25+ Thoughtful Good Morning Texts for Him

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There’s nothing quite like waking up every morning with a thoughtful text from someone you love. If your boyfriend or hubby is having a rough time and needs some encouragement, a brilliant good morning text will make him smile and create a better day right from the start. Here are a few (25+) thoughtful texts you can use to make his day brighter. Please print out this list and hang it up on the wall, choosing and tweaking these ideas to give him as much joy and happiness as possible each morning.

25 Thoughtful Messages That Will Make Your Guy Feel Loved Every Morning

1. “Start your day with a big smile! You’re an amazing man, and I know that you’re going to have a fantastic adventure today!”

2. “Each day starts with the first step out of bed. Everything after that should be easy peasy! Let me know if you need a little encouragement today.”

3. “Hey babe, I know today is going to be tough for you, but I’m thinking about you already. Drop a line if you need someone to vent to or a cheerleader for your day.”

4. “Don’t worry about yesterday or any other problems you’ve been having. Today is a new day, and you can tackle anything that comes your way!”

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5. “I hope you’re having a wonderful morning already! I’m always thinking of you and hoping that everything comes out for you!”

6. “Life can be tough and, when it is, I’ll be there for you. Come to me when you need me, and I’ll hold your hand and let you cry.”

7. “The sun is up, and it’s a beautiful day! Even if things are tough, know that I’m here for you. And that the sun will always warm your soul.”

8. “Do you remember what Einstein said? ‘Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.’ So work hard, and I know you can do it!”

9. “Life can seem hard sometimes and like it’s cruel and destructive. But I know that being with you will make everything brighter and better.”

10. “Have you ever stayed up to watch the sunset and then woke up to watch the sunrise? It’s beautiful but nowhere near as wonderful as you.”

11. “Every morning is like a wonderful new birth. Your past is gone, and the future stretches out before you for you to take. So grab it with both hands. I know you can do it.”

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12. “The difference between a good day and a bad day all depends on how you start it. Eat a great breakfast, meditate, and create a good attitude!”

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13. “Here’s a little fun fact you don’t know about me. I have loved all my mornings since I met you! I hope that your day is starting out as great as mine.”

14. “Take a little time to really think about how you want to tackle the day ahead. Make a list of things to do, check them off, and let me know how well you do!”

15. “What is your favorite motivational song of all time? I love ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ Listen to it this morning to get pumped up for your day.”

16. “I’m here for you, always waiting to help you with whatever you need. I can be whatever you need and will happily make your life better.”

17. “Sometimes, when my motivation is at an all-time low, I just think of you. Then I’m ready to do just about anything I can to succeed!”

18. “How is your morning going so far? Are you already feeling pumped for the day or having a hard time going? I can motivate you if you need it.”

19. “If the world is my oyster, you’re the pearl. You’re priceless, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind. I can’t wait to see you again.”

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20. “You are my world. You are my sun that rises in the east and sets in the west. My reason for waking up and tackling the day ahead.”

21. “What’s your goal for the day? Set one that makes you feel excited and ready to tackle the day ahead! I plan on making you an amazing dinner tonight.”

22. “‘ Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.’ I know that you’re going to do something exceptional and extraordinary to make the world a better place today.”

23. “The world was made for you to go out and take it. I know that you can do whatever you dream and that your life is going to be an amazing adventure!”

24. “Wake up, sleepyhead! You make my life better just knowing you’re alive. And today is going to be a great day for you. I can feel it.”

25. “Without hope, we cannot start the day. Without love, life is not worth living. You bring me both hope and love, and I couldn’t be happier with you.”

Bonus Texts: Try These Out for Extra Thoughtfulness

26. “Right now, I would love to kiss you, to show you how much I care. But for now, you can rest assured knowing that you’re my heart.”

27. “My heart pumps blood just for you. Every day, I think of your amazing spirit, and it inspires me in ways that no one else ever has.”

28. “If you were here right now, I’d give you a massage to work out all your fears and worries. I want to take care of you and grow old together.”

29. “Did you get up to the gym yet today? I know it isn’t easy to get going sometimes and that you need a little motivation. So let me give you all the help you need.”

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30. “The sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you! Just a little reminder of how much I love you!”

31. “Whenever I get low on energy in the morning or feel like I’d rather sleep in all day, I remember you, and you inspire me to get going.”

32. “Coffee isn’t the only thing that keeps me going in the morning. Knowing that you’re here for me, to support my roughest days, keeps me happy.”

33. “Life is not easy for most people. And sometimes, we fight and don’t get along perfectly. But ultimately, life is worth living because of you.”

34. “Good day, sunshine! The sun’s got nothing on you! Or how I feel when I’m with you! Tackle each day’s challenges with that in mind, my love.”

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35. “Don’t let bad days or nights get you down. Each new day is an opportunity to make your life better. I can’t wait to make it better with you.”

36. “Morning is never easy for you, I know, but just think of it this way. You get through this day, and then we’ll get to hang out together!”

37. “Do you know that every day is a miracle? The fact that your heart still pumps and that you’re still alive should be celebrated.”

38. “Here’s something you might forget: the sun is always rising somewhere. So even if your day was dark, the new sun will wipe away these fears!”

39. “Is your heart as excited as mine, knowing that this morning could bring so much joy and wonder? Let’s spend it together when we can.”

40. “Do you want to know a secret? You’re an amazing, wonderful, and inspiring guy. There’s nothing that you can’t do, and I love you so much.” 

Good Morning Texts Can Improve Your Relationship

A thoughtful good morning text is not just a great way to start the day. It can let your guy know how much you think of him and can make him feel as loved as possible. These texts are often a great way to break the ice after a fight, as well, or if you’ve been having a hard time together for whatever reason. A little thoughtfulness can go a long way towards healing old wounds and making life better.