10 Texts to Make Him Call You (Get Him on the Phone ASAP)

Texting is easy. That’s why everyone does it so often. It allows you to communicate a message quickly and efficiently, skipping long and awkward phone calls.

But sometimes, you want to talk to someone out loud. We personally love hearing the voice of the guy we’re interested in, and we’re sure you feel the same.

What if he’s hooked on texting, though? Is there a way you can get him to cut the text and give you a call instead?

The answer is yes! We’ve written 10 texts to make him call you so he’ll get the hint and pick up his phone.

Why Get Him to Call You?

In a world where everyone is “just talking” to multiple people by text, having a voice to attach to your name and pictures sets you apart.

As we mentioned above, texting is effortless. It’s far easier to tap out a quick flirty text than it is to place a call that might not go as planned.

If you’re feeling nervous, it might be especially difficult to talk to him on the phone, even when you want to. So is it absolutely necessary to call him at all, then, or can you just keep texting?

We believe that while texting is great – we wouldn’t be writing this guide if that weren’t the case – we also believe that a call can be much more intimate. You can’t always accurately get someone’s tone of voice when you’re reading cold letters on a screen.

When you’re on the phone, though, you hear every pause and every rise or dip in his voice. You can hear him laugh when you make a joke, hear him stutter when you fluster him, or hear the smile in his voice when he’s happy. The same goes for you – he can hear all those things when you do them, too!

That’s why we think calling is so effective. In a world where everyone is “just talking” to multiple people by text, having a voice to attach to your name and pictures sets you apart. A short, easy phone call could be perfect for making you stand out from the crowd, especially in the early days of your relationship.

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Texts to Make Him Call You

Here are ten different texts you can send to make him call you. Each one takes a slightly different approach, whether it’s bold and sexy or subtle and gentle. We’ll explain after each text which situations we’d recommend it for.

Remember, you can also modify any text to tailor it to his interests. If, even after tailoring the texts, none of them feels right, check out this Text Chemistry course for more suggestions. It was written by a relationship expert who filled it with tons of texts and ideas you can use.

  • “The funniest thing happened to me. Give me a call when you can and I’ll tell you the story.”

No one likes being kept in suspense forever! This text is perfect for keeping him on the edge of his seat and making him eager to find out the end to the story. Keep in mind that you should have a story to tell if you’re going to use this text, otherwise you’ll find yourself stumbling on the call.

  • “I’d really appreciate it if you could call me. ?

Sometimes, being straightforward works best. Send him this text if you’re not sure what else to say and you just want to get him on the phone. You can also check out our list of texts to make him ask you out, if you’re hoping to score a date.

  • “You know what I miss? The sound of your sexy/adorable voice.”

A little flattery goes a long way. Sending him this message will tell him that he needs to call you soon so he can tantalize you with his voice. The choice of adjective you use will set the mood – say “sexy voice” if you want him to think a little naughty, and use a word like “adorable” or “gorgeous” if you want to keep things tamer for now.

  • “It would really cheer me up if I could call you later.”

People in general – men included – love feeling like they have the power to save the day. Give him the option of feeling like a hero by indicating how happy he could make you with a single phone call. This one will have him rushing to sweep you off your feet.

  • “I’ve always wanted to try phone sex…”

We can’t deny our human nature. Nothing will get a man as eager to talk to you as the prospect of sex. If you’re ready to turn up the heat, shoot him this text and watch your phone light up with his name at the next soonest opportunity. You can also take a look at this guide to dirty things to dare a guy over text to give you some ideas on what to say or do during the phone call.

  • “Would you mind calling me and explaining that to me out loud?”

Hey, sometimes things are simply too complicated to communicate by text. Did your guy just text you some instructions or a story that came across as confusing? Use that confusion to your advantage and ask him to explain it to snag a phone call from him.

  • “I want your voice to be the last thing I hear tonight before I sleep.”

Want to make him smile? A super sweet text message like this one is just what you need, then.

  • “I’ve got a surprise for you! Mind giving me a call when you have the time?”

This is kind of like the first text message on the list, only it’s a little more powerful. Rather than being rewarded with a funny story, there’s the irresistible possibility of getting a present implied in this message. He’ll get so curious, he won’t be able to stop himself from calling you.

  • “I’m planning on cooking your famous chili recipe later. Can I call you and you walk me through it?”

Men especially love feeling like they’re experts. Defer to him on something you know he’s interested in, whether it’s a recipe, computer issues, or car maintenance. He’ll get to show off his knowledge to you and feel like he’s coming to your rescue – how could he possibly resist?

  • “I just heard this amazing joke, but it works best if I tell it out loud. Can we talk on the phone quick?”

We naturally like people more when they can make us laugh. Conversations feel more interesting with these people and we look forward to the next joke they’ll tell. If you’ve got a good one, share it with your guy! Making him laugh will keep him eager to talk to you.

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When All Else Fails…Call Him Yourself!

Men don’t always like feeling as if they have to make the first move.

Unfortunately, people don’t always pick up on what we’re saying. If he’s had a long day, he’s stressed, or he’s just generally oblivious, sending him the most obvious text message might not get him on the phone.

If you just can’t think of anything to say, you don’t like the look of these texts, or he’s not picking up on your hints, you do have another option: you can call him! Every once in awhile, it’s good to be bold. Men don’t always like feeling as if they have to make the first move.

If you do choose to call him, though, make sure it’s at a time when he can speak. Don’t pester him with calls when you know he’s at work or with friends.

On top of that, keep his time in mind when you call him. Most people don’t like sitting on the phone for hours and hours. If you can, try to keep it short and sweet. He’ll be far more interested in you when you make yourself into a scarce figure he has to work for.

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How to Get Him Wrapped Around Your Finger

In a world where the norm is communicating by text as opposed to in person, communication can be tricky. It’s too easy to send the wrong message and make someone lose interest.

As convenient as they may be, there are a lot of pitfalls to texts. You can learn to avoid them by studying proven techniques like those used in the Text Chemistry program. It was created by an experienced relationship coach who has years of knowledge and skill to train you with.

Using the techniques in the program, you can get any guy wrapped around your finger…with easy text messages. Click here to learn more about the Text Chemistry course.

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