When a Guy Calls You Mama (10 Meanings and How to Respond)

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Guys tend to have quite a few nicknames for their boos, albeit many of them are generic ones. but what exactly is he thinking when a guy calls you mama?

Read on below and find out some of the most common things it means to a guy to call a girl mama, as well as how to respond, and the answers to several common questions!

When a Guy calls You Mama What Does it Mean?

Guys have more than a few reasons for calling women Mama; from finding her sexy as hell, and wanting her to know it, to literally being reminded of their own mothers, the reasons are quite varied.

Here are 10 things it means when a guy calls you Mama:

1. He Means it in a Romantic Way

young couple in park having a good time togetherMost of the time when a guy calls you Mama it is coming from a romantic place. A lot of men find that Mama is a better alternative to nicknames like Baby, Babe, or Sweetie. That said, there is also the mother-to-son aspect of the word, if he is calling you Mama, he may love you more than any other woman in his life.

2. You Remind Him of His Mother

The second biggest thing it means when a guy calls you Mama is that you remind him of his mother. That doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to sleep with his mother, the way he does with you. But there may be some aspects about you that he relates to attributes of his mothers (which he most likely respects/adores).

3. He’s Using it Like a Pet Name

Only God knows why (if even he does) some guys choose the pet names they choose for their boos. That said, Mama is an increasingly popular one these days. Whether he simply prefers the way it rolls off his tongue or the way you respond to it, only you can guess.laughing couple drinking wine

4. He’s Switching Things Up

Some guys simply like to switch things up a bit from time to time. That means when he calls you Mama there isn’t really much to be concerned about. It doesn’t mean he’s secretly seeing another boo and got your pet names confused; he could just be bored with using the same nickname for you all the time. Another possibility is that he thinks you’d like him to switch things up.

5. He Thinks It’s Sexier Than Babe

happy couple lying inside the tentBelieve it or not, one of the biggest things it means when a guy calls you Mama is simply that he thinks it’s a sexy word/pet name than Babe (which is the obvious go-to pet name that nearly everyone uses with their partners). If you, on the other hand, don’t find it a sexy alternative, you should probably let him know (that way he can stop digging his own grave each time he calls you it, thinking he’s being sexy).

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6. To Him, It’s the Same as “Baby”

When he calls you Mama, he may not see a difference between it and the ever-popular pet name “baby”. Again, if you don’t think along the same lines as him, and don’t find Mama an attractive alternative to baby; let. him. know! That way he can stop making a jack-ass out of himself and call you something that gets your motor running.

7. He’s Using it as a Term of Endearment

young sweet couple having portrait shot in studioMore or less, regardless of anything else, most guys are using the pet name Mama as a term of endearment. The reasons behind him finding Mama as the best term to use, and the various things it may mean, are different stories.

8. He Thinks it Sounds Better Than Sweetie

Another common pet name that men often prefer to skip over, is “Sweetie”. They are much more likely to call you Mama, or even Babe before they stoop to sweetie. That said, not all men are macho enough that using words that are considered sweet and/or cute bothers them.

9. He Has Mad Respect for You

young man about to kiss her partners handsIf a guy isn’t romantically interested in you, but he does have mad respect for you as a woman, and person in general, he’s more likely to call you Mama than something with sexual undertones like baby, or babe.

10. He Thinks Your the Total Package

When a guy thinks that you are all that and a bag of chips, he may call you Mama. The reason behind it is simple; Mama’s ARE the total package. They take care of everyone, hold everything together, and manage to do it with grace and dignity.

What It Means When a Guy Calls You Mama Under Various Circumstances

Now that we’ve discussed some of the top things it means when a guy calls you mama, let’s take a look at exactly what it means under these various but common circumstances:


When a guy calls you Mama in person, you can tell from his body language and what’s going on what exactly he means by it. If he is looking you in the eyes or holding your hand, he’s in love. If he’s doing it in a high-five kind of way, he’s possibly saying it as a friend.

Over Text

woman hands on chin while reading phone messageIt’s also pretty clear what a guy means when he says Mama in a text, most times. All you need to do is examine the nature of the text, including what sort of messages came before and after. Also, consider your relationship with the guy, and the meaning behind him calling you Mama should become pretty clear.

During Sex

When a guy calls you Mama during sex, the meaning is more evident than in any other situation. He is obviously referring to your sexual prowess, and possibly even acknowledging you/her as the dominant force in the relationship.

What To Say When a Guy Calls You Mama

Know that you know precisely what it means when a guy calls you Mama, it’s time to take a look at some of the go-to reactions you could have.

If You Take Being Called Mama as a Compliment:

  • Wow, thank you so much!
  • Thanks, you’re really sweet!
  • Pull him close and hug him
  • Flirt with him if you enjoyed it

If Being Called Mama is Unwanted/Makes You Uncomfortable:

  • Thanks, but no thanks, buddy!
  • My boyfriends are going to beat your butt, mister!
  • Flip him the bird and/or walk away without another word
  • Tell him politely that you don’t appreciate his advances

Common Questions

Is Mama a Term of Endearment?

Most of the time, when men use Mama as a pet name, they are indeed using it as a term of endearment. Whether it’s the sexiest term they can think of, or it is that you remind them of their mother, depends on you and the guy.

What Does it Mean When a Stranger Calls You Mama?

girl smiling back at a strangerWhen a stranger calls you Mama, it could mean various things; he could be calling you sexy, flirting with you, or simply referring to your sexual orientation. In order to tell, simply pay attention to his behavior and where his eyes go (if they stray down to your female parts, he’s more than likely more than simply flirting).

Is the Term Baby Mama Disrespectful?

The term Baby Mama is not necessarily seen as disrespectful these days as much as it is simply just slang language for the mother of a child. For the past decade or so women have claimed the term themselves, and turned it around into something positive.