When a Guy Hugs You with Both Arms: 15 Meanings

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Guys give girls all kinds of hugs, each with its own various reason. So, when a guy hugs you with both arms, what does it mean? Read on below for the full explanation!

What Does it Mean When a Guy Hugs You With Both Arms?

The number of reasons that guys may hug you with both arms is practically infinite. However, some of them are much more common than others. Below, we’ve listed 12 of the main things it means when he hugs you with both arms:

1. He Likes You

happy couple hugging each otherThe biggest and most obvious reason a guy would hug you with both arms is that he likes you.

How long he’s known you, how you met, or what your current relationship status is with said guy, aside, if he’s using both arms and hugging you, the chances are high that he’s really into you.

Hint: if a guy friend or co-worker greets you with hugs, says good-bye with hugs, and/or hugs you with both arms as often as possible… he’s into you.

2. He Wants to Ease Your Anxiety

Whether a guy is just a friend or co-worker, or if he is your romantic partner, if you’re having a bad day/stressful moment, he’s likely to hug you with both arms in an attempt to ease your anxiety.

These hugs definitely aren’t sexual, but depending on your relationship with the guy they may well be tinged with romance as well as basic compassion/sympathy for/towards you.

3. He’s Sexually Attracted to You

When a guy is sexually attracted to you, and is in the position to wrap his arms around you, even if only for a second, hugging you with both arms may become his go-to move for a quick minute.

intimate couple hugging outdoorsThe longer his sexual interest in you builds up, you can expect longer and more intimate hugs to happen. After he gets comfortable with it, he’ll hug from behind, around the waist, and all sorts of good stuff.

4. He Could be Your Soulmate

From time to time, a guy is stricken with the “she’s got to be my soul mate” disease. In these cases, and he believes that he could be your soulmate, expect hugs. Expect lots and lots of hugs.

Hugs from behind, hugs around the waist, hugs on your neck, face, and all over the place. Oh, and don’t expect things to change until you have a wedding band on your finger and his last name on your government-issued ID card.

5. He Wants to Reassure You

sad looking female hugging her partnerSimilar to when a guy gives you a hug with both arms to ease your anxiety, there are times that guys will guy you with both arms in an attempt to reassure you about something.

Whether that something is about something going on in your work, school, or personal life, or simply an assurance that you can trust him to pull out on time (so who needs a condom?).

That said, obviously, these hugs come from both genuine and manipulative places. So, stay on guard, ladies!

6. He’s Happy

If your guy is simply in a good mood, he may wrap you up for a hug from behind, around the waist, neck, or even give you the ol’ bear hug and life-you-up-and-twirl-you combo!

It makes no difference if this is your dad, boyfriend, or co-worker, they are all just as likely to hit you with the two-handed two-armed arm-wrapping hug when he’s extra happy about something.

These two-armed hugs when he’s happy can strike suddenly, like a flash flood in the desert (unexpectedly sweeping you off of your feet, quite literally).

7. He’s Being a Good Friend

Some guys see themselves as nothing more than good friends when they grip you for a two-armed hug.

Whether it’s a greeting, parting, or congratulations about something, these hugs are purely platonic.

happy friends having fun in the street walkingThese hugs may occur at school, at work, while hanging out, at events, and just about any other old time.

8. He’s Congratulating You

When congratulations are in order, whether a guy is your boyfriend, father, brother, friend, or co-worker, he’s likely to give you a big and friendly hug with both arms. These congratulating hugs are rarely romantic.

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That said, sometimes, a congratulating hug may indeed be romantic, depending on the congratulating occasion and the relationship status between you and the guy giving the hug!

9. He’s Greeting You

A lot of guys hug girls upon greeting, often using the two arms wrap method.

intimate couple hugs hard squeezing each otherWhether it’s part of their culture, or they simply want to smoosh your boobies against their chest for a moment and smell your hair (or grab your butt), greetings are the perfect opportunity for a guy to lay on the ol’ two-armed squeeze on a girl.

10. He’s Picking Your Pocket

Once in a while (though maybe just in movies and far-flung foreign countries) there’s the chance that the handsome guy giving you a seemingly friendly hug with both arms and is in reality attempting to empty your pockets with the classic pickpocket hug.

Stay on guard ladies, Rico Suave may simply be fishing in your pockets for pesos for more agave (tequila), not to squeeze your booty and slip you his room key.

11. He’s Saying Goodbye

Another great time for him to get a two-armed hug is when he’s saying goodbye.

intimate couple hugging in train stationAgain, whether it’s simple culture, friendship, or pervy coping-a-feel vibes that propel him to pull you in close for that big ol’ goodbye hug.

That said, goodbye hugs can come from just about anyone, including male family members, co-workers, classmates, and friends.

12. He’s Sad

Guys aren’t just all piss and vinegar all the time. Sometimes they get sad.

And, when guys are sad, there are few things in the world to cheer them up as thoroughly as wrapping their arms around a warm yummy smelling woman.

Likewise, if you can tell he’s sad, giving him a full two-handed hug elaborates deep commitment as a friend.

13. He Wants to Be Your Hero

happy couple hugging looking at cameraWhen a guy wants to be a girl’s hero, he may attempt to slip in as many one-arm hugs and two-armed hugs as possible. You’ll know these types because they are more of an intimate hug or romantic hug than just a friendly hug. These hero types are also likely to lay it on thick with the surprise hug every chance they get. That said, their main goal is to show you they are trustworthy and intimate relationship material.

