15 Texts to Make Him Feel Jealous (To Make Him Beg for Your Attention)

Texting a guy can be a surprisingly vulnerable undertaking. You may feel like you’re laying everything on the line as you text him your wittiest, smoothest lines and wait for his responses.

During this vulnerable time, it’s natural to feel a little jealous, even if there’s nothing to worry about. Jealousy isn’t always a healthy feeling, but a tiny bit here and there can be an excellent motivator. After all, you probably step up your game when you’re feeling jealous, right?

If you’re ready to get him to step up his game, we’ve got the perfect solution: texts to make him feel jealous. Send him any of these, and he’ll be tripping over himself to get your attention back.

Making Him Jealous without the Pettiness

At Connection Copilot, we don’t believe in building unhealthy relationships and mistreating people. Instead, we think healthy relationships need to be supported by strong, positive foundations – and we want to help you build one.

Before we get to the text messages, let’s establish some ground rules so you can foster a bit of motivating jealousy in your man without any of the pettiness…

Don’t lie to him.

Lying is not a good look for you, and if he uncovers the truth, you’ll destroy the trust you’re building with him.

Here’s the first rule: don’t lie to him. If you look at other guides on making men jealous, it’s not uncommon to see them suggesting things like making up a man who asked you on a date or spinning stories about guys throwing themselves at your feet.

It might seem like a good idea on paper. If he thinks a ton of other guys are competing for your attention, he’ll know how valuable you are.

But this can easily backfire on you. Lying is not a good look for you, and if he uncovers the truth, you’ll destroy the trust you’re building with him.

Even if all those stories are true, and you do have men throwing themselves at you, don’t flaunt it too much. It’s okay to subtly drop here and there that he has some competition…just don’t use it to manipulate him.

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Stay away from immature mind games.

You may want to use some natural jealousy to motivate your man occasionally. It may even be a powerful tool for establishing a commitment with your guy.

Regardless, we recommend steering clear of silly mind games, like flirting with someone else in front of him or purposefully being vague about your relationships with other male figures in your life.

This is about as bad as lying. It’s disrespectful to the man in question, and should he find out you’re playing with him, he’ll feel belittled.

You don’t want to date people who make you feel unimportant, do you? Neither does he.

To avoid mind game territory, be honest and natural. Bring up things in the natural flow of conversation rather than forcing random changes of subject in.

Got plans this weekend? Let him know if he asks to see you. Talking about work? Then feel free to mention in passing that annoying coworker who seems a bit too flirtatious.

Evaluate your own motivations closely.

Another way to keep yourself in the clear is to take a good, hard look at yourself. Why do you want to make him jealous? Do you find yourself wanting to make him jealous often, or is it an occasional thing?

If you want to make him jealous because he’s constantly making you jealous, then try to step back and look at why he makes you feel that way. Maybe he’s doing it on purpose, such as constantly mentioning other women even though he knows how you feel. In that case, consider whether or not this man is even worth your time.

On the other hand, if he’s just having natural conversations with you and you get jealous of subtle details on your own, think about how else he treats you. Is he always there for you? Does he treat you like he values you? Do you feel respected at all other times?

If your answer to those questions is yes, then the jealousy you’re feeling comes from your own insecurity. This doesn’t mean you should return the favor and try to make him jealous – it just means that you need to remind yourself that he cares about you.

Second, consider how frequently you want to make him jealous. Jealousy should not be a regular occurrence in your relationship, no matter what anyone else says. Trust and respect, however, should be.

Should you find yourself wanting to make him jealous regularly, it’s a sign that your relationship isn’t secure. Ask yourself if you really feel the relationship is healthy, and if it isn’t, have an open conversation with him about the things you’re feeling so you can work on it together.

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Take the high road.

Do yourself a favor and take the high road in love.

We’ve touched on this previously already by advising you to stay out of mind games, but it’s worth diving into deeper. Do yourself a favor and take the high road in love.

At the end of the day, the most important person you need to learn to live with is you. You deserve to be proud of yourself. You deserve to be able to walk into your romantic future with your head held high, confident that you’ve been the best person you can be.

