21 Reasons Guys Act Weird Around You (#11 Is Surprising)

When guys act weird around you, it can be unpleasant and stressful for both parties.

Something is obviously going on in his head, or he wouldn’t act strange, and for you, it may feel like he’s hiding something which is also not a fun feeling. 

All of the guys in our lives are very different, but they all have some of the same core behavior. Read on below and explore 21 reasons guys act weird around you!

Why Do Guys Act Weird Around Me?

There is a never-ending plethora of reasons that guys may act weird around you. 

From simply having a crush on you and not knowing how to talk to the opposite sex but trying to build your interest, to him being downright scared of you. 

Here are some of the top reasons guys act weird around you:

1. He Likes You But Doesn’t Want You to Know

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When a guy likes you, but for whatever reason doesn’t want you to know how he really feels about you he may act weird.

How long the strange behavior goes on may depend on whether or not you find out, and how you react when you do.

That said, if you think he likes you, and the feeling is mutual, letting him know how you feel may ease things… otherwise, prepare for plenty more weirdness!

2. He is Naturally Shy Around the Opposite Sex

A lot of guys, despite their macho bravado both online and in front of their friends, are actually extremely shy when they are one-on-one with the opposite sex.

Whether they have little experience with girls, outside of their closest family and friends, or they are just naturally shy, once they really get to know you they’ll scale back the weirdness… at least a bit!

The best way to deal with a naturally shy guy is to let him take his time in opening up around you. 

Letting him know that you like him for who he is also doesn’t hurt! 

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3. He Thinks Your Gorgeous (and Better Than Him)

If you’ve had the birds and the bees talk and understand where babies come from, you already know how much appearance has to do with attracting attention from the opposite sex.

In the case that a guy thinks you’re absolutely gorgeous, unless he has rock-solid confidence and high self-esteem, he may actually think you are “better” than him because of it.

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Further, it’s not at all unusual for guys who aren’t often around women they find beautiful to act rather strangely when they are in person with someone they find more than simply attractive.

4. He’s Scared of Initiating a Relationship (But Want’s One)

Sometimes the reason guys act weird around you is that they want a relationship with you, desperately so, but they fear being the one to initiate things.

Whether they are afraid you’ll say no, or that they’ll look weak in front of their friends, is more than likely the thing causing them to stress and act strange.

Even more, some guys are total machos and need you to be the one to ask them out. If they’re tired of waiting, they may start acting weird around you.

5. He Thinks Your Smarter (and Better Than Him)

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For most guys, smart girls are sexy… but not all guys are going to feel the same way about their partner being smarter than they themselves are.

If a guy is into you and begins to suspect that you may be smarter than him, he may start acting weird while he ponders how to move forward.

The best way to avoid this sort of issue is simply by hiding how smart you actually are… just kidding! You should never dumb yourself down for a guy, and if you even have to think about it, it’s time to question your choice of guys.

6. Commitment Terrifies Him and He Thinks You Want/Deserve It

Believe it or not, it’s not always the fear of commitment itself that terrifies guys, but also the fact that they think you want it or deserve it from them.

If a guy simply isn’t ready for a commitment and feels it’s what you deserve from a partner, he may act weird.

It doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll ghost you, but he is definitely going to be doing some inner reflection before moving forward with you.

7. He Sees Himself as Beneath You In Status

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Whether you attended a more prestigious school than him, or come from a well-to-do family, if a guy feels even slightly that he is beneath you in social status he may act weird around you.

The moment he decides that you are “above” him on the social ladder, his normal behavior around you can change instantly.

The best way to avoid this type of situation is to be upfront about who you are, and where you come from, at the beginning of your friendship/relationship.

8. There is Stuff Going on in His Life

Life is a beautiful and tragic thing, depending on what day, week, month, or year it is. Sometimes things are great, and other times there seems to be no sunshine at all.

When something is going on in a guys’ life, that is really hard for him to deal with, he could act weird around you.

Sometimes it’s all a guy can do to just cope with what life is currently throwing his way, and so it is with all people!

9. He Thinks/Knows You’re Not Attracted to Him

If a guy is super crushing on you and thinks that you’re not equally attracted to him, he could very well start acting weird.

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The more attracted he is towards you, and the less he thinks you could be attracted to a guy like him, the weirder things could get.

The good thing is that if he is sticking around despite the weirdness between you two, it means he really likes you. 

10. He’s Scared of Being Hurt

Whether a guy has been hurt in the past, or he grew up in a house with a mom and three sisters and watched one too many chick-flicks while his young brain was forming, if could act weird around you the moment he realizes just how much he actually likes you.

The sad part is that a lot of the time guys will ghost you for the same reason, especially when their feelings continue to deepen.

If you really like him, try reassuring him by showing him the opposite of what he fears; be there for him when he needs you, and let him know how much you care about him.

11. There is Something He isn’t Telling You (But Wants/Needs to)

There are times that guys act weird around you because they are keeping a secret from you.

having a difficult conversation

When a guy has something he isn’t telling you, but really wants to tell you, or feels like he needs to tell you, he may act weird until he spills the beans.

The bad thing is that if he makes the secret into a mountain from a molehill, he may decide to ghost you rather than confess whatever it is that he wants/needs to tell you.