14. He’s a Perv Copping a Feel

Unfortunately, there are plenty of guys out there who just want to cop a feel of every girl they get the chance to. That’s why they can never seem to get or give enough hugs.

That’s right girls; surprise, surprise, there are men in this world with no respect for anyone, including themselves. And, they will try to grope you every chance they get.

15. He’s Not Confident Enough for More

happy woman hugged by her partnerWhen a guy really likes you, but he isn’t confident to make a bold move, such as an outright romantic hug, he may go for a “two arms completely around you” type of intimate hug instead.

Depending on how much he’s into you, and how much confidence he lacks, he may not even attempt the types of hugs that close friends often share.

Pay attention ladies, because these guys are shy to the physical touch and their body language shows it. That said, they tend to give a great hug regardless.

How to Respond When a Guy Hugs You With Both Arms

Depending on how you feel about the hug, and the guy giving it to you, there are quite a few ways you can respond; from hugging him back, or hanging on when he tries to let go, to giving him the cold shoulder and sending him to the friend zone.

Hug Him Back

happy woman hugging her partnerFirst and foremost, if you are into him, and like him hugging you, you can hug back. If you’re still wrapped up in his arms, simply learn into his hug and squeeze gently.

Hugging him back is the surest way to let him know his hug is welcomed/appreciated.

Tell Him He Gives Good Hugs

If you really liked it and/or want more hugs from a guy in the future, be sure to let him know about it.

Tell him that he gives good hugs and you’ll be expecting plenty more of them. He’ll love the positive feedback and will make sure to hug you there ever after every chance he gets.

Pull Him Closer

happy woman hugging her partner intimatelyWhen a guy is hugging you with both arms but is keeping a respectful distance between your actual bodies/chests, pulling him closer can turn his hug into something more intimate/sexy.

That said, pulling him closer isn’t always romantic, sometimes it’s merely a sign of love and respect.

Whisper in His Ear

Speaking of sexy hugs, if you really want to get his blood boiling, one of the best ways to go about it is by whispering in his ear. Now, whatever the magic words for the occasion may depend on you, the guy, and your history/relationship.

Squeeze Him

happy couple hugging at each otherSqueezing a guy that’s already hugging you is a great physical connection. He’ll know that you liked his hug and that you are directly responding in kind.

Whether you squeeze his arms, hands, or torso, he’ll get the point. That said, sometimes squeezing can be naughty too.

Do Something Naughty

Getting freaky isn’t necessarily out of the picture either. If the hug has a sexual vibe to it in the first place, there is nothing against the law in responding in an equal or more intense nature.

If he’s wrapping his arms around you and massaging you or squeezing your butt, why not squeeze his butt back? Or gently massage his third leg, for that matter?

Tell Him Why You Don’t Feel Comfortable

couple uncomfortable with her partnerIn the case that you aren’t into the hugging action that you’re receiving from a guy, don’t be afraid to tell him you don’t feel comfortable with it.

Whatever the reason may be, isn’t really his business. If he’s a gentleman, you won’t need to hurt his feelings by calling him a creep. All you need to do is let him know hugging is unwanted.

Push Him Away

If he doesn’t take the hint, or the direct truth, that you’re not comfortable with his hugs, simply push him away. If he’s a real creep, consider sending him off with a stiff knee to the groin as well.

If he gives you any lip about it, let him know that your 6-foot 6-inch tall boyfriend who weighs 237lbs is on his way.

Related Questions

What Do Hugs Mean to Guys?

happy couple touching his pregnant wifeHugs mean all sorts of things to guys, including everything from romance and hopeful sexual encounters, to simply showing respect and/or trying to cheer you up.

The bottom line? There is no one thing that hugs mean to guys, but the 15 meanings listed above are a great place to start understanding the overall picture.

When a Guy Says Hugs and Kisses

It may seem silly, but, believe it or not, it happens all the time. Granted, it mainly happens online, on the phone, or over text, versus in person (though it does happen face to face sometimes, for sure).

But, what does it mean? It means exactly what it sounds like: he is “giving” you hugs and kisses.

When a Guy Sighs When He Hugs You

There are several possibilities behind the sigh your guy gives when he hugs you. The most common is that he misses you, followed by that he wants sex he knows he’s not going to get (for whatever reason).

Other meanings behind these sighs are that he has things on his mind that he’d like to share with you, he wants to be exclusive, he is tired, or he is uncomfortable with something you are going to do.

What Kind of Hugs Do Guys Like?

When the hugs are coming from girls/women, guys like just about any type they can get (aside from the pickpocket hug).

happy couple smiling looking at camera It doesn’t matter whether it’s the one arm hug, a quick but romantic hug, a tight bear hug, a sweaty intimate hug, or even the just-a-friend hug or the surprise hug, you name it, guys dig it if it’s coming from a female they like.

How Do You Know If a Hug is Romantic?

There are a few giveaways/indicators that a hug is romantic, the most significant being the length of the hug and the second most important factor being the tightness/firmness of the “squeeze”.

Between these two factors, most times you can figure out what a hug means. Other dead giveaways include kisses, whispering, extra squeezing, and anything of a sexual nature.

What Do Long Hugs Mean?

Long hugs stand for a lot of things, he misses you, is going to miss you, he loves you, he’s sad, he’s not ready to leave, or not ready for you to leave, and the list goes on and on. The most significant thing a long hug indicates is that he loves and cares for you to some serious degree.