40+ Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

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When you’re interested in a guy, it’s only natural to think about him often – if not constantly. You’ll catch yourself picturing his face, imagining his voice, thinking about when you’re going to see him again, and so much more.

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This is a vulnerable position to be in. You probably hope that he’s thinking about you, too, otherwise you’ll be embarrassed of your own thoughts and feelings.

What if we were to tell you that you can use strategic text messages to plant yourself in his thoughts? You absolutely can, and we’ve written texts to make him think about you all day that you can freely use.

Keep reading to see what we came up with.

How to Solidify Your Place in His Mind

It’s not just a text that will get him obsessing over you – it’s your attitude.

Before we dive into the list of texts, let’s talk about your behavior. You see, it’s not just a text that will get him obsessing over you – it’s your attitude. The right text with the wrong attitude can turn him off completely.

So how should you be acting?

Well, the first step is to make sure you don’t seem too available. Don’t answer him right away every single time, and don’t always leave your schedule wide open for him.

When you make yourself readily available for him at all times, you simply tell him that he can have you whenever he wants. Where’s the fun in that? He’ll just get bored quickly.

Second, avoid making yourself appear desperate for his attention. Don’t spam him with repeatedly overly emotional texts, don’t get upset if he doesn’t answer right away, and don’t text him a bunch of times in a row.

Doing any of the aforementioned things will scare him off. If you’re finding yourself tempted to poke him with another text after he didn’t answer your last one, consider setting your phone aside for awhile. Chances are, he didn’t answer you quickly because he’s busy.

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Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

We’ve divided our list of text messages into a handful of categories:

  • Sexy
  • Romantic
  • Cute
  • Fun
  • Sneaky

With these convenient categories, you can just scroll to whichever mood you feel is appropriate and use a text from that section. We’ll explain in each section what the texts are best for accomplishing.

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Sexy Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

Sending a saucy message should be something that’s fun for both of you, not a desperate last-ditch effort to hold on to someone not worth your time.

Want to make the guy of your dreams drool over you while he daydreams about you all day long? Consider sending him one of these sexy texts.

Keep in mind that the following texts are meant to appeal to him on a sexual level. If you’re not at that point with him yet, don’t use them.

Additionally, don’t use sexy text messages just to get his attention when you’re worried he’s slipping away. Sending a saucy message should be something that’s fun for both of you, not a desperate last-ditch effort to hold on to someone not worth your time.

crazy text message tip
  • “I was thinking about you all night last night…”
  • “You won’t believe the dream I had about you last night.”
  • “Want to give me a call later? I want to tell you about these naughty thoughts I keep having.”
  • “If you were here with me, we’d be doing something pretty interesting…”
  • “Good morning! I don’t think I’d ever be able to get out of bed if you were here with me.”
  • Did you have any dreams last night you want to tell me about?”
  • “I have a present for you. It’s in my bedroom; remind me to give it to you the next time you come over.”
  • “Just bought some gorgeous lingerie. Mind if I put on a fashion show for you soon?”
  • “Let’s play hooky together tomorrow. We could even spend the entire day in bed.”
  • “I keep having this hot fantasy about you. Maybe I’ll tell you more about it later.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about you…I can hardly keep my hands off myself.”
  • “My mouth is watering just thinking about tasting your lips again.”
  • “Brr! It’s so cold outside today. Wish you were here to warm me up.”
  • “I can tell it’s going to be a long day. How about you come over later and we can unwind together?”
  • “I can’t stop imagining what I’m going to do to you the next time I see you.”

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Romantic Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

If you’re in the mood to melt his heart into mushy goo, sending him a spicy text isn’t likely to achieve that end. What you want is one of these romantic text messages.

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He might be too self-conscious to go, “awwwwwww” out loud when he reads them, but we bet he’ll at least feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

  • “My morning would have been much better if I got to wake up next to you.”
  • “I don’t think I’ll be able to stop thinking about you all day.”
  • “I hope I’ll be on your mind today as much as you’re on mine.”
  • “If I could change one thing about myself right now, it would be where I am. I wish I were with you instead.”
  • “My heart skips a beat every time you send me a text.”
  • “Can I call you on my next break? I’m really missing the sound of your voice.”
  • “I’m wearing one of your t-shirts today. It still smells like your cologne and makes it impossible to forget you.”

Cute Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

There’s a time and a place to use romantic text messages. If you’re looking to be cheerful or your relationship is still in its early stages, you might want to stay away from excessive sweetness.

That’s where the following cute texts will come in handy. They’re perfect for when your relationship is just beginning and are all but guaranteed to make him smile.

  • “I can’t wait to kiss you again.”
  • Send him a selfie of you looking your absolute best!
  • “Remember that crazy movie we saw on our first date?”
  • “Mind sending me a picture of your handsome face? I need a pick-me-up.”
  • “So I’ve got a little crush on this amazing guy. He’s tall, a little geeky, and has cute freckles. Does that sound like anyone you know?”
  • “Just saw my doctor and was prescribed kisses from a sexy guy. Do you know where I could fill my prescription?”
  • “I think I’ll have to stop, drop, and roll the next time I see you, because you set me on fire with desire.”
  • “I can’t stop smiling every time you text me. Everyone at work keeps asking me why I look so happy.”
  • “I’m debating with my friends about who the sexiest man in the world is. I think I can win this debate by showing them a picture of you.”
  • “I bet you’re killing it at work today!”

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Fun Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

If you’re looking for texts with some real personality, this section is for you. These texts are designed to catch his interest without relying solely on flirting or romance.

After all, if you only ever flirted with him, conversations would quickly become boring. You can use these fun texts to show him you want to talk to him as a person – not just treat him like an unlimited flirting partner.

  • “The craziest thing happened to me today. Remind me to tell you about it later when we have more time.”
  • “I’m taking the initiative and making plans with you tonight. You, me, and a pizza. Sound good?”
  • “I’ve got a surprise for you!”
  • “Remember that crazy movie we saw on our first date?”
  • “I’ve gotten better at *game you both play.* I challenge you to match later – loser pays for dinner.”
  • Send him jokes or memes that you know will make him laugh.
  • “What are you craving for lunch today? Maybe I’ll swing by your work with a tasty surprise...”
  • “I’m having a rough day. Mind sending me some memes/telling me a joke to cheer me up?”
  • “I just heard this song I think you’d like it. Listen to it and let me know what you think! *insert link to the song*”
  • “I keep thinking about how good you are at cooking. Mind demonstrating your culinary talents again soon?”

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Sneaky Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

One of the easiest ways to make a man absolutely, helplessly desperate for you is the old classic strategy, playing hard to get.

One of the easiest ways to make a man absolutely, helplessly desperate for you is the old classic strategy, playing hard to get. The idea is simple: let him give into his chasing instincts and come after you by restricting the amount of interest you openly show him.

This isn’t a strategy we recommend using frequently because it’s tricky. You risk pushing him away if you’re too cold, just like you risk pushing him away if you’re too warm too fast. Furthermore, it can be manipulative and dishonest to act like you don’t care when you really do.

That being said, if you want to play hard to get, these sneaky texts are perfect for you. Either one will have him wondering what he can do to make you want to see him again.

  • “Sorry, I can’t talk right now. I’m busy. Maybe later?”
  • “I’ll have to take a raincheck on seeing you this weekend – I’ve already got plans. We can always hang out another time!”

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