15 Texts to Make Him Commit (And Make Him See He Needs You)

Nothing makes you feel as vulnerable as falling in love. Your thoughts are suddenly filled with one particular person, you desperately interpret their every word to you, and you’re consumed by anxiety and nerves.

Oftentimes, you’re left wondering if he’s ever going to make a decision and commit to you. It’s frustrating to feel like you’re the only one with romantic aspirations.

Sometimes, you just need to give your guy a nudge in the right direction. A text may be exactly what he needs to see that you’re the one for him.

We’ve created these 15 texts to make him commit. Each one has a unique approach, and we’ll explain how and when they would work best. On top of that, we’ll remind you of some common texting rules to make sure you’re at the top of your game.

What to Keep in Mind

Men don’t just commit to anyone. It takes time, patience, and building up trust before he’ll dedicate himself to you and make it official.

Men don’t just commit to anyone (and you shouldn’t, either!). It takes time, patience, and building up trust before he’ll dedicate himself to you and make it official.

Along the way, there are many mistakes that are all too easy to make. Let’s go over them now so you’ll know how to avoid them…

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Avoid having unrealistic expectations.

Here’s the first mistake: setting your expectations too high. When we’re starting to fall for someone, it’s natural to spend all this time longing for them to feel the same way. We start daydreaming of winning them over for good, of this one penultimate moment that shows them we’re the only one for them…

In real life, love doesn’t work like that. There isn’t one thing you can do that will automatically convince any guy anywhere that you’re his one true soulmate. It takes time.

Occasionally, it’s not even possible to win him over no matter how much time and attention you lavish him with because he simply doesn’t feel ready for a commitment. It’s important to be honest with yourself and willing to acknowledge when this is the case, so you can move on and find someone who actually is ready for you.

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Don’t make yourself too available to him.

You need to spend your time living your life to the fullest and enjoying yourself.

Another mistake many people make is being too readily available. This could occur when they answer texts instantly all the time or when their schedule is always suspiciously wide open whenever their crush wants to hang out.

You don’t want to seem like your life revolves around your guy. This allows him to take advantage of you, and also makes you seem undesirably lifeless.

However, beyond the way this makes him perceive you, it’s important to consider how being readily available affects you, as well. You need to spend your time living your life to the fullest and enjoying yourself. Waiting for him to come around might seem like the way you want to spend your time now, but we guarantee in the future, you will likely look back on these moments and regret all the opportunities you passed up while doting on your crush.

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Stop yourself from coming on too strong.

When we like someone, we want to let them know. We want to make them feel good and, of course, we want them to return the favor.

So we find ourselves showering praise on our crushes. We write them poetic compliments and discuss how they make us feel without actually considering how this makes them feel.

No one likes when someone comes on too strong. It puts pressure on you to feel a certain way, and if you’re just not ready to feel that way yet, you start looking for an exit.

Don’t put pressure on him. Wait until you’ve built up a trusting relationship with him before you consider sending him anything as drastic as a love poem, for instance.

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Texts to Make Him Commit

The following texts are texts we specifically designed to make him think about forming a commitment. Each one takes its own approach and works best in different situations.

We’ll briefly explain after each text when it would work best and what kind of approach it takes. That way, you can decide which one is right for you.

  • “Thank you for everything you do for me.”

Every guy likes to feel appreciated. Showing him that you’re going to make him feel that way gives him a compelling reason to commit to you. Use this one when you think he needs a little TLC.

  • “Want to come over?”

There’s nothing wrong with having a sex drive – it’s completely natural! While you shouldn’t rely on sex alone to get a commitment from him, there’s nothing wrong with building physical intimacy with him. Texts like this tantalize him with that physical connection.

  • “Sorry, I’ve got plans this weekend. Maybe we can hang out another time?”

Remember what we said about making yourself seem too available? This text is kind of like the antidote to that – it shows him you’ve got a life outside of him, and therefore piques his interest. Use this one when you feel as if you’ve been a bit too clingy in the past.

  • “Let’s take things slowly.”

Reverse psychology is undeniably powerful, and often can make people flip their desires and plans entirely…just to defy someone’s expectations of them. Asking him to slow down could convince him he needs to speed things up. This is great for when you want to rope him in but keep your cool at the same time.

  • “My life is so much better with you around.”

Have you ever heard the saying that you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar? No, we’re not telling you to catch some gross insects, but we are saying that some sweetness will lure him in better than coldness will. That’s why texts like this are great for when you want to soften him up.

  • “I love how you make me feel.”

Sometimes, the best way to get someone interested isn’t to try to sway their feelings but to instead show them clearly how they make you feel. We like this text because it indirectly compliments him and makes him see the effect he has on you.

  • “I have nothing to do later. I’m going to be so bored…”

Guys can be dense sometimes. Every once in awhile, they need a bit of a poke to get them moving in the right direction. Send him this text if you want to see him, and he just hasn’t gotten your subtler hints.

  • “I’m kind of busy right now. Let’s talk more later.”

Playing hard to get is one of the most effective romance strategies out there. Want to make him desperately crave you? Throw this text at him, especially if you’ve been too available before, and watch him fight to get your attention back.

  • “What do you think about women making the first move?”

Commitment happens only after one party takes the first step towards it. This doesn’t have to be the man – you can do it, too! If you’re sick and tired of waiting around for him, shoot this text at him to see how he would feel if you swept him off his feet.

  • “I hope you have a great time tonight with your friends!”

Just like you need to be independent, he needs to have his independence, as well. Use texts like this to show him that, even after he commits to you, you’ll continue to respect his need for space and trust him.

  • “Thanks for offering to help me with my homework/car/computer issues, but I think I got this one. ?

This text message is kind of like the previous one, but in reverse. Rather than showing him you’ll respect his independence, it shows him that you’re capable of independence, too. If he’s offered to help you with something, you can send him this to indicate to him that you won’t tire him out by constantly depending on him to save you.

  • “There’s a side of my bed with your name on it.”

Combining sweetness and sexiness makes an intoxicating hook. The idea of having a permanent spot in your bed is sure to get him thinking about what a relationship with you would be like. This is a great text to send him to subtly turn up the heat a little.

  • “I really like how you remember all my favorite things.”

This is kind of a generic text that you can modify to be more specific to him. The point is to find something to compliment him on – it doesn’t have to be him remembering your favorites. Write him a message like this if you want to make him feel appreciated.

  • “How would you feel if I reminded you how handsome you are every day?”

Guys need to be made to feel attractive, too! Sending him a text like this shows him that you’ll validate him and make him feel wanted.

  • “I’m always here for you.”

At the end of the day, a positive relationship is about supporting each other. Telling him that you’ll have his back will not only reduce his heart to a pile of goo, but he’ll also start picturing himself with you.

How to Make Him Desperate to Commit to You

There’s a lot that goes into getting a man to fall for you. You’ll need to develop an understanding of the average man’s wants and needs, which could include some research into male psychology.

If you put in the time to learn, you’ll leave your guy wondering why he’s suddenly so smitten with you.

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