75+ Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

This is a vulnerable position to be in. You probably hope that he’s thinking about you, too, otherwise you’ll be embarrassed of your own thoughts and feelings.

What if we were to tell you that you can use strategic text messages to plant yourself in his thoughts? You absolutely can, and we’ve written texts to make him think about you all day that you can freely use.

Keep reading to see what we came up with here.

First, Solidify Your Place in his Mind

Before we dive into the list of texts, let’s talk about your behavior. You see, it’s not just a text that will get him obsessing over you – it’s your attitude. The right text with the wrong attitude can turn him off completely.

So how should you be acting?

Well, the first step is to make sure you don’t seem too available. Don’t answer him right away every single time, and don’t always leave your schedule wide open for him.

standing holding phone look serious

When you make yourself readily available for him at all times, you simply tell him that he can have you whenever he wants. Where’s the fun in that? He’ll just get bored quickly.

Second, avoid making yourself appear desperate for his attention. Don’t spam him with repeatedly overly emotional texts, don’t get upset if he doesn’t answer right away, and don’t text him a bunch of times in a row.

Doing any of the aforementioned things will scare him off. If you’re finding yourself tempted to poke him with another text after he didn’t answer your last one, consider setting your phone aside for awhile. Chances are, he didn’t answer you quickly because he’s busy.

Feeling frustrated because he sent you a one-word text? Be sure to take a look at our guide to how to reply to one-word texts from guys to decipher the text and coordinate a solid response.

Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

We’ve divided our list of text messages into a handful of categories:

  • Sexy
  • Romantic
  • Cute
  • Fun
  • Sneaky

With these convenient categories, you can just scroll to whichever mood you feel is appropriate and use a text from that section. We’ll explain in each section what the texts are best for accomplishing.

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Sexy Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

in coffee shop cute smile on her phone

Want to make the guy of your dreams drool over you while he daydreams about you all day long? Consider sending him one of these sexy texts.

Keep in mind that the following texts are meant to appeal to him on a sexual level. If you’re not at that point with him yet, don’t use them.

Additionally, don’t use sexy text messages just to get his attention when you’re worried he’s slipping away. Sending a saucy message should be something that’s fun for both of you, not a desperate last-ditch effort to hold on to someone not worth your time.

  • “I was thinking about you all night last night…”
  • “You won’t believe the dream I had about you last night.”
  • “Want to give me a call later? I want to tell you about these naughty thoughts I keep having.”
  • “If you were here with me, we’d be doing something pretty interesting…”
  • “Good morning! I don’t think I’d ever be able to get out of bed if you were here with me.”
  • “Did you have any dreams last night you want to tell me about?”
  • “I have a present for you. It’s in my bedroom; remind me to give it to you the next time you come over.”
  • “Just bought some gorgeous lingerie. Mind if I put on a fashion show for you soon?”
big smile on her bed looking at phone
  • “Let’s play hooky together tomorrow. We could even spend the entire day in bed.”
  • “I keep having this hot fantasy about you. Maybe I’ll tell you more about it later.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about you…I can hardly keep my hands off myself.”
  • “My mouth is watering just thinking about tasting your lips again.”
  • “Brr! It’s so cold outside today. Wish you were here to warm me up.”
  • “I can tell it’s going to be a long day. How about you come over later and we can unwind together?”
  • “I can’t stop imagining what I’m going to do to you the next time I see you.”
  • “Do you want to see what I’m wearing right now? I promise you’ll like it!”
  • “Have you ever heard of the Kama Sutra? Well, I just bought a copy…wanna use it?”
  • “Bring some feathers home tonight: I just heard of a sexy way we can use them together.”
sitting in couch cute smile holding phone
  • “Remember what we did last night and how much I liked it? I have an idea to make it better.”
  • “When I’m through with you tonight, you’ll never lose your smile again!”
  • “Do you know what I miss the most? What you were doing to me in bed.”
  • “No matter what else happens tonight, I need you in my bed ASAP.”

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Romantic Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

lying in bed feeling good looking at phone

If you’re in the mood to melt his heart into mushy goo, sending him a spicy text isn’t likely to achieve that end. What you want is one of these romantic text messages.

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He might be too self-conscious to go, “awwwwwww” out loud when he reads them, but we bet he will at least feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

  • “My morning would have been much better if I got to wake up next to you.”
  • “I don’t think I’ll be able to stop thinking about you all day.”
  • “I hope I’ll be on your mind today as much as you’re on mine.”
on train smiling looking at phone
  • “If I could change one thing about myself right now, it would be where I am. I wish I were with you instead.”
  • “My heart skips a beat every time you send me a text.”
  • “Can I call you on my next break? I’m really missing the sound of your voice.”
  • “I’m wearing one of your t-shirts today. It still smells like your cologne and makes it impossible to forget you.”
  • “I knew the first time you walked past that I wanted to be with you. There was just such electricity between us, even then!”
  • “When you’re sweet, I want to spend time with you. When you’re grumpy, I want to spend time with you. I just love being around you, even when you’re struggling.”
  • “I’m so glad you’re in my life, and I’m so glad you’re interested in taking this relationship further. I miss your smile and can’t wait to hear your voice again.”
sitting in kitchen big smile on phone
  • “Today, I thought about that silly smile you get when you see me. I love that smile and you and am glad you’re in my life.”
  • “If you promise to kiss me tonight, I’ll do something for you that will make you smile. Promise.”

