What Does Cuddling Mean to Guys? (15 Meanings)

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Cuddling is a sign of love in most people’s eyes, including guys. But, on a deeper level, exactly what DOES cuddling mean to guys? Read on below and find out!

What Does it Mean When a Guy Wants to Cuddle?

From secretly wanting to smell you, or feel your body heat, to simply wanting to be intimate with you, or make you feel better after a bad day, guys want to cuddle for all manner of reasons.

Here are 15 of the most common meanings behind cuddles from guys:

1. He Wants to Get Physical

happy couple cuddling in bedPerhaps the most significant meaning behind guys wanting to cuddle is simply their wanting to get physical with you. Whether they’ve fallen in love with you, or they are simply infatuated with your beauty, cuddling is a sure way to get physical. When a guy is ready to be physical with the girl he likes, the want to cuddle will occur more and more often and will become more intense with time as well.

2. He Wants to Make You Feel Safe

Another huge meaning behind guys wanting to cuddle is that they want to make you feel safe. Whether they feel like you are in danger, or it’s simply something in their heroic DNA, this is the reason a lot of guys actually want to cuddle. It’s not for sex, or even to cop a feel; it’s that he wants to make you feel safe and sound, like a well-protected princess.

3. It’s His Way to Express Love

smiling couple happy cuddling in bedFor some guys, cuddling, snuggling, and hugging are the actions they rely on for expressing their love. These types of guys may not be good at remembering birthdays or other special occasions, but they make a great live-teddy bear to snuggle up with. The longer you know him, and the more he loves you, obviously the more he’ll want to cuddle with you.

4. He’s Interested in a Relationship

Guys that want to cuddle with you, but aren’t in an exclusive relationship with you yet want to get snuggled up with you may very well want to cuddle their way into a relationship. If he’s interested in a relationship with you and wants to prove himself as caring, loving, and sensual, he’s likely to jump on the cuddle train every time he gets the chance.

5. He Wants You to Fall in Love

laughing couple having fun togetherLike when a guy wants to cuddle his way into a relationship with you, some guys want to cuddle you straight into being in love with them. These dudes will show up at a quarter till midnight to cuddle with you if you leave your bedroom window open. But, the fact that it barely ever works out for them the way they’d pictured it doesn’t deter them in the slightest. A new day, a new hope.

6. He Thinks Cuddling is Romantic

If he is thinking about cuddling with you, it’s a sign that he has romantic feelings towards you. Whether he is actually in love with you, wants you to fall in love with him, or he wants to snuggle his way into a passionate night of sex, if he thinks cuddling is romantic, he’s likely to lay it on thick.

7. It’s Really the Sex He’s After

intimate couple smiling looking at herUnfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), when some guys say they want to cuddle, really what they are after is the sex they hope cuddling will lead to. Whether or not it does is a whole different story. Further, whether or not you’re OK with it is also another story altogether.

8. He Wants to Feel Your Body Heat

There are a ton of meanings behind the cuddles you get from guys. That said, some guys really want to feel the sweet warmth of your body heat when they say they want to cuddle. The minute they are spooned up with you on the couch, they are in oxytocin heaven (and they never want to come down). The hornier they are, the higher the cloud they are cuddling you on soars.

9. He Wants to Smell You

romantic couple sniffing her hairMuch like guys that want to cuddle in order to feel your body heat, some guys want to cuddle so they can get close enough to smell you. As strange as it seems, once they get the idea in their head that they need to smell you… it can become much more than a flippant wish, but more of a carnal lusting from which they can’t run or hide.

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10. He’s Hoping to Stay the Night

Every now and then a genius guy wants to cuddle because he thinks you’ll let him stay the night if you get tired or horny enough. This tactic has been known to work for enough guys that they’re sure to keep on trying. Like the old-timers say: if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

11. He Wants Out of the Friend Zone

cuddling couple beside the campfireGuys don’t want to be in the friend zone. That’s why if a guy believes that he’s in the friend zone, and wants out, cuddling may be the strategy he chooses to employ on the battlefield. It may be that he actually is in the zone, or maybe he isn’t. But, if he believes cuddling will get him access to a few of your heartstrings, then cuddle away he’ll indeed try!

12. He Knows You Like to Cuddle

When a guy knows that you like to cuddle, he may play the fact to his advantage. Now, whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on how you feel about said guy and what the status of your relationship with him is. The issue is that sometimes you can’t tell whether he’s wanting to cuddle strictly for sex, or just for cuddling’s sake.

13. He Craves Physical Contact

cuddling couple happy in the kitchenYou come across guys from time to time that simply adores you to the point of craving physical contact with you above all else. In these cases, it’s no surprise that they want to cuddle all the time. From his perspective, it’s like playing the lottery, but always winning. He gets physical contact, and depending on how horny you are, he hits the jackpot from time to time.

14. He Wants More Intimacy In Your Relationship

Physical contact and intimacy aren’t always the same thing. That means you can have plenty of physical contact in your relationship and still be lacking in the intimacy department. In this case, when he wants to cuddle, he more than likely actually wants to kiss, hug, and touch you (and spoon you).

