When a Guy Says You’re Awesome – What It Means & How to Respond

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When a guy tells you that you’re awesome, it means he has noticed something special about you. But it could mean different things depending on the context.

Let’s dig into the specifics and talk about what it means when a guy tells you this:

What Does it Mean When a Guy Says I’m Awesome?

1. He Considers You a Great Friend

couple in field happy seeing each other

When a guy tells you that you’re awesome, it means he sees something special in your friendship. You are someone who is always there for him and he really values the bond that you share together.

2. He Thinks You Have Great Taste

When a guy tells you that you’re awesome, it means he thinks highly of your taste. He may like your style in music, clothing, movies, etc.

3. He Thinks You’re Super Nice

When a guy tells you that you’re awesome, it means he finds you to be super nice. He may say this if you’re always nice to him and his friends or if he thinks that your heart is in the right place.

4. He Thinks You’re Funny

friends with clowns on the street

When a guy tells you that you’re awesome, it may mean he thinks you are funny. He may say this if he’s noticed something special about your sense of humor or because he just enjoys spending time with you and laughing together.

5. You’re Like “One Of The Guys”

Guys love it when women can hang out with a group of guys and relate to them on their own level. When a guy tells you that you’re awesome while you’re hanging out with his friends, he is letting you know that you’re accepted into the group even if you’re the only girl there.

This may be seen as the “friend zone”, but it has also been known to be the beginning of something much deeper.

6. He’s Encouraging You to Do Your Best

When a guy tells you that you’re awesome, it means he’s noticing your strengths and wants to help motivate you. He may want to support or cheer for you during tough times or when things are not going as planned. If this is the case, then feel free to receive his encouragement with open arms!

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7. He’s Impressed or Intimidated By You

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When a guy tells you that you’re awesome, it may mean that he thinks you can do it all, and he is greatly impressed. He may also be intimidated, and positively or negatively, he has taken notice of your greatness.

8. He Thinks You’re Cool

Do you tend to be a social and popular person? Perhaps your guy is picking up on this and telling you that you’re awesome because he thinks that’s pretty cool. He may desire to be on your level when it comes to socializing and having connections in the community.

9. It’s A Gentle Letdown

When a guy tells you that you’re awesome, it may be his way of letting you down gently. If he’s not interested in being more than friends, then this is one way to soften the blow. It can also mean that while there are feelings involved on some level, they aren’t strong enough for him to want to pursue anything further.

How to Respond When a Guy Says You’re Awesome

What should you say when a guy says “you are awesome”? Let’s work through some possible responses:

  • You could try to playfully question him and ask for clarification. You could say, “Wait…what do you mean? We’re just friends.”

having wine with friend

  • Sometimes, when a guy says you are awesome, he means that your friendship is so strong and valuable to him. If this seems like the case, then try saying something like: “Aww! Thank you!” or tell him how much you appreciate him.
  • If a guy says “you’re awesome” and it’s in the context of being around his friends, then you can just say, “You too!” or something similar that shows appreciation for him hanging out with you.
  • Maybe he means that your friendship is going really well. In this case, you could say something like “I’m glad!” or “It feels great to have a friendship with you.”
  • If he means that your friendship is comfortable and secure, then try saying things like: “Yes! I agree. We’re amazing friends,” or tell him how much it also means to be his friend.
  • If you’re not sure what he means, then try asking him a question that lets him explain further, like “What do you mean?”. This gives the guy a chance to clarify his statement and helps keep things from getting weird or awkward between the two of you.
  • If you think he is telling you that you’re awesome to soften the blow of rejection or breakup, then you could say something like, “I appreciate it,” or “Thanks for being honest. It does hurt, but I do understand.”

The most important thing is that you don’t let the “awesome” comment get to your head. When a guy says this, it’s not an official affirmation of how great you are as a person and should never be taken as such. Leave your answer open-ended, positive, and keep your sense of humor.

How Do I Know if I’m Special to Him

Being told you’re awesome isn’t always enough to know whether or not a guy thinks you’re special. In order to know if he sees you as someone different and unique, there are some other things you may notice:

1. He Doesn’t Say It To Everyone.

If a guy is always saying that other females are awesome, then he may just be using the expression in general, but if you’re one of only a few people who gets to hear this compliment from him, it could mean something more.

2. He Gives You His Time and Attention.

male taking a photo of a friend

If a guy can’t stop thinking about you or giving you his undivided attention, then that’s something special! If he only has eyes for you and doesn’t seem too interested in other women at the moment, it could mean that he thinks of you as more than just another friend.

3. He Gives You Compliments.

He may say more than “you’re awesome”. He may also say things like ” you’re beautiful” or “I love being around you”.

If a guy says these things to you, it could mean that he views the two of you as more than just friends. It’s also important to note that if a man is giving lots of compliments and trying hard to win your affection without getting too physically involved, that he is flirting, and likely waiting for you to take the next step.

4. He Asks You to Hang Out

If he wants you around all the time and asks you out or suggests hanging out with him, it could mean that he likes having you in his life more than just as friends. If he initiates more than you do and usually comes up with the ideas for hanging out, he is definitely feeling very connected to you.

5. His Body Language Seems Interested

He may do specific things like lean in towards you during a conversation, smile a lot while you’re talking, or seem to be holding a more open body language when you’re around him.

happy couple in a couch

If he’s showing these signs of interest in your friendship, then it could mean that his feelings for you are growing and becoming something special too.

6. He Asks About You

If a man is asking you questions about yourself, your hobby, or anything else personal, then it could mean that he wants to learn more about who you are as a person.

He may also ask specific things like “how was your weekend?” or “what’s new?”. This could be his way of hinting at getting to know you on a more personal level.

7. He Helps You Out

He could be helping you with your homework, loaning you his favorite book, or letting you borrow something of his.

He may also help with larger projects such as moving heavy furniture, fixing a car problem for you, or helping to organize your closet.

If he’s going out of his way to help you with things that you didn’t even ask to assist you with, this probably means that he finds you to be very special.