25 Ways Guys Hint They Like You Through Text

When guys text you about their feelings, sometimes you’ll need to be able to read between the lines. There are certain hints that guys drop that reveal whether they like you or not.

Here are 25 ways that guys hint they look you through text:

1. He Initiates Text Conversations

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When he’s the one starting a conversation, it usually means that your guy is interested in you. Start paying attention to his questions and responses – does he just want to shoot small talk back and forth? Or are you both talking about heavy stuff like feelings or plans?

This can help you to determine how interested he is in a friendship or potential relationship. He may say things like:

  • What are you up to now?
  • Just checking in and hope you’re having a great day!
  • Hi, are you interested in coming over this week?

He certainly wouldn’t feel obligated to send these messages if he didn’t want to spend more time with you, so you can see them as a clear sign of interest.

2. He Messages You Every Morning

If your guy is the one who starts off your conversation in the morning, that’s probably a sign he wants to start his day talking to you. He would say things like:

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  • Good morning! I hope today is great for you too. We still on for tonight?
  • How are you feeling this morning?
  • What’s up in your world today?

He is developing a habit of regularly checking in with you, which means that you’re becoming a staple in his life.

3. He Messages You Every Night

Similar to messaging in the morning, if your guy is the one who starts off your conversation in the evening, that’s probably a sign that he is into you. He would say things like:

  • Sleep well and talk to you tomorrow.
  • Thanks for a fun time tonight. Goodnight!
  • Thinking of you and just wanted to tell you to have a good night.

This means that you’re one of the last people on his mind before bed, which means that you’re probably one of the first people on his mind as soon as he wakes up.

4. He Is Quick To Reply

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When he is always quick to respond, this is another sign that your guy likes you. He isn’t one of those people who takes forever to reply or might even forget about it altogether – if he’s interested in you, then he will make the effort to show it by replying on time and thoroughly answering any messages that you send him.

5. He Compliments You

He might be shy about saying that you’re beautiful, but if he compliments your outfit or hair, then this is a sign that he appreciates you. He’s thinking of how pretty you are and telling others! He may make comments such as:

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  • You looked so good tonight. I love your style.
  • Where do you get your clothes? You always look so well put together.
  • I’m sure whatever you wear, you’ll always look great.

There is a large range of compliments a guy can give, but they almost all indicate that he is attracted to you.

6. He Flirts With You

If he is always flirting with you, this is another sign that your guy likes you. He would make comments like:

  • I want more than just a kiss on the cheek – can’t wait for that date!
  • Haha, will I get anything extra if I help you out today?

This is a very straightforward sign that he is interested in you and wants to do more than just be friends.

7. He Regularly Asks How You’re Doing

When a guy regularly checks in with you, this is a sign that he cares about your life and wants you to feel included. He will say things like:

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  • How’s the day going for you?
  • What have you been up to today? Did anything interesting happen?
  • Let me know how your day goes. I’ll be thinking of you.

Even if this check-in is brief, it lets you know that you’re popping into his head from time to time. It may also be a hint that he wants you to initiate conversations with him more often as well!

8. He Calls You Cute Names

If he calls you names like baby, doll, or sweetheart, then this is a sign that he likes you. A lot of guys are too shy to call their crush beautiful or gorgeous right away because they don’t want to make it awkward with an unwanted compliment.

  • Hey babe, how was your day?
  • It’s so nice to hear from you, sweetie. I hope you’re having a good day!
  • Hi beautiful, let’s hang out later today.

9. He Uses Affectionate or Suggestive Emojis

If he sends you flirty emojis, this is a sign that he wants to flirt with you and maybe even take things further. He could send hearts or kissy faces as a way of letting you know how cute he thinks you are. He may say something like:

  • Of course, I’m excited about seeing you tonight 😀
  • Let’s go to the movie tonight, and then we can decide what we want to do afterward. 😉

Emojis are a great way to express things without saying anything too literally, so if he’s using them, he’s dropping you hints that an attraction is there.