12. He Wants to Slow Things Down

If things are progressing too quickly for a guy’s liking/comfort level, he may seemingly suddenly begin to act weird around you.

The reason he starts acting differently is that he is attempting to “slow things down” to a pace that is more appropriate(in his mind).

His weirdness could also have a bit to do with him gauging whether or not you are thinking about marriage(which he isn’t nearly ready for yet). 

13. He’s Trying to Build Your Interest in Him

On the flip side of wanting to slow things down, sometimes when guys act weird around you it’s because they’re attempting to speed things up.

When a guy wants to build your interest in him, there is no telling what lengths he’ll go to to get your attention and interest.

couple sitting in weird situation

Sadly, sometimes the weirdness has the opposite effect of what they intended and pushes us away rather than mounting our interest.

(…which is why, fellas, the best policy is to always just be yourself!)

14. He Isn’t Really Into You “Like That”

If a guy realizes he isn’t actually into you, “like that”, especially after pursuing you for some time, the second the thought dawns on him, he will start acting weird.

Beware, ladies: the next phase of weirdness may be even simply ghosting you.

That said, if said guy is a gentleman, he will soon see that the correct thing to do is let you know how he really feels.

15. He Has Strong Feelings (and it Scares Him)

When a guy’s feelings are stronger than he cares to admit, or deeper than he is comfortable with, it may scare him at first.

feeling awkward no dance partner

Whether it scares him, exhilarates him, or otherwise, a common reaction to the realization is to act a bit differently around you, something that is usually entirely subconscious.

If he eventually realizes that your feelings are equally strong, towards him, his weirdness will fade away.

16. He’s Trying to Show You That He’s Not Your “Hero”

Guys are often portrayed as heroes, whether in books, films, word of mouth or otherwise and sometimes they want no part of it. 

There is a certain psychological factor to the “hero” archetype that guys get thrown into, and genetics is also at play.

Sometimes when guys act weird around you, it’s just because they are trying to show you that they’re not your hero.

Some guys love being the hero, and others not so much. Even more, sometimes guys simply get tired of being YOUR hero.

If a guy has always been there for you, constantly treats you well, and always protects you, and suddenly starts acting weird… he could be showing you that he’s not your hero anymore.

17. He Gets Anxious in Any Social Situation

hard time approaching beautiful girls

Guys are not immune from social anxiety, in fact, plenty of guys feel anxious in any social situation but even more so in situations that involve someone they “like”.

This is one of the few reasons on the list of why guys act weird around you that really doesn’t have much, or anything, to do with you, or how a guy sees you.

That said, keep in mind that if a certain guy has always acted just a bit weirder around you than his friends, and other people, including around other girls, it may be that he has a crush. 

18. You Make Him Feel Threatened in Some Way

If you make a guy feel seriously threatened, he’s probably going to act weird around you until the feeling passes. 

When the feeling of threat from you builds, rather than goes away, over time, his weirdness also increases.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do in these situations except to stick it out and show him that you mean him no harm.

19. He Doesn’t Like Your Family/Friends

Another reason that guys act weird around you, that’s more common than you may like to believe, is that they don’t like your friends or family.

guys having fun like child

If your relationship progresses, he’ll either come around or get even weirder about your friends and family.

Just remember, the right guy for you isn’t going to punish you because of who your family is or who you choose to be friends with. However, that doesn’t mean he’ll ever want anything to do with them.

20. He Thinks You’re Dating Someone

Sometimes the reason guys act weird around you is that they like you enough to want to date you, but mistakenly think you’re already in a relationship.

Whether you failed to mention your break-up, or you simply thought he already knew, if he thinks you’re dating someone and he’s interested in you he is likely to act a bit weird.

The funny part? When he finds out you’re single, he may act even weirder when he realizes he needs to make his move before the next tom, dick, or harry tries to catch your attention.

21. He Thinks You’re Judging Him for Something

When a guy thinks you’re judging him for something, be something as basic as the color of his skin or his religion, or something like the school he went to, the clothes he wears, or how much money he has, he could act weird around you.

couple acting weird

If he feels judged, it doesn’t matter whether he actually feels guilty or not… he’ll still act differently.

That’s why you should always be vocal about the things you disagree on, but also be reasonable and respectable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know When A Man Is Nervous Around You?

There are tons of signs that a man is nervous when he’s around you: rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, fidgeting, forced laughter, and avoiding eye contact are a few of the most common. Any time he isn’t completely in control of his emotions, he’s going to be nervous around you… especially if he likes you.

Is It Normal To Be Awkward Around Your Crush?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to be awkward around your crush. In fact, if you aren’t acting a bit differently around them, it could be a sign that you don’t really like them as much as you think. That’s because it is in our nature to want to please the person we like. We want to make sure everything is “just right”, which may lead to things being unnatural and awkward.

How Do I Stop Acting Weird Around Guys?

Acting weird around the guys you like is normal. That means you have to take active and conscious steps to “check” yourself if you want to stop acting weird. Avoid being extra sarcastic around them, and don’t play hard to get. Other pointers include smiling a lot, talking less, keeping your hands to yourself and paying attention to what is annoying them and what isn’t.


Weirdness is very subjective. What you find weird might be different than others. Consider the guy and how well you know him before determining the reason behind his behavior. Remember, you are not for everyone, and everyone is not for you.

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