remember, they have other situationships to attend to in addition to you.

5. Sex is Easy and Regular, with No Strings

couple happy in bed

When the physical part of your situationship is hot and healthy, the chances are that he won’t want to change a thing. Maybe the fact that you’re sleeping together without being in a dedicated relationship is even part of the reason he is so turned on. At any rate, once the sex is regular, with no strings, and is good, he’s not likely to press for a real relationship.

6. They Aren’t Sure How They Feel

Sometimes guys just aren’t sure how they feel, or can’t make up their minds… and that’s how they find themselves in situationships like the one they are in with you! 

Once they have a clearer idea about things, you have about a 50/50 shot whether they’ll try for a deeper relationship, or continue on with the situation as is.

7. They’re Not Fully Mature Men Yet

couple in couch ashamed male

Not everyone we decided to give a chance, and date, are fully mature yet. Sometimes guys just aren’t fully mature enough to even know the difference between a situationship and a real relationship. 

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In these cases, you have two choices: stick around and hope they get the point, or walk it off and let him grow up and come chasing you.

8. Situationships Are Fun

Speaking of guys who aren’t fully mature men yet, they often find situationships as purely fun and games. The sad part is you can almost never see it coming until it’s too late.

These guys tend to be on the younger side of the age spectrum, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s men in their 40s and 50s who’re the ones playing games with women half their own age.

9. They Aren’t Thinking About it on a Deeper Level

Similar to guys who just aren’t fully mature, some guys just aren’t thinking about it on a deeper level. That means when it comes to their attention, they may want more out of your current situationship than what it is at the moment. 

couple outdoors male busy with phone

That said, they could also want to continue on with no strings attached, especially if there is already good sex involved.

10. They Are Scared a Real Relationship Would Change Things

When guys start thinking about the situationships that they are in with women, they start to muddle things up for themselves. 

A lot of the time they get scared that a real relationship would change the dynamic of the relationship. 

It’s due to this fear that they would rather continue on with shallow, but mutual, and most likely sexual, situationships than to lose you.

11. It Gives Them Higher Self-Confidence

There is also the possibility that some guys simply get a big ol’ boost of self-confidence from their situationships. For these guys, it doesn’t really matter how the situation unfolds in the long run, or who they’re in them with for that matter. 

couple eye to eye in bed

All these guys want out of their situationship with you is sex and to feel more confident about themselves sexually and as men in general.

12. They Don’t Need to Try So Hard

Situationships are what they are for a reason; they just sort of fall onto your lap and happen, just like that. 

That means guys don’t need to try so hard as they do with a wife, girlfriend, or god-forbid a mistress. 

In a situationship, all they need to do is go with the flow like a stick floating on the river and see where things take them.

13. They Get to Be Themselves

male in her lap while reading

Situationships are also rather appealing because they allow people to be more themselves, generally speaking. 

Guys may like situations for this simple fact, especially if they’ve been in over-demanding relationships in the past. No one wants to pretend to be someone that they’re not(at least not for long, anyway!).

14. They Like to Take Things as They Come

A lot of guys out there like to blow with the wind, let things go as they would on their own, and just roll with the punches. 

Situationships are the prime example: they get to roll right into you, through you/over you, and on down the road, without looking back if they please. And they get to do it without a bit of guilt.

15. They Think It’s What You Want

couple happy embracing

Believe it or not, the main reason it seems like some guys like situationships so much is that they think it’s what you want. 

Secretly, they want to scoop you up, make you home, put you on a pedestal, and ask you to marry them. 

But, until they get the sort of feeling from you that you may want more than the situation provides, they’ll simply go with the flow.

16. They Are Intimidated By Strong Women

Many men are merely intimidated by strong women and don’t like being held accountable or questioned about their feelings and thoughts. 

That means they are all for a situationship never developing into a full-fledged relationship with real responsibilities towards one another.

17. Their Main Priority is Their Personal Freedom

male alone sitting in grass

Some guys, typically the same sort of men who just like to take things as they come, stick with situationships because their main priority in life is protecting and prolonging their personal freedom. 

That means absolutely as little responsibility as possible.


How long do situationships last?

There is no average amount of time that situationships should last. They are “situation-ships” after all. That means they come into being by circumstance, and evolve as the situation that brought them about changes. Some situationships last days, weeks, or months, while others last for years or decades.

Is a situationship healthy?

Situationships are perfectly healthy as long as both sides are practicing common courtesy and respect for each other. If things are one-sided, all “give” from one person, and all “take” from the other, the situation isn’t healthy anymore.

When is a situationship toxic?

A toxic situationship is one that includes two people who would otherwise not be with each other if it weren’t for the direct situation they find themselves in. If there is physical or mental abuse, lack of respect, in general, or drug use involved, the situation is already past toxic.