Cute Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

There’s a time and a place to use romantic text messages. If you’re looking to be cheerful or your relationship is still in its early stages, you might want to stay away from excessive sweetness.

That’s where the following texts will come in handy. They’re perfect for when your relationship is just beginning and are all but guaranteed to make him smile.

big smile looking at phone on street
  • “I can’t wait to kiss you again.”
  • Send him a selfie of you looking your absolute best!
  • “Remember that crazy movie we saw on our first date?”
  • “Mind sending me a picture of your handsome face? I need a pick-me-up.”
  • “So I’ve got a little crush on this amazing guy. He’s tall, a little geeky, and has cute freckles. Does that sound like anyone you know?”
  • “Just saw my doctor and was prescribed kisses from a sexy guy. Do you know where I could fill my prescription?”
  • “I think I’ll have to stop, drop, and roll the next time I see you, because you set me on fire with desire.”
  • “I can’t stop smiling every time you text me. Everyone at work keeps asking me why I look so happy.”
  • “I’m debating with my friends about who the sexiest man in the world is. I think I can win this debate by showing them a picture of you.”
  • “I bet you’re killing it at work today!”
  • “I’m thinking of calling in sick tomorrow: wanna come to the house tonight and be sick together?”
  • “Come over, and we’ll have such a good time: no, I’m not going to tell you what I have planned!”
  • “Do you know what kiss burns are? Come over, and I’ll show you!”
  • “I know I don’t have a treadmill, but wanna workout in bed together?”
in kitchen sitting having fun on phone
  • “Great idea! Let’s get breakfast tomorrow. Where? My apartment. Just come over tonight so that we can get started early.”
  • “My world stops when I get to say good morning and good night to you on the same day! That’s a good thing, I promise.”
  • “When I hear my favorite song, I get stomach butterflies because it reminds me so much of you!”
  • “Text messaging is cute and all, but I have a serious need to fall asleep next to you!”

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Fun Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

If you’re looking for texts with some real personality, this section is for you. These texts are designed to catch his interest without relying solely on flirting or romance.

After all, if you only ever flirted with him, conversations would quickly become boring. You can use these fun texts to show him you want to talk to him as a person – not just treat him like an unlimited flirting partner.

nice smile in couch holding phone
  • “The craziest thing happened to me today. Remind me to tell you about it later when we have more time.”
  • “I’m taking the initiative and making plans with you tonight. You, me, and a pizza. Sound good?”
  • “I’ve got a surprise for you!”
  • “Remember that crazy movie we saw on our first date?”
  • “I’ve gotten better at *game you both play.* I challenge you to match later – loser pays for dinner.”
  • Send him jokes or memes that you know will make him laugh.
  • “What are you craving for lunch today? Maybe I’ll swing by your work with a tasty surprise…”
  • “I’m having a rough day. Mind sending me some memes/telling me a joke to cheer me up?”
  • “I just heard this song I think you’d like it. Listen to it and let me know what you think! *insert link to the song*”
  • “I keep thinking about how good you are at cooking. Mind demonstrating your culinary talents again soon?”
  • “Don’t feel pressured, but I think it would be fun to get our favorite coffee tomorrow!”
  • “Here’s a cute picture of my pet dog that I know will make you smile.”
  • “I know I just saw you today, but I miss your silly face. You’re my favorite guy, you know?”
  • “Let’s get crazy together and spend tonight playing your favorite video game!”
  • “Remember last time we went skiing? Interested in doing it again?”
  • “My friends are so jealous of something about us. You’ll never guess what!”
sitting on bed messaging on phone
  • “If you can guess my current location, you get three kisses and something a little naughty.”
  • “Tell me that hilarious story about you and your dad again.”
  • “You just earned one free back rub for being an amazing guy!”

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Sneaky Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

big smile while looking t her phone

One of the easiest ways to make a man absolutely, helplessly desperate for you is the old classic strategy, playing hard to get. The idea is simple: let him give into his chasing instincts and come after you by restricting the amount of interest you openly show him.

This isn’t a strategy we recommend using frequently because it’s tricky. You risk pushing him away if you’re too cold, just like you risk pushing him away if you’re too warm too fast. Furthermore, it can be manipulative and dishonest to act like you don’t care when you really do.

That being said, if you want to play hard to get, these sneaky texts are perfect for you. They will have him wondering what he can do to make you want to see him again.

  • “Sorry, I can’t talk right now. I’m busy. Maybe later?”
  • “I’ll have to take a raincheck on seeing you this weekend – I’ve already got plans. We can always hang out another time!”
  • “Oh, I’d love to hang out, honey, but I have some friends coming over tonight. I’d hate to miss them or you, so can we do a date where it’s just me and you?”
  • “My life is so busy this week, I’m sorry, baby. But, I miss you and want to see you soon. I’ll get a hold of you this weekend: look forward to it!”
  • “Looks like my life will miss connecting with your life again today! But, that’s okay: we don’t have to miss again next weekend. I promise.”
  • “I know I’ve had to cancel a few times already, but I promise I’m interested. I do miss you and hope to get you into my life in the next few days!”
male looking confused reading phone

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Common Questions

How do you make him think about you over text?

When trying to make him think about you all day through text messages, you need to make sure you intrigue him with flirty texts and sweet messages to make him feel special.

male smiles while holding phone

Guys love flirty texts and even a cute message reminding them of how much you like. Often a subtle reminder that he’s the only person you love will keep him engaged and make him feel special for hours at a time.

You don’t have to bombard him with constant text messages or start a meaningful conversation. Instead, sweet texts and flirty texts spread throughout the day will keep him guessing.

He’ll love wondering what you’re going to say next and will continually wait for your following message. Keep him interested by changing up your texts and making them unique and different every day.

How do you make him think of you all day?

on bed holding phone posing

How do you get your guy to the point where just the thought of your text messages him hurry home to see you or make him miss you all day?

First, you need to keep the attraction alive and spice things up with sexy texts that make your relationship feel complete and make him miss you when you’re not around.

Sexy texts turn the heat up on your text messages and make him feel like the most beautiful person in the world by continually affirming that you miss him and feel crazy about him.

One clever game plan is to share some cute or even naughty pictures of yourself. For example, do you have a pair of lingerie that drives him nuts?

Please don’t wait for him to visit to show it off! Instead, send a picture of the lingerie on your bed or you and send funny texts.

These texts can be things like “I hope you’re ready to see these again or “you’ll never guess what I put on this morning!” These texts will make him smile and think of you the whole day.

What to text a man to make him fall in love with you?

When you’re in love with your guy, the world starts spinning whenever you think of him, and you’ll feel like the luckiest girl in the world. But how do you use text messages to get him to fall in love with you?

It’s all a matter of consistency and persistence. Of course, no single message is going to make your handsome man fall in love with you. But continual sweet texts will help deepen his affection for you.

couple flirting nose to nose

Naturally, spending time in person, even in a long distance relationship, is the best way to fall in love. Not even 1,000 funny texts of Heathcliff will make a guy love you if there’s no chemistry in person.

But in today’s modern world, sexy texts, flirty messages, and continual reminders of your affection will give him the best feeling about himself and help him love you.

Remember: love is often about finding someone who makes you feel happy to be alive. If you use texts to continually remind him that he’s a handsome man and that you can’t wait to see him again in real life, his affection will grow.

Eventually, he’s not going to wanna stop seeing you and texting you and will likely fall deeply in love with you beyond your wildest dreams.

What can I text a guy to make him smile?

guy looking at phone sitting on bench

The trick to getting a guy to smile is to either a) tell a funny joke (often dirty) or make him feel special about himself.

Texts to make him smile can include things like a shared joke you both love, a funny story about your day, or even a reminder of how much you love him.

Guys are secretly more sentimental than they want to admit, and even if he’ll never tell you that you made him smile with a thoughtful message, rest assured that telling him he’s handsome or sexy will make him smile.

What to text a man to get him thinking about you?

guy looking away at phone holding forehead

Hints and innuendos are the text message romancer’s best friend! If you come right out and say very dirty and naughty things, some guys will love it and respond in kind.

However, teasing and flirting are better if you want your guy to think about you all day. Think about it this way: if you tell him what you’ll do, his imagination won’t be perked up to fill in the blanks.

But if you hint at what you could do together, he’ll find himself thinking about the possibilities and making up fun scenarios in his head.

How do you make a guy think about you constantly?

guy looking at phone with sun glasses

Men crave consistency in their schedule and often feel uncomfortable if you don’t text at normal times. However, you can use that to your advantage by missing that good morning text or not saying good night like you would normally.

Your man will think about you constantly and feel compelled to text. If you feel uncomfortable teasing him in that way (understandable!), you can instead start interesting conversations, ask him questions, and focus on his interests.

While you’re chatting, throw in flirty messages and innuendo occasionally to perk his interest. Just think of these two words to keep your man thinking about you constantly: be interesting!

If your man feels bored with your texts, he’s likely going to stop thinking about you. But if you continually keep him guessing, he’s hooked, perhaps for life!

What to say to him to make him want you?

happy holding phone in table

Here are a few things to say that no man can resist:

  • “I need you here right now. No excuses.”
  • “We can do whatever you want tonight. In bed.”
  • “There’s nobody on this planet who makes me feel like you.”
  • “When you touch me, I get goosebump skin. Touch me again soon.”
  • “My body is yours: play with it wisely.”

How do I make him feel special over text?

smiling hand on phone in office

When trying to make a guy feel special, honesty is the best policy. Let him know how you feel and continually praise him. Don’t go overboard and make him feel like you’re gushing.

Just try to say something sweet and friendly when you talk. He’ll love it.

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