10. He Shares Personal Information With You

Some guys really struggle with opening up to their friends, but if he’s sharing personal information with you then this is a sign that he really trusts and feels comfortable around you. He might say things like:

  • I never told anyone about my mom being sick before, so thank you for your support.
  • I’m actually feeling kind of down today. I don’t know what to do.
  • I’m really struggling with my job right now. I need some advice…

guy in the office reading a message

If he has shared something deeply personal with you, this is a sign that he likes spending time around you and values your opinion very highly. He’s starting to trust you! You could even say that there are feelings developing.

11. He Asks You About Your Personal Life

If he is interested in your life outside of hanging out, this shows that he cares about you. He might ask questions like:

  • How was work today? Did anything interesting happen?
  • What did you do last weekend? I’d love to hear all about it.
  • Hey, thanks for telling me about your grandma. How is she doing this week?

These signs of interest show that he cares about you and wants to know what’s going on in your life.

12. His Replies Are Long

When guys are short with their text messages, it can be confusing to figure out why they’re not as responsive. However, if he is replying to your messages with a lot of words and addressing what you said in the conversation, then this shows that he’s putting effort into talking to you and showing interest.

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He may include a lot of opinions, jokes, or responses in his messages, instead of simply saying ” OK” or “cool”. These longer texts help to create an engaging conversation with a lot of back and forth. He is likely sending you long replies so that you will keep having something to respond to, and therefore will keep talking to him. This almost always means that he likes you.

13. He Jokes With You Through Texts

If he is making jokes with you through texts, this shows that he trusts your sense of humor and values engaging with you. He could say something like:

  • Have you ever wondered why a round pizza comes in a big square box?
  • What kind of deodorant do astronauts wear?
  • Don’t tell anyone, but I actually put A LOT of effort into this text message. 😉

If he’s making lighthearted jokes, it shows that you are comfortable with each other and have a good relationship dynamic already. He may also be doing this to impress you with his wit!

14. He Sends Motivational Messages

If your guy is sending you motivational quotes or uplifting messages, this is a sign that he really cares about your happiness and mental health. He may say something like:

  • You can do anything if you put your mind to it!
  • You can do it, you’re going to get through this!
  • You’re the smartest person I know and you’re going to figure this out.

If he sends motivational messages when something good happens or if he sees you struggling, it shows that he cares and is supportive. He thinks about you often and wants the best for you.

15. He Asks You For Advice

If he asks you for advice, it shows that he trusts your judgment and values your opinion. He could say something like:

  • Hey, I just need some quick advice about this situation… what’s the best way to handle it?
  • Can we talk tomorrow? This is a really difficult decision, but if I share my options with you, then maybe you can help me decide.
  • What do you think about this? I’m really not sure what to make of it… Can you please take a look at the situation for me and let me know your thoughts?

If he’s asking for advice, it shows that he is probably feeling comfortable around you. He is also likely trying to figure out whether or not you’re going to be there for him. This means he’s interested in getting to know you on a deeper level.

16. He Asks To Have a Phone Call

If a guy likes you, he’s definitely going to want to spend more time talking to you. Asking you to talk to him on the phone is an easy way that he can hint that he wants more time with you. He may say:

lovely lady with her mobile phone

  • Let’s talk on the phone tomorrow, it’s been way too long!
  • I miss talking to you. Do you want to have a chat? I’m free at lunchtime if that works for you.
  • Hey, let me give you a ring so we can catch up later this week…

By asking to give you a ring at a specific date and time, he is making concrete plans for when the two of you can talk – which means your relationship with him is becoming more serious.

17. He Asks To Meet In Person

If you’ve been talking to a guy online for a while and he finally asks if you’d like to meet up in person, this is an obvious sign that he’s interested. He may say:

  • I’m out of town between the 20th-24th, but when I get back do you want to grab coffee?
  • How about we go out for lunch. I’m free next Tuesday?
  • I have to work this weekend, but how about we catch up over the phone on Sunday evening?

