When a Guy Calls You Gorgeous (15 Meanings & How to Respond)

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Guys can be overflowing with compliments if they are really into you, but what does it mean when a guy calls you gorgeous? Read on below and explore the fully explained truth!

When a Guy calls You Gorgeous What Does it Mean?

From simply wanting to get into your pants to being absolutely stricken and mesmerized by your very presence, the reasons guys call women gorgeous range from one end of the spectrum to the complete opposite side.

Here are 15 things it means when a guy calls you gorgeous:

1. He Wants You to Know He Likes You

woman gorgeous hair and smileGorgeous is a go-to compliment for girls, from guys that want you to know just how attractive you are. Even more importantly, they want you to know, specifically, that they find you more than simply attractive, rather you are as beautiful as it gets.

In most guys’ vocabulary, the word “gorgeous” is the ceiling for compliments. Praise doesn’t get any higher.

2. He is Very Sexually Attracted to You

There is a slight difference between when a guy wants you to know he likes you, and when a guy is simply very sexually attracted to you. The guy who is sexually attracted wants to sleep with you, though he may not even know you let alone like you.

The compliments, however, will sound exactly the same coming from both sorts of guys. So, ladies, stay on guard out there!

3. He Wants to Check Your Reaction

Whether he likes you a lot, wants to sleep with you, or is just clowning around with things, sometimes he may call you gorgeous simply to check your reaction. That said, God only knows what all is going on in his mind, or what he plans to do with the intelligence he’s gathering from measuring your reaction.

couple having fun outdoorsYour reaction could be the determining factor as to whether he invites you back to his place to watch Netflix, throws you in the back of his van, hog-tied, or simply asks you out for a drink sometime.

4. He Wants to Make You Feel Better/Cheer You Up

A lot of guys are sweethearts deep down inside, and when they see you are having a bad day, or aren’t feeling up to your normally upbeat and positive self, they may try to cheer you up by calling you gorgeous.

These guys may not necessarily find you as utterly knock-em-dead beautiful, but they at least find you somewhat attractive and what to make you feel better or cheer you up.

5. It’s a Power Play to Gain Control of Your Heart and Mind

puppet girl wearing polkadot dressSome guys know that a girl’s heartstrings can be manipulated and pulled like puppet strings. In their minds, eventually, they’ll get what they want if they start with small things like opening the door, holding your hand, looking you in the eye, and calling you gorgeous.

Later on, when you’re locked in the basement, with only bread and water, don’t say we didn’t tell you to keep your guard up against guys who call you gorgeous!

6. He Wants to Be More Than Friends

When a guy decides that he wants to be more than just friends with you, he’s likely to start dropping subtle hints. After a while, when he feels bold enough, he’ll go for the big guns; dropping the B-word and G-word left and right.

There are few stronger feelings, to a guy than the primal pull/attraction that they feel towards certain people throughout their lives that they want to be more than friends with you (and your body).

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7. He is Teasing You/Being Condescending

model posing wearing satin dressSometimes guys are just teasing you or even being condescending when they call you gorgeous. Whether they know that you are trying to look really nice for some event, or you’re having a big ego-moment and they want to burst your bubble, don’t be surprised if he drops a well-timed G-bomb on your head just to throw you off.

That, whether he’s teasing you/being condescending out of real spite, or a place of friendly flirtiness, depends on your relationship with him and what exactly is going on at the time.

8. He Is Showing Off In Front of Another Girl

Every now and then you may have the unfortunate luck of being out with a guy whose real agenda is showing off in front of someone else. In the case that the person he wants to impress/make jealous is a girl, he’s even more likely than ever to lather you with compliments such as telling you how beautiful you look or calling you gorgeous.

If you’re not sure if this is what’s happening, check around when he calls you gorgeous and see who is in earshot. If another girl is always around, it’s time to check your guy’s intentions.

9. He Enjoys Everything About You and is Trying to Express it

Not all guys are as good with words as others. Further, as far as that goes, most guys aren’t nearly as good with words as women, to begin with. So, it isn’t surprising that when a guy enjoys everything about you and wants to express it in words, calling you gorgeous is a pretty obvious choice for him.

As far as most guys are concerned, calling a girl gorgeous is as high as praise gets… because come on, man! What one-word compliment could possibly trump the term “gorgeous”?

happy couple flirting outdoorsBeautiful? Stunning? Breath-Taking? They all pale in comparison because they are each merely words that describe aspects of a gorgeous woman. In his mind, the word gorgeous sums it all up nicely.

10. He Knows It’ll Take Big Effort to Get With You

When a guy is really into you but knows that it’ll take some serious efforts to get with you, there’s not much left for him to do but chip away at things and stick with it. One of the tools in his toolbox is bound to be the G-word. The B-word and P-word will also be used regularly.

Even more, if he knows that it takes a strong and intelligent man to get the romantic attention of a truly gorgeous woman, he’ll want her to know he’s clearly smart enough to recognize both her brilliance and her beauty; hence he’ll call her gorgeous every chance he gets.

11. You Truly Are Gorgeous and He Is Just a Messenger

happy couple outdoor whispering makes her smileIn the case that you are a genuinely gorgeous person, and everyone knows it including yourself, on one hand, he’s merely stating the obvious when he calls you gorgeous. But, on the other hand, he’s also professing his adoration for you and sexual attraction towards you at the same time.

12. He is Proud to Be With You/Be Seen With You

To say that most guys are proud to be seen with a gorgeous girl is as massive an understatement as ever was made in the history of mankind (right next to life’s not fair). Most guys are beyond ecstatic to be seen with you and will let you and everyone around know it in their own way.

When he’s calling you gorgeous, it’s his way to tell you, not just that you look good and that he thinks you’re sexy, but that he’s proud to be with you and seen with you as well.

13. He Thinks All Women Are Gorgeous

There is always the off-chance that you’re currently one of the unlucky ladies who sees one of the guys who give other men a bad name (the one that rhymes with frog – and is god spelled backward). You know the type; they sniff around at every skirt that passes by, eyes darting around from woman to woman no matter where they are or what they’re doing (at work, on a date with you, or otherwise).

young boys flirting with few girlsThis particular type of guy finds all women gorgeous. But, unfortunately, doesn’t tend to have much respect for them. That means, when he calls you gorgeous, he’s not really complimenting you at all. In fact, he might as well just call you “woman” or “female” or “potential person to have sex with if I get the chance”.

14. He is Utterly Captivated By You

From time to time, women cast spells on guys, leaving them utterly and completely captivated. There is no science behind it, and it transcends even basic psychology. Love, and lust for that matter, are not always so easily explainable.

When a guy is utterly captivated by you, if he’s able to stop drooling long enough, and use his words, he’ll likely to tell you exactly what he thinks: that you’re the most gorgeous thing he’s ever seen on this earth.

15. It is the Highest Compliment He Can Think of

couple having a good time holding a cup of coffeeLastly, keep in mind that some people are working with a far more limited vocabulary of compliments than others. So, ladies, when he works up the courage to call you gorgeous, don’t be afraid to be inclined to accept his compliment.

Further, ladies, know that if the depth of his vocabulary was even remotely as deep as his adoration for you, he’d drown you with wordy compliments. Thankfully, his vocabulary isn’t that thick, and you don’t need a thesaurus to understand his compliments.

What It Means When a Guy Calls You Gorgeous in Different Scenarios

Now that we know the “why” behind guys calling you gorgeous, let’s have a quick look at what it could mean to be called gorgeous in a few different scenarios:


When a guy tells you that you’re gorgeous in person, it is, well, more personal. He could always wait and text, tell you online, or over the phone, but, instead, he chose to say it to you in person.

That means he finds you truly beautiful and is extremely attracted to you as a person, thus he wants the message to be crystal clear, especially if he is saying it from a place of intimacy.

Over Text

young woman reading text message on her phoneWhen a guy tells you that you’re gorgeous through text messages, it doesn’t mean he isn’t serious. That said, you have to ask yourself how deep the compliment truly is.

Does the guy know you? Or is he just an online friend? Has he had the chance to tell you in person, and avoided it? All the answers to these questions can help you determine whether he really means it or not.

What To Say When a Guy Calls You Gorgeous

When a guy calls you gorgeous, there are so many ways you could respond that it can be overwhelming. That’s why we discuss some of the most common things to say when a guy calls you gorgeous, below:

If You Take it as a Compliment:

The main point is to thank him, so he knows you liked the compliment. Additionally, you may use it as a window to compliment him back:

  • Thank you!
  • -Silence- (let your red cheeks and big smile do the talking)
  • Thanks, handsome!
  • Thanks, you look ravishing yourself!

If it is Unwanted/Makes You Uncomfortable:

If you don’t like the attention you’re getting from the guy who called you gorgeous, there are several quick and easy responses for you to choose from.

  • -Silence- (ignore it completely)
  • I know
  • I’m in a relationship
  • Uh, no?
  • Please, keep your compliments to yourself, I don’t need or want them

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Do Guys Really Mean It When They Call You Gorgeous?

happy couple holding drinks laughingMost guys seem to mean it when they call girls gorgeous. That said, unfortunately, many guys call you gorgeous just because they know you like it. One way to tell if a guy really means it or not when he calls you gorgeous is to measure his behavior afterward.

Is Gorgeous a Bigger Compliment Than Beautiful?

Gorgeous is definitely a bigger compliment than beautiful. Beautiful is what each individual aspect of a gorgeous woman is. Gorgeous is the word that sums up all the beautiful and breath-taking parts that make up an irresistible woman.

Why Would a Guy Call You Gorgeous Every Day?

smiling couple woman holding ice creamIf a guy calls you gorgeous every day, there is a good chance that he’s in love with, falling in love with you, or wants to fall in love with you. Otherwise, there’s a very high possibility that he simply wants in your pants and wants you to know it.

Gorgeous Vs. Cute: What’s the Difference?

Gorgeous vs cute is like Hanna Montana vs. Madona… one is an adorable girl, and the other is a sexy woman you’d ravish if you were a man. In other words, cute is what good-looking girls are, and gorgeous is what sexy women are (in the minds of men).