15+ Texts to Make Him Smile After a Fight (And Get Him to Open Up to You)

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Nothing hurts as much as fighting with someone you love. When it’s a guy you’re seeing, the pain is heightened even further.

As soon as the fight it over, you worry that you may have driven him away for good. You feel wounded by things he said to you and even things you said to him. Your heart feels cold, empty, and alone.

Did you cross the line? Did he cross the line? What’s going to become of you now?

Those are all questions you’re likely asking yourself. The good and bad news is that fights are a natural part of any relationship, romantic or platonic. You’ll need to challenge each other every so often in order to grow as people.

Because of this, you can overcome the argument and come back stronger than ever. These texts to make him smile after a fight will help you get on speaking terms and build your relationship up.

When It’s Time to Make Amends with Him

There are times where extending an olive branch are necessary, and times where it’s best to stay in your lane.

Some people would have you believe that you should always be the one to apologize. No matter what the situation, there are some who would tell you to apologize just to get the other person talking to you again.

We don’t think that is the case. At Connection Copilot, we believe there are times where extending an olive branch are necessary, and times where it’s best to stay in your lane.

So when should you reach out to him after a fight? Let’s answer that question first.

We think you should contact him first if the fight was over something relatively minor or you realize you were in the wrong.

If you’re fighting over something small like him accidentally ordering you the wrong food after you told him what you wanted, for instance, it’s more sensible to reach out to him right away. That’s a fairly inconsequential reason to argue and it’s important to let him know you’re not going to let it tarnish your bond.

But if you’re arguing about something huge like, say, your boyfriend cheating on you again…it might be time to let him stew in his own thoughts for awhile.

It’s also wise to reach out to him if you realize the argument was your fault. Maybe you’re the one who ordered him the wrong thing or you forgot something important to him. In that case, reaching out to him with a warm text could soften him up for your apology.

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Texts to Make Him Smile After a Fight

Here are the texts we’ve written to help you begin making up after a fight. Some of them mention specific things, such as foods or games. Feel free to modify them so that they’re more applicable to your unique situation.

Additionally, don’t feel as if this is the only resource available to you. If you need more help, we suggest turning to romance programs like the Text Chemistry one. It was designed to help women at all stages of a relationship in securing a man’s interest.

  • “Hey, I know I was a real jerk last night. Can I make it up to you with food?”

Great For: When you want to acknowledge that you were in the wrong and butter him up a little. Food is a great mediator.

  • “It’s a good thing you’re so stinkin’ cute. I can never hold a grudge against you.”

Great For: When you’re looking to soften him up with some fun flirtation. Consider using some of these texts to make him laugh at work, too.

  • “Sometimes, I wish you weren’t so cute. It’s impossible to stay angry with you.”

Great For: When you’re ready to let him know that you’re open to communication. It’s similar in tone to the previous text.

  • “I give you full permission to call me anything you want after my nasty attitude the other day.”

Great For: When you’re showing him you know you were wrong and want to admit it playfully.

  • “Come on over tonight and I’ll give you 69 reasons to forgive me.”

Great For: When you’re looking to make him blush with your apology. There’s nothing wrong with turning up the heat. You can also check out our list of 40+ dirty things to dare a guy over text.

  • “Do you have any idea how hard it is to argue with a man as sexy as you?”

Great For: When you want to slip a compliment into your apology. Stroking his ego is a great start to cracking him open.

  • “Every time we argue, I get distracted by your handsome face and forget why I was angry in the first place.”

Great For: When you want to make him melt with cheesiness.

  • “I’m done fighting with you. How about we let our lips do the talking?”

Great For: When you’re sick of fighting and just want to get back to the fun parts – like making out.

  • “I’m prepared to start negotiations for the peace treaty. How about we meet up for food/drinks and discuss our demands?”

Great For: When you’re feeling witty and want to use that wit to your full advantage.

  • “Do I at least look cute when I’m mad?”

Great For: When your feelings were hurt and you could use a compliment. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with asking for one here and there. Plus, remembering how cute you are will likely warm him up a bit.

  • “I might be inclined to forgive you more if there’s cuddling or pizza involved with your apology.”

Great For: When you know he was in the wrong but want to let him know you’re open to forgiveness…with a little incentive.

  • “I have to be honest – you look so darn sexy when you’re angry.”

Great For: When you want to catch him off guard with a sweet compliment.

  • “My dog/cat misses you (and maybe I do, too). Come over after work so we can see you again.”

Great For: When you’re looking for an easy way to pierce an animal lover’s walls. Nothing will get him sappy faster than the idea of a pet missing him.

  • “I know I said some stupid things in the fight. To make it up to you, I promise I’ll go easy on you the next time we play *game that he likes.*”

Great For: When you’re with a competitive guy. Chances are, he’ll forgive you and rise to the challenge.

  • “I have an idea: any future fights have to be done through *game you both play.* I guarantee I can kick your butt every time.”

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Great For: When you’re looking to motivate a competitive guy. This time, instead of going easy on him, you’re challenging him to hang out and show you what he’s got.

  • “How about you bring me some coffee/flowers/whatever you’re craving, and I’ll see what I can do about accepting your apology?”

Great For: When he made a mistake and you’re showing him that you’re ready for negotiations.

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Keep Your Connection Stronger than Ever

With the right strategies at your disposal, you can emerge from any fight with a stronger connection than ever.

Fights are simply a fact of every relationship. The longer you’re with someone, the higher the chances are that you’re going to have a disagreement at some point.

These arguments can seem terrifying, especially if your relationship is still young. Fortunately, with the right strategies at your disposal, you can emerge from any fight with a stronger connection than ever.

How? Check out the Text Chemistry course for all the tools you’ll need to keep your bond strong with choice text messages.