He’s inviting you to spend time with him in person – which means he wants to see if there is a deeper connection between the two of you. If he already has plans set up with you, it means that he knows you’re going to be in his life for the long term and he has fun with you.

18. He Asks You To Send Pictures

If he asks you to send pictures, it shows that he’s interested in your life and what is going on. He may say:

  • Hey, I haven’t seen any new photos of you lately. Do you have a recent one?
  • I miss seeing all the amazing things happening in your life! Send me a pic when you have a moment.
  • If you send me a picture of what you’re doing right now, so will I.

Sending pictures can be quite flirty and suggestive. If he asks for them, it means that he thinks you’re physically attractive, especially if he’s asking for selfies from you. As long as he is being respectful, this is a big sign that he is into you.

19. He Uses Inside Jokes

If he starts using inside jokes with you, it means that the two of you are becoming more comfortable around each other. Inside jokes help to deepen relationships because they depend on previous experiences and connections that you have had with this guy. It’s an indirect way of saying that you two remember and appreciate the more interesting and funny moments in your relationship.

20. He Lets You Know When Something Reminds Him Of You

If he says something that reminds him of you, it is a sign that he misses being around you. He may say:

cool guy with his mobile phone

  • It’s been a while since we talked. How are you doing lately?
  • The other day I saw something and it reminded me of you.
  • Miss your funny texts! I hope all is well!

If he misses you, it definitely means that he values you and feels privileged to get messages from you. He is also letting you know how frequently he wants to talk to you and catch up. This can help you two to establish what level of closeness feels best. Do you miss each other after a couple of days, or after a couple of hours?

21. He Texts You All Day Long

If he texts you all day long, it means that the two of you are either dating or best friends. It also shows that he is interested in what’s going on with your life and never wants to miss out. He is clearly making time for you, no matter where he is, how he feels, and how busy things are.

Unless he is incredibly social and has tons of free time, this probably means you are very special to him and a priority when it comes to his time. It’s a good sign that he is making time for you and wants to get to know you better.

22. He Texts You When He’s Out With Friends or Family

If he starts texting you when he’s out with friends or family, it means that the two of you are becoming more serious. It may seem like a small thing but if he keeps it up, he is telling you that the two of you are on his mind even when he’s having fun with others.

He is also probably trying to create a bridge so that you can eventually meet his friends and family by bringing them up regularly. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to meet them or hang out with them over time.

23. He Shares Movies, Music, and Articles With You

If a guy wants you to know more about him, he will share the things that are important and interesting to him. If you two like a similar type of music or movies, then it’s likely that your personality is on par with his in terms of interests and values.

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If he shares articles, books, TV shows, concerts, etc. with you, it means he wants to know more about your personality and see what you find interesting. It also means he wants to make sure that the two of you are compatible before investing further in this relationship. He isn’t going to share anything with someone who has different interests, values, or opinions on important things like politics or religion, for example.

24. He Asks About Your Love Life

If he asks about your love life, it means that he wants to know whether or not you’re romantically available. He may say things like:

  • So do you have a special someone in your life?
  • I wonder what your boyfriend would think about that. Do you have one?
  • What kind of relationship do you want moving forward?

In addition to asking about your love life, he may share his personal feelings and dating status as well. This is a way that he can let you know that he is free to date and that he is interested in you romantically.

25. He Tells You That He Likes You

The most obvious sign that he likes you, is when a guy tells you so. He may say the following:

  • You’re pretty cool/ nice/ awesome etc.
  • I like being around you.
  • I definitely have a crush on you.
  • Are you feeling a connection here like I am?

If he’s directly telling you that he likes being around you and/or has a crush on you, then it means there is definitely chemistry between the two of you. He’s also letting you know how he feels without expecting anything in return or worrying about your response. This gives you time to decide what to say back once you’re certain that he is into you.

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