15. He Wants to Hold You Until You Fall Asleep

sweet couple watching his partner sleep in his lapSome guys, especially the ones in fairytale books and sitcoms, just want to cuddle so they can hold you until you fall asleep. They don’t want sex or even kisses. Further, they most definitely don’t want you to fall asleep so they can get a sneak peek of your panties or what’s underneath them! Nope. These gentlemen simply want to cuddle you to sleep and then carry you off and lay you down on your rose-covered pedestal.

How to Respond When a Guy Wants to Cuddle

There are several ways that you can respond to a guy when he wants to cuddle with you. The biggest factor that determines your main choices is whether or not you’re into his urge to cuddle with you or not.

Cuddle With Him on the Spot

If you are into the guy, the best option is to cuddle him on the spot, obviously. That said, if you’re busy atm you could invite him by later for Netflix and chill.

Play With His Chest While Cuddling

A go-to move for girls all over is playing with his chest while cuddling. If you do so, he’ll be as weak as putty and you’ll have him wrapped around your pinky.

Sit on His Lap and Arms Over His Shoulders

laughing couple sitting on his lapSitting on his lap and putting your arms over his shoulders is one of the sexiest responses a guy can receive when he tells you that he wants to cuddle.

Play With His Hair While Cuddling

Like tracing your fingers over his chest, running them through his hair, and playing with it is a great way to let him know just how into cuddling with him you really are.

Invite Him to Stay the Night

Inviting him to stay the night when he tells you he’s ready to cuddle is a great way to tell him you’re into the idea (and that you are interested in sex as well).

Ask Him to Come By and Cuddle Some Other Time

couple looking at each other in sofa holding handsIf you are into the idea of cuddling with this guy but don’t have the time for a proper snuggling session, don’t be afraid to schedule it for some other time. Just ask him to come by and cuddle some other time.

Tell Him It’s You, Not Him

When you don’t want to hurt his feelings, but you really don’t want to cuddle, you can always tell him that it’s you, not him. That you aren’t up to it, that you’re still hurting over your ex, or whatever fits the story.

Pretend You Don’t Feel Good

Likewise to telling him that it’s you, not him, you can always pretend that you don’t feel good instead. Once he realizes you may be a ticking puking time bomb, he’s not likely going to want to stick around and snuggle anyhow.

Act Like You Have a Lot On Your Mind

talking couple looking at her partner seriousAnother good way to get out of a sticky cuddling situation you don’t want to end up in is simply acting too self-absorbed and caught up with yourself (aka you have a lot on your mind), and just blow him off.

Tell Him the Truth; You Don’t Want to Cuddle With Him

Probably the least fun option of all, and the best one, is simply telling him the truth: that you don’t find him a good snuggle buddy and really don’t want to cuddle with him. On the other hand, if you do, let him know (and why you can’t!).


What Does Cuddling Mean to Guys?

Hopefully, all of the answers above have already clued you in on what exactly cuddling means to guys. Here’s a recap: they want to make you feel safe and comfortable, or enjoy some physical contact with you. Cuddling is also a means for them to get sex, a relationship, or to make you fall in love.

Is Cuddling a Sign of Love?

Cuddling a sign of love? Not quite. For the most part, cuddling is more of a sign of interest (be it sexually or otherwise) in you than it is an indication of love. That said, if you’ve been in a relationship with, or known a guy for a long time, his wanting to cuddle could indeed be a sign of his love for you.young couple cuddling in couch

Does Cuddling Mean Anything?

What cuddling really means boils down to who you’re asking the question to. To some guys, it’s comparable to holding hands, whereas others feel it’s foreplay for sex, period. That means, sorry ladies, you’re going to have to get to know him a little bit before you know what cuddling means to him!

Can Guys Cuddle Without Feelings?

Guys have much deeper feelings than they are often credited for. That said, cuddling typically DOES make them catch feelings. And, with so much oxytocin pumping through them, and a warm delicious-smelling girl snuggling them, who can blame them for feeling intimate?

When a Guy Says He Wants to Cuddle You, Does He Want Sex?

young couple walking in beach touching her buttWhen a guy tells you he wants to cuddle with you, sometimes that’s all it means. In fact, most of the time, even if he wants more than cuddling, most guys won’t try for sex or be pushy about it if they suggest cuddling (otherwise/unless he tells you he wants sex, rather than cuddling).

What’s the Difference Between Friendly Cuddling and Romantic Cuddling?

Friendly cuddling is simply two humans engaging in physical contact from a non-sexual stance. Whether just hanging out, and getting comfortable, or one friend is trying to make the other feel better, friendly cuddling isn’t about sex. Romantic cuddling, on the other handle, is a form of foreplay that nearly always leads to sex.

What are the Benefits of Cuddling to a Relationship?

The benefits of cuddling in a relationship are huge; increased intimacy, more and better sex, deeper conversations, a higher level of closeness, in general, and so much more.