Feeling like you want to get nasty and turn him totally green-eyed with jealousy? Resist the temptation. Sure, a little bit of jealousy here and there is fine…but don’t get carried away.

Remember: if you taint yourself with tactics that are beneath you, the satisfaction you’ll feel is merely short-term. In the long run, you’ll walk out of it feeling like a failure.

If you’re looking for healthier ways to keep him thinking about you, try out some of our texts to make him think about you all day.

Texts to Make Him Feel Jealous

Now let’s get to what you came here for: texts to make him feel jealous. Each text message takes a slightly different approach.

We’ll explain which situations each text is best for, as well as whether or not particular texts are riskier. As always with our texts, feel free to modify them to be more customized for your guy.

And if you need even more guidance, don’t be afraid to look for additional resources. We personally turn to the Text Chemistry program because it was created by a qualified relationship specialist and it has tons of useful tips.

  • “Sorry I can’t hang out with you this weekend – I’ve got other plans. Can I take a raincheck on that?”

Great For: When you want to keep the tone positive but make him mildly curious about what’s going on your life.

  • “I’m busy right now. We can talk more later.”

Great For: Bailing you out of awkward conversations with a bit of grace. It will also make him wonder what you’re up to.

  • “I’m so excited for the weekend! I’ve got some great plans.”

Great For: When you want to stay bubbly and pique his interest at the same time.

  • Send him a picture of you looking your best while you’re out on the town.

Great For: When you need him to see how cute you are. Seeing you happy, successful, and looking good is an excellently natural way of making him jealous.

  • “This annoying guy at work won’t stop flirting with me.”

Great For: Reminding him he has a little competition. Use this with caution, and don’t make things up, otherwise he may catch you lying.

  • Don’t text him back immediately – give it time.

Great For: Telling him without using any words that you’ve got a life outside of him. This is like putting him in the hot seat and making him sweat.

  • “I’ve been so self-conscious in my new outfit. People won’t stop staring at me.”

Great For: Casually reminding him how desirable you are.

  • “I met a new guy at work today. He’s so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing!”

Great For: Putting images in his head of competition. This is way less toxic than implying you’re interested in the other guy, but still motivates him to try harder.

  • “I had such a fun time last night. How was your night?”

Great For: Letting him know you can have fun without him. He’ll be dying to know what you got up to.

  • “Every time I go to this one bar, the bartender gives me a free beer.”

Great For: Subtly implying that there’s a reason the bartenders are giving you free drinks. He’ll probably want to go to that bar with you from now on.

  • “I’m deleting my Tinder/other dating site as we speak. So tired of all the messages people keep sending me.”

Great For: Showing him you’re serious about him, but still making it clear that you’ve got options.

  • “Going out with the girls tonight. I’m planning on wearing this sexy new dress I bought.”

Great For: Making him imagine how good you’ll look…and how other people will likely notice.

  • “What do you think I should wear when I go out tonight? *send him pictures of a few of your best outfits*”

Great For: Giving him a clear visual of how sexy you are.

  • “I’m to have to cancel our date this weekend. Sorry, but something came up.”

Great For: Making him desperate to form other plans with you. He’ll also be worried that you’re losing interest in him potentially. Check out our guide on texts to make him worry about losing you for more ideas.

  • “I’ve got to go now. I’ll talk to you more tomorrow.”

Great For: Cutting a conversation short when it’s dying down a bit and building up intrigue at the same time. He’ll be asking himself what you could possibly be doing.

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Keep Him Constantly Interested

In modern-day romance, you can’t get by without having good texting skills.

In modern-day romance, you can’t get by without having good texting skills. An increasing number of people are meeting their partners online, whether it’s through dating apps or through overlapping circles on social media.

Even if you don’t meet your dream guy online, you’ll be communicating with him a lot when you’re apart through text messages. It’s imperative that you know how to do so effectively, or you risk losing his interest when someone else can do it well.

If you’re not confident in your texting ability, check out this amazing Text Chemistry program. It will give you a deep insight into how a man’s mind works and what men want to hear. With this understanding, you’ll know precisely how to craft the perfect tantalizing text messages.

Also be sure to check out our full guide on how to text a